Eeeek! I’m being boycotted by Female Florida Democrats!

From my comment section comes more lunacy brought to you from the people who send out press releases for Corinna Robinson.

Apparently, I had the temerity to ask about the association of Kathy Scott & Leslie Wimes to the Corinna Robinson campaign, since Kathy Scott sent out the press release noting “To volunteer or speak to media relations, contact Leslie Wimes..”    Yes, I asked the troubling & emotionally crippling question about their actual association with the Corinna Robinson campaign that Kathy was sending out press releases for.

Dang me. Just Dang me.  Because my audacious question was met with a fiery response:

Kathy -May 15, 2014 at 12:59 pm
I’m not sure when you jumped into bed with Cory H., but it’s getting tongues wagging around South Dakota that the TWO of you are trying to bring her campaign down. I know you need page views so stories like this help. Thanks for the links. My blog is more highly rated than yours so I won’t return the favor. I think Cory’s alliance with you is odd and I do think the voters of South Dakota deserve a viable alternative to Noem. So since it seems that this blog is trying to kill her chances, we’re going to call for a boycott of voting for your advertisers. I guess the primary is around the corner and I know you need women. We’d call for one on Cory’s but he doesn’t have any advertisers. Calling women “crazy” is an old tactic used to keep us in line. Once we go after your pocketbook we’ll see how crazy we are.


Read that here.

So, because I dare to ask questions, they’re putting my advertisers on notice. Really, one of them got a notice, which they passed on.

1000crazywomenAside from it being a completely false statement, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  As I noted to Ms. Scott; As a Florida based blog, they’re going to call for a boycott of my South Dakota political advertisers by Florida voters, who can’t vote for any of the South Dakota candidates anyway.

Not to mention the fact that their readers are Florida Democrats who are even less likely to vote for South Dakota Republicans.

Somehow, I think I’ll soldier on.

But I’m still wondering why they thought they could send out a press release for Corinna Robinson, and what their association with her is.

(Update – I just heard she’s trying to call advertisers.  Over her and her friend’s reluctance to explain how they are connected to the Corinna Robinson campaign.  This is too funny. )

Rounds campaign responds to Bosworth Ad. “Bosworth’s ad is a lie.”

Former Governor Mike Rounds’ campaign for US Senate had harsh words for their opponent Annette Bosworth over the advertisement her team produced and rolled out today.

In fact, they called her on the carpet for it.  Campaign Manager Rob Skjonsberg noted of the commercial:

“Bosworth’s ad is a lie.

It’s sad that Bosworth would use a victim’s family for political gain.

Joaquin Ramos committed the crime in 1994, long before Mike Rounds was governor and Ramos has been in prison since he was convicted.  He will remain in prison for the rest of his life as long as Mike Rounds has anything to say about it .”

The campaign also released supportive material showing Rounds’ early efforts at rectifying the sentence reduction that was recommended by the state Parole Board:

(Click to enlarge letter)


The Rounds Campaign noted that the friends and family of the victim have acknowledged his efforts to ameliorate the commutation recommendation, with several steps being taken by Rounds, including being put on the notification in case Ramoz is eligible to come up for any parole.

The Rapid City Journal also wrote about it at the time it originally came up.:

Joaquin Jack Ramos will have an additional obstacle if he applies for parole in 2013. Gov. Mike Rounds, the man who commuted his sentence of life in prison for a manslaughter conviction, is opposing parole for Ramos.

Rounds spent more than an hour Friday talking with three women committed to keeping Ramos in prison for the 1994 shooting death of Debbie Martines. Ramos pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the death of Martines, his fiancee, who was 27 years old and four months pregnant when Ramos shot her accidentally during an argument Feb. 21, 1994, in their Rapid Valley home.

Read it here.

As noted, the release of this information comes after the use of the case by Dr. Annette Bosworth in a television commercial.  The commercial, released today is marked by criticism at Rounds over the case.

In what strikes this writer as a bizarre twist, the Bosworth commercial extensively uses a screen shot from Democratic Blogger Cory Heidelberger as part of her advertisement:


The Bosworth campaign had produced a video extensively attacking Heidelberger several weeks ago with the video that was criticized in some circles as being an over-the-top response to his attacks on her:

Is it love or hate? And the campaign rolls on.

Bosworth goes hard negative on Rounds the afternoon before the debate.

From a release from Annette Bosworth:

Sioux Falls, SD, May 15, 2014– Some people have told me that in South Dakota, there’s an unspoken rule about so-called ‘negative ads.’ Instead, political negativity is doled out in the form of retribution by those in power or in whisper campaigns, conducted one whisper at a time.

Obviously, Mike Round’s record is fair game. The story we’re reminding viewers of in my new TV commercial has been covered in the news.

But Mike Round’s involvement in the tragic story of Joaquin Jack Ramos’s killing of Debbie Martines and her unborn baby in front of Martines’s children also has a deeper meaning. Even though Rounds scrambled to make amends after he began to get bad press, his commutation of Ramon’s sentence remains inexplicable to this day. Hopefully, this ad will finally bring Gov. Rounds to fully account for his actions.

But what happened to the Martines family shows how people in South Dakota can get crushed by the insane system created by the political powers that be. That’s one reason that this tough but fair ad resonates with me. Gov. Rounds was supposed to be the people’s advocate. It is unconscionable that their voice was muted by the political agenda to commute the sentence of Joaquin Jack Ramos.

