Osama Bin Laden….dead

Holy Smokes…..I’m still trying to process this information.  Certainly he was the face of the war on terror.  And boy would it be lovely if his death meant the war on terror was over….unfortunately that would be naive.

A CNN correspondent just said that unfortunately with such “big” breaking news there are usually more questions than there are answers — couldn’t be more true in this situation and certainly the ramifications and reverberations will rumble for many days, weeks, months and years to come.

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    1. Les

      Oh happy day! Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, sounds like we almost have a world war going. It also sounds like we’ve almost got a platoon of War College infantry ready to strap on and go fight it for us also. No? You mean, you mean, this is great as long as somebody else is fighting for you right? Hurrah’s, cheer em on.

      Over 5000 dead and over 50,000 maimed without counting hundreds of thousands of collateral offshore, one man. How little any of you understand. Osama was an ideal which his death only fertilized.

      We could have stuck a missile in his head ten years ago had it served any purpose.

  1. CaveMan

    Yes a truly great day for Obama’s; Barack; President; re-election campaign and one terrorist dead out of hundreds willing and ready to jump in.

    Never met a Christian who turned his name into a Muslims; except for our President.

    Wait for daybreak and the squealing to start…………….pigs are gonna fly.

  2. the start of the end

    Unfortunately, we will see back lash from the extremist terrorists ten fold, it will give their martyrs even more to be proud of.

    Don’t look forward to any air travel, security will be locked tight, and watch how national events and land marks security get locked down.

    As american we will now feel that we can sleep at ease now that the boogy man has been killed, in reality it just has started the fire.

    We MUST NOT let our guard down now!

    God Bless our troops for their tireless pursuit, and their unselfish work

  3. anon

    Did anyone else find all of those kids out waving signs and celebrating in front of the whitehouse kind of odd? I bet they are plants because I don’t see college kids doing that.

    Maybe 5 or 6 years ago but it’s been a long time and almost seems like less of a big deal than I expected it to.


    anon….are you kidding me!!! you ignoramus! Calling them plants is absurd and unpatriotic. This is a day for American’s to celebrate the fall of a mass murderer with the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands. Put partisanship aside for 5 minutes and know that America is on top once again. We must work for peace and an end to terror from this day forward. God bless America!

  5. Name

    I never have seen the war on terror, especially from an operational standpoint, as being a partisan issue. Great Americans–in offices, behind computer monitors, and in the field–have worked countless hours to protect us from future attacks and redeem the deaths of those killed on 9/11. Thanks to you and your families for your service!

    1. duggersd

      Moses, President Obama had as much to do with this as a governor does when he signs a death warrant. According to an article I read, this operation has been in progress since before Obama became president. It came from intel from detainees at Gitmo. http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/2011/05/raid-got-bin-laden-was-culmination-years-work-sr-admin-official-s
      This was an operation that was the culmination of a lot of work by US intelligence and US forces. The lion’s share of the credit goes to them and KUDOS to them. Also, kudos to President Obama for allowing this to happen and kudos to President Bush for his work in allowing this to happen.
      It is too bad you find it necessary to politicize this. I guess it is probably because this is going to be the only thing he can run his reelection on.

  6. Nick Nemec

    CaveMan, give credit where credit is due. President Barack Hussein Obama is the commander in chief and had the guts to gave the order to proceed with the operation. If it had turned out to be a fiasco he would have received the blame for the failure and you would have been one of the first dishing it out.
    As evidenced by the President’s birth certificate his name was given to him at birth by his parents. As a newborn he didn’t have any say in the matter. Did you pick your name, or did your parents? Give the bogus crap like birth certificates and middle names a rest. It just makes you look like a right wingnut.

  7. Finished

    Why is the media being fed the name Usama instead of Osama? Are they trying to separate the similarity of Osama and Obama from a pronounciation standpoint? Most major news media are sticking with Osama bin Laden as proper spelling. Some have said Osama bin Laden’s eyes were actually blue…One blew this way and one blew the other….sorry.

