Out of state group promises $140,000 to shut indy’s out of November primary 

And the money starts flowing in.

Out of state group ‘Open Primaries’ is apparently sending a pile of cash to its South Dakota allies who want to prevent independents and third party candidates from making it to the November ballot by eliminating them in the June primary:

A national nonprofit has pledged $140,000 to help supporters of a constitutional amendment that would move South Dakota to an open primary system for many races.

New York-based Open Primaries spokesman Jeremy Gruber said Tuesday that the group is supporting the amendment campaign’s signature-gathering efforts.

The proposed amendment would have the top two finishers in a primary advance to the general election regardless of party

Read that at KSFY.

This type of measure it’s been an absolute disaster in the states where it has passed, such as California. It means that the person who can write the biggest check is more likely to be guaranteed a spot on the November ballot.

It also ensures that the dominant political party wins both June and November, and virtually eliminates any competition from third-party candidates who are often vastly under funded. Independent candidates who have traditionally not been able to get beyond the third-place position in this state will also be eliminated from the November general election ballot.

As a Republican, I will be the first to tell you that this would probably be a very good measure for Republican dominance in deep red SD. But, as a Republican who cares about a balanced system of government, shutting out independents and third party candidates from the November ballot seems to violate a basic sense of fairness.

No one except for the out-of-state group and the people who are taking their money are asking for this great overhaul of our political system.

And that might be the best indication that this is not a change that a majority in South Dakota are looking for.

When they come around, don’t sign on the petition line. Your fellow citizens will thank you for it.

10 Replies to “Out of state group promises $140,000 to shut indy’s out of November primary ”

  1. Anonymous

    This crazy measure was defeated just last year and here they are back again.

    When Democrats yell about the WILL OF THE VOTERS with 22 remind them they don’t care about the will of the voters rejecting this crazy measure!


  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like they are struggling to get signatures and need an infusion of cash late to get some paid people to collect signatures.

    South Dakota has already rejected this measure, we don’t need to vote on it again!

    Don’t Sign anything and Vote no on Everything! I agree!

  3. Fred Deutsch

    Spoke today with a legislator from MA. Once a ballot initiative is defeated in their state it’s can’t be brought back for six years. Sounds smart.

    1. Anon

      I agree that sounds smart but it would depend on how they word the rule. Can they can just tweak a few things and say it is a “different ballot initiative”?

  4. Anonymous

    Do not let the criticisms of out-of-state money and the bad ideas that its donators are promoting make you think that banning out-of-state money is a good idea. Limiting First Amendment free-speech rights is not the the correct solution. More debate, not less, is the correct solution.