Out working the range this next week…

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be out working the hard scrabble range of Western South Dakota this next week…   If you call sitting in an annual company retreat in Sturgis “working the range.”   I mean, riding a steel folding chair and talking about insurance sales (and my part, claims) for outdoor recreation venues is kind of like working unforgiving land, isn’t it?

Seriously though, I’m going to be largely out of pocket this next week, but I’ll be monitoring things, and posting when I have a free moment.  (Darn jobs. I could post all day long but for gainful employment.)

4 Replies to “Out working the range this next week…”

  1. grudznick

    Your picture doesn’t seem to be like Sturgis, Mr. PP. That’s like when Mr. H posts about speaking and looking like a frenchman only because he is svelte and wears a cute hat.

  2. grudznick

    Mr. Lansing, a portly fellow who used to be a cook and who resides in Colorado where he smokes a lot of the demon weed wishes me to ask Mr. Nelson:

    “Dang Nab It! When will a real Conservative with Common Sense step up and run as a Republican and denounce the Easter Bunny and Santa and Satan and Tinkerbell too! Mr. Nelson, this could be you if you quit pretending to overgod on everybody!”

    Mr. Lansing cannot vote for you, Mr. Nelson, and he is a vast libbie anyway so he’d probably vote for Ms. Hubbel. But he hopes you’ll answer about your overgodding.

    1. Anonymous

      Grudz would you let our old friend Lar know Tally’s found his teeth? We were all sittin talkin and all the sudden two Rapid City police officers came in for coffee and I turned around and Lar was gone and his napkin was floating to the ground. He must of ran out in such a hurry out the back his new dentures fell out


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