    1. Nick Nemec

      The only place I’ve seen the “Usama” spelling is on Fox. I’m watching CNN now and they have “Osama” on the screen. Os yeah it must be a left wing conspiracy.

    1. Truthinator

      Erin, you are seeing the manifestation of some people who identify themselves as liberals or conservatives – but not as Americans. This was a national goal and a national effort. I hope all of us Americans can celebrate that together. God bless America! God protect her people and the warriors who keep us safe!

    2. J Rae

      Agreed Erin. Bin Laden’s greatest damage may end up being that he divided these UNITED States of America into the same type of tribes he manipulated in Afghanistan and around the globe.

  8. Duh

    I was happy last night and this morning about Bin Laden getting taken out until I read that the pinheads have again, tried to change a nonpartisian event into a campaign speech.

    For Moses and all those who claim Bin Laden’s death will bolster Obama’s credibility: Lets get rid of this silly two term Prez limitation and make the Annoited One King. Gee, thanks Prez for actually doing your job. Now how about: gas at $4.00 (uh, how about lifting the restrictions so we can get drilling), unemployment at 9.0%, economy in the ditch, on and on.

  9. BobJones

    No body. No pictures. DNA testing under way. “Trust us, he’s dead”. Ummm, sorry but I am skeptical. Just as you libs would be if President Bush had provided the same information above. Be honest, it sounds fishy doesn’t it? Step out of your liberal shell for one second and ask yourself why they would dump the body at sea. That’s has to be the stupidist reasoning I have ever heard. People want hard facts. unfortunately the facts are at the bottom of the sea. Oh well, we can trust them. They have never lied before.

    1. anonymous

      Yeah, without a long-form birth certificate who could ever be sure? Even if we had a long-form birth certificate, we couldn’t trust it unless we held it in our own sweaty hands. Even then we would still doubt that it was genuine because we so loathe the monster it belongs to. What makes more sense is that this is just one very large conspiracy and everybody is participating in the lie – including Osama Bin Laden himself.

    2. Stace Nelson

      I have some pictures that give me great satisfaction to know this monster is dead and I have heard it from people who make a living doubting everything.

      Great credit goes to the intellgence & operatives that made this small token of justice possible as well as the courage of the US Navy SEALS that carried American justice to the dark places of the earth..

  10. Finished

    CNN has confirmed that US Troops asked Bin Laden if he wanted a bath before they shot him, but he said he’d rather “wash up on shore”.

  11. Name

    I bet than not one person having all the word both neg and pos has ever been in the military and worked with one of the agency’s that have to get all the info together to do in correct. When you understand the working then you can come out and make your comments…….. I have been at both places and it is not a easy job…………….

  12. Name

    I would guess some are fearful that someone may make a political gain or loss!!!!!!!!!! Remember politics are more important than the people. A political agenda is still the most important thing in some mind (they really have a lack on a mind)

  13. Stace Nelson

    My heart and prayers go out to the thousands of victims and families this evil man terrorized over his cursed lifetime as a leader of one of the most dangerous Muslim terrorist groups.

    May the Good Lord watch over all those Americans still on the battlements of freedom protecting our great nation from those like him that wish us harm. May their aim be steady, their courage strong, and may they never hesitate in their duty.

    Credit for the end of this monster goes to the troops on the ground, and the operatives in the field.

  14. MC

    Is this a great day for America? Are we truly safer?

    Osama Bin Laden is now dead. He will never face a jury of his peers for the crimes he is accused of committing. We may never know why he hated us so much or what drove him to kill so many many people. We might be able to guess, but we will never know for sure.

    After the tragedy on 9/11, we were able to put a name and face to vent our anger toward. I will be willing to bet there is at least one other who will take up the cause. Do we know who this is? There are several people who hate ( I mean truly HATE) America, and they may use this death as a rallying call. While his death might be battle victory, the war rages on. We must be on our guard.

    Should POTUS take credit for the defeat of Osama Bin Laden, Yes, on the behalf men and women who worked countless hours, on the behalf those who served and suffered, on the behalf of those who died in those awful attacks on 9/11 and on the behalf of America. I may not agree with his policies, or his politics, however Barrack Obama is our elected president, and taking credit for this victory is part of the job.

