Republicans won the west with ‘rugged individualism.’ Daugaard staff member presents paper on topic

The Rapid City Journal just did a piece on Daugaard staffer Nathan Sanderson who recently presented a paper to a history conference alluding to the reasons why the GOP is so completely dominant in the Western portion of the state, and to a point, South Dakota as whole: Nathan Sanderson, a historian and member of Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s cabinet, wrote an essay titled “The Roots of West River Republicanism” for the recently released second Continue Reading →

I could hear that bleating from Minnesota, but it still doesn’t answer the question of disclosure.

I see I managed to stoke the quick temper of Minnesota resident Cory Heidelberger, as he managed to scrawl out two “I-hate-pat” missives this morning. What generated all that anger? Pointing out that as part of Ann Tornburg’s union boss duties, she defended the privacy of a couple of coaches who were supervising on a bus when and where a sexual assault allegedly occurred: If Tornberg’s answer bears any fault, it lies in not ripping Continue Reading →

I think they left out part of the headline.

Today’s top of the fold article in the Argus blared: Homeless sex offender charged in woman’s murder. But if you look at the story, it should have said something more: A homeless sex offender was arrested on murder charges Wednesday in the strangulation death of a 39-year-old Sioux Falls woman. And… Brundige had been stuffing newspapers with Black Friday advertisements for the Thanksgiving Day edition of the Argus Leader on Wednesday when he was located Continue Reading →

Obamacare facing new problems in coming weeks

Interesting article about some of the upcoming problems Obamacare faces in coming weeks – most of which aren’t related to the incoming Senate: While this fall has been a far cry from last year, when was melting down, 2014 has brought wholly unexpected problems to the fore for federal health officials and the White House. Take the conflict surrounding Jonathan Gruber, the ObamaCare consultant whose suggestion that a “lack of transparency” and voters’ “stupidity” Continue Reading →

“We must not resort to the flame where only light is required.” (Les Miserables)

As I know that Steve Hickey has great concern about the people who have to access payday/title loan companies to get through a rough spot and I presume that his 36% cap has been reached as he believes it is a fair rate for such loans, I have a proposal for him and those who agree with him. Form a corporation associated to make payday/title loans to people at 36% interest rate.   To minimize the number Continue Reading →

Democrat party hacks trying to out-hack each other to be the new SDDP Chair.

As the democrats are looking for ice-cream buckets to keep the “Titanic” from further slipping under the waves, a certain theme seems to have arisen. A couple of party hacks, Jeff Barth and now Ann Tornberg are announcing that they’re going to duke it out to see who can preside over the next butt-kicking, as they go into the 2016 political cycle with no candidates, no bench, and the most unpopular president in recent history, if Continue Reading →

Epp: Hickey/Hildebrand announce payday loan ballot measure for 2016

Tonight from NPN News, at least one ballot measure is planned for 2016. Maybe 2 if the potheads get off the couch enough to get organized: A conservative state legislator who’s also a minister is teaming up with a liberal former Obama campaign honcho who owns a restaurant to take aim at the state’s payday loan industry. Wednesday, Republican state Representative Steve Hickey from Sioux Falls announced that he and former Obama campaign manager and Continue Reading →

Press Release: South Dakota Supreme Court Affirms Denial of Expungement of Taliaferro’s Charges

South Dakota Supreme Court Affirms Denial of Expungement of Taliaferro’s Charges PIERRE, S.D – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that the South Dakota Supreme Court has affirmed a Circuit Court decision denying the expungement of Brandon Taliaferro’s charges. “Our South Dakota Supreme Court has affirmed both States Attorney Mike Moore and the Trial Court’s proper application of our expungement law. Our legislature has made a considerable effort to enact an expungement law that is Continue Reading →