Out on a college trip today 

As you prepare for a snowstorm, I’m wondering if I can get back into it, from a cafe on a southern Main Street.

Imagine the tourist kitsch of Keystone, SD times 5 or 6, and you could easily tell where I am today. My #4 daughter and I are in Branson, Missouri for a college visit to College of the Ozarks, a.k.a., Hard Work U.

The biggest advantage, if you can get accepted, is that it is free. With a 9% acceptance rate, it’s a slim chance. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I know I’d prefer to have all proud SDSU jackrabbits of my kids, but I try to let them make their own choices. And there’s something to be said to going out in the world on their own.

Even if she doesn’t get in, my daughter has a high GPA while taking honors coursework, and more activities than I can keep track of, so I suspect she’ll do just fine in the college hunt.

It’s always a good thing to see your kids spreading their wings as they prepare to leave the nest. And in this case, I think #4 is ready to take flight to the next chapter of her life.

3 Replies to “Out on a college trip today ”

  1. Anonymous

    I toured “Hard Work U” on one of my Duck trips (if you’ve been to Branson, you know), and I was impressed by it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get out of South Dakota and see that there is more of the world than just one state.

    Plus, College of the Ozarks is a Christian college, so kids are more likely to not be peddled a lot of the secular, immoral tripe they are fed at state-run schools, and that is really something to think about in this age of cultural breakdown.

  2. grudznick

    Be careful, Mr. PP. Some people think that Presbyterians are sort of a cult. Before any Presbyterians out there try and put my head on a post, I’m just sayin…