    Our enemy now has no face, no name and now no one body. We must not let our guard down. Make no mistake, the enemy is out there, planning, plotting and preparing. They would like nothing more than to see America fall.

    Yes, this is a victory. We should celebrate, not at the death of a man, but at fact that we have severely damaged the terrorist command and control network. Only time will tell if we are really safer. We need to continue to drive and bring the terrorist’s network down to a point they can no longer harm us.

  15. Jeff J.

    One hell of an achievement for our armed forces, our intelligence community and our President. Today, all President Obama gets is my praise for a job well done, and a job complete. There will be time later to discuss his domestic policies, but for now… He is a fellow terror warrior, and a damn good one at that.

  16. Lee Schoenbeck

    It will take a few days for all the thoughts to wash out on this one, but here are a few:
    1- Obama’s demise should send a significant message to other terrorist leaders, and that is a good thing.
    2- the President rightly deserves credit for a job well done. As is true for everything a President does, good and bad, there are others that worked hard and deserve much praise for the end result – but the buck does stop with the POTUS and he did good here.
    3- It’s kind of eerie to be cheering the death of anybody. An old cowboy put it to me this way today. He said we should be somber about the reality that the death was necessary – pretty good point. Twice today I’ve had people comment about the sick crowd in DC cheering in the streets like a bunch of terrorists in the middle east (I am afraid it makes us all think about Tehran and more recent events).
    4- NYT has a good article today about Pakistan in this — there’s a “friend” we may be able to live without. Long-term this geopolitical relationship is worth discussing.
    5- The crowd in DC was created by a flash message, carried Obama campaign signs (you could see them on MSNBC and FOX), and included several people wearing made-for-TV campaign t-shirts. If anybody thinks that David Axelrod was going to miss that campaign opp — they are snorting fairy dust.
    6- The people interviewed at Ground Zero included many from a different perspective than the DC crowd — families of victims, really victims themselves of 9-11. There was the other stuff too, but it looked like a lot of these people were expressing relief, pain, sorrow, anger from a first- hand perspective.
    7- Ironically, the beginning of the information trail starts at Gitmo, with the interview techniques for which Pres. Bush received much criticism.
    8- Our special forces are awesome, and it is about time that we proved that (just like the Israelis at Entebbe) we have the ability to use force to respond swiftly and decisively.
    Last — the news stories about the decision-making process used in this operation had to make you feel good about how the Republic operates, and the resources and institutions we have in place to defend America’s interests. Like the day they hit the Twin Towers, people will remember where they were when they heard this news.

      1. J Rae

        Lighten up on Lee…sure it was an honest mistake. (Lee help me out here)

        So the New York crowd and the DC crowd should be judged differently? They were both hit on the same day. For that matter we were all hit on that day in ways that went well beyond the planes and destruction.

        What surprised me was the age of the people who came out spontaneously. Of course it was late enough to keep the old crowd out, but maybe we have been diminishing the impact that 9/11 had on our kids who were not yet in middle school when the terrorists struck.

        I still find the people who would choose to politicize this event to be unpatriotic enough to believe that they put party above country….both sides.

        Still like Kathleen Parker’s quote and think it applies to the events of the weekend and the petty sparring between the fringes:

        “Instead, too many seem satisfied to let the fringe inform the base. We dwell in a time when buffoons are elevated and presidents are compelled to respond to the jester. These circumstances cannot bode well for the republic.”

        I do think that the great majority in the middle are tired of the petty games and will ignore the extremes of both sides.

        Oh yeah, I’m sure Lee will make a correction and that it wasn’t intentional.

  17. Name

    The heart is suffering in the middle east today, tomorrow the heart will suffer in the rest of the world as insane people will try anything to inflict pain for the rest of the world.
    We must not lay blame on anyone unless we lay blame on all administrations/policy builders since the 1950’s. We will not be happy nor feel safe for yrs to come……………

    1. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

      The mistake the West gives these animals is thinking they are just like us, taking care of a nice yard with a beautiful wife standing at the door in a sundress as we come home for supper after a long day at the office. They despise us and want the world turned on its head where women are turned into so much chattel and violence reigns. The only defense that will work with them is a strong offense. They only respect strength that is strong enough and dedicated enough to stop their evil.

