Outlier candidate for Gov. Terry Lee LaFleur claims he has the signatures (but maybe not the positions) to run in the Primary.

Terry Lee LaFleur, the former auto parts deliveryman with a law degree, is making the claim on Facebook today that he has the signatures needed to be placed on the ballot for the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination for Governor:

If LaFleur is able to be placed on the ballot as he boasts, it will likely up the ante for the fringe candidate who thinks we should have free Universal government health care paid for exclusively by donations, and advocates for a 15% income tax in South Dakota.

(Good luck with those hard left views in the GOP Primary.)

7 Replies to “Outlier candidate for Gov. Terry Lee LaFleur claims he has the signatures (but maybe not the positions) to run in the Primary.”

  1. Alex Fullerton

    So will he now start showing up at events around the state? People don’t consider him because he’s invisible. You may not like Jackley or Noem but at least they are out there working to earn votes. You don’t need a big team around you to get off Facebook and hit the road to all of the upcoming Lincoln Day Dinners and Central Committee meeting. Fill up the car or truck and show up. Getting enough signature can be done by about anyone, remember Charles Ganyo (not sure of correct spelling) who randomly did this in the 2008 Senate Election. Terry if you read these posts, get off your butt and show up or no one will care about you.

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah. It’s a year for a rich businessman or woman but SD doesn’t seem to have one who wanted the job.

  2. 2 cents

    It would be surprising if he made the ballot, but that could be what he has been doing these last couple of months, talking to people and getting signatures.

    His positions mean he won’t win, but every vote he gets is one Noem or Jackley would have gotten and if it is close he could be a spoiler in that sense.

  3. Anne Beal

    He is active on Facebook. He’s got a plan for universal healthcare financed entirely through charitable donations. No tax dollars. No insurance. It will all be free, funded by NGOs.

    I was rather astonished to read that.

  4. Anonymous

    I think NBC and CBS are referring to GOP candidates who actually have a snowcone’s chance in Hades, Terry.

    Also, I doubt very much that he hears from thousands of people every day that they won’t vote for Noem or Jackley, so I call Bean Soup on that one, too.

    A whopping state income tax and donation-finance healthcare?!? This guy is whacko, Jacko! He has no chance to get the nom, so he should maybe stop posing as a serious candidate.


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