      Let them hate, so long as they fear…

      1. Name

        I will suggest that insane people hate and have no fear……………….
        The gathering and gleaning of intelligence information is a very slow process and so incomplete. They will inflict the pain before we can gather the killing information. NSA, CIA and the rest of the 3 letter organizations are slow at finding the correct info. The more pain we inflict the more and greater number of insane people will hate and not fear us. That will be the price we pay for our freedom to do as we like to do.
        War is not fun for those who have administer it. Spending is a very large part of very poor information. Anyone who enjoys war is insane………..

        1. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

          Insane? They are not insane. They fear, believe me you, they fear. They are cowards that must get high in order to fight our troops in any armed meetings. Someday, we may have to commit to fighting them as they fight us, with no mercy. Until then, we shall sing kumbaya and be politically correct…

  18. Troy Jones

    Thoughts over the last 20 hours:

    First, when I heard the news, I was ecstatic. A person intent on killing innocent civilians has been removed from the earth.

    Second, then a thought came into my mind. There is a story that when the Pope was asked what he did when he got word Mussolini or Hitler was dead, he said, “I kneeled and prayed for his soul.”

    And, now that I’ve sorted this all out, I am proud of our country we fulfilled our promise to hunt him down and remove him as a threat to anyone else. And, while I knew this day is coming and believe what was done had to be done for the betterment of the world, I fear the short-term consequences may be painful. I suspect his death will be a signal to his cells to wreak havoc somewhere. We need to be prepared. God Bless America.

    1. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

      Only the American fighting man would treat such an evil SOB with a respectful funeral. Hope the rest of the scum attempt to swim to his final resting place to pay him homage.

      Ironic that the Left is celebrating this, esp with their distaste of the death penalty?

    1. duggersd

      Who’s crying? I give credit where credit is due. I give credit to President Obama for being willing to make the decision to take him out. He had to choose from several plans and chose this one. Whether it was the best plan, who knows? But it was a plan that did work. I give credit to President Bush for his efforts in bringing that animal to justice. Without him standing firm against the likes of Obama and keeping Gitmo open and allowing for enhanced interrogation, this day would not have come. And it was wise of Obama to continue the Bush policies that allowed this to happen. But most of all, I give credit to our intelligence services and our Navy Seals who actually went in and did the work. I take nothing away from Obama. However he was really a pretty small part of the operation, as was Bush.

  19. CaveMan

    Justice served Osama well yet my fear now lies with the thousand heads of Al Qaida waiting to become Top Terrorist. America can never rest safely again and we must find an extremely quick way to end every campaign fomenting harm against us.

    President Obama does get credit for this hit and actually did say some things which I liked hearing. One was the relationship with Pakistan must be thoroughly examined as Osama was allowed to build a compound within earshot of a military base.

    In the end we must allow for human beings to act like wild animals; for that is what our basic nature is. America is the anomaly.

  20. Les

    CaveMan@”In the end we must allow for human beings to act like wild animals; for that is what our basic nature is. America is the anomaly.” ……………..Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
    when you’re perfect in every way.
    I can’t wait to look in the mirror
    cause I get better loking each day.

  21. CaveMan

    If Barrack’s parents gave him his name then who the heck was Barry Soweto? Nick? What does that Birth Cert. from Hawaii say?

    Les the human race basically acts out every humanly corrupt thought possible. Beheadings, female circumcision, death squads, stoning, terrorism, etc. America will fight these animals called terroists forever as they come from countries who allow the former. What makes America different is our rule of law and judicial system blanketing the entire country in similar law followed by every police force, judicial jurisdiction, and judge. We have animals living among us who do horrible things but they are hunted down and slammed into jail. I did not intend on making American’s above that animalistic vouyeurism.


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