I’m running for US Senate because when I needed an advocate, one stepped up: Bill Janklow. As I have traveled South Dakota, I hear story after story of how Bill Janklow was the peoples’ advocate. I learned first hand what happens when the call of the people goes unanswered. Currently the people’s advocate is void. I want to be South Dakota’s advocate and create a political system that’s fair, compassionate and sane.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Martines family.

# # #

The ever more bizarre saga of people who may or may not be associated with the Corinna Robinson campaign.

If you recall yesterday, I wrote a post about the press release a person was pushing on behalf of Democratic Congressional Candidate Corinna Robinson. In particular, both versions; the version sent to Madville Times, and the version sent to myself.

In the hours since the release was sent out, the whole tale has taken some very bizarre twists. So, let’s recap.

Yesterday, I had a call from a Kathy Scott, who runs a florida based blog “Me and my 1000 Girlfriends,” which promotes itself by noting:

Need a name, a contact, have an issue, want to start a letter writing campaign, need a few of your friends to send emails on your behalf? Ask your 1000 Girlfriends to help.

Kathy has been commenting here for several weeks now, after contacting me at one point to try to air a beef she has with someone.  She had a release she was going to send me for the Robinson campaign. Which she did.

And as I recounted, I was tipped off about an argument between Cory Heidelberger and Kathy Scott for publishing the release that was blowing up.

Their war also waged on twitter


Ever amused by political carnage, I did note that there were some differences between the version of the release Cory was sent, and the version I was sent, mainly that it noted a person by the name of Leslie Wimes, another blogger from Florida who seems to have an association with Kathy Scott.

Leslie Wimes had attacked me earlier on twitter, over a post I did about Corinna Robinson coming in to run from out of state, so it was not an unfamiliar name, and one loosely connected with Robinson, so it didn’t surprise me that she was noted as a campaign employee.

And that’s where the carnival ride started taking crazy turns.

I had pointed out some of Wimes cringeworthy antics in the Florida media, and suffice it to say that Wimes got a bit fired up. And she took great exception being connected with the Robinson campaign…… despite her name being on the release supposedly coming from the campaign.


..And hastily added she didn’t send the release, in case someone was reading at 3:30 am.


Again, you can read it on the earlier post.

And here’s where it started going off the rails.  After furiously posting at 3:30 am, the twittering took a weirder turn.


Yeah, that’s not creepy at all.

And, that was creepier. But, it still didn’t respond to the issue…. Why was her name on a release from the Robinson campaign in the first place?

bizarro_campaignworkerFrom my understanding, it sounds as if I’m about the only one who did not receive both the original release, with it going to the media at large, as well as the non-Leslie Wimes version being sent as a correction.

Which still doesn’t explain why her name appeared on it in the first place, error or not.  With neither version actually containing actual quotes from the person allegedly endorsing Corinna Robinson.

As it sits at this point, Wimes, a Florida blogger who claims to  promote “positivity in women” continues to say weird stalker-ish things about my wife. And claims to not have any involvement with the Corinna Robinson campaign. Despite a press release going out noting thatTo volunteer or speak to media relations, contact Leslie Wimes..

And let’s not forget Kathy Scott, who is now claiming:

LAST TIME: I am not Corinna’s staff. I am not Corinna’s staffer. Cory and I have shared emails. I forwarded him an old document (I’m sure you people share documents with each other) that I had. Yes I help when I can. I am not a staffer. I sent that to Cory today like I have sent MANY other things and for some reason he acted like he got it from a ghost and questioned Corinna’s character. Very uncool.

Read that here.

The thing is, she didn’t just send it to Cory. As I confirmed today, She sent it to several members of the mainstream media as well, not just those who write blogs.  How many Congressional campaign allow “helpers” to send out press releases on the campaign’s behalf.  (hint: NONE!)

I doubt this bizarre tale is done, by a long shot.  In any case, it’s not anything I’d chalk up in the win column for Corinna Robinson for being entangled with.

3 weeks out from the election, Larry Rhoden TV ad running on KELOland.

Saving all his pennies has paid off for Larry Rhoden.photoLarry Rhoden’s commercial is running on KELOland, with seemingly ok frequency.  I saw his ad pop up in whatever CSI show is on before the news tonight.  And I’d heard reports of it running at the 5pm news.

It’s a good ad, and it will be interesting to see how his campaign gains steam running it.

By the way….. About that new Corinna Robinson Media Relations Person.

At risk of citing a Democrat Blog twice in a day, I notice that Cory still has the contact information up for Corinna Robinson’s newest campaign staffer, Leslie Wimes, which the campaign quickly buried in a subsequent release:

Robinson has also been endorsed by South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson and former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. To learn more about Corinna Robinson or to donate visit onto To volunteer or speak to media relations, contact Leslie Wimes at (561) 200-0580 [Corinna Robinson campaign, press release, 2014.05.07].

Read that here.

That particular part, mentioning Wimes, was taken out of the revised release.  One might ask – “Why might they be trying to minimize the mention of Ms. Wimes in the South Dakota Media? ” Go ahead, ask.

Well, one of the first things that pops up on Google about her is this little tale of sex and betrayal:

A spat between an up-and-coming Washington, D.C. area politician and his Palm Beach County mistress has exposed the married pol’s forays into porn and extramarital affairs!

Prince George’s County Council candidate Vince Canales, 46, who’s married to Maryland Judge Robin Gill Bright, should not be elected to the powerful position, says Palm Beach County resident Leslie Wimes, founder of the non-profit Women on The Move.

Wimes should know, she says.

She’s been Democratic Party stalwart Canales’ on-and-off mistress for nearly 24 years, when the two met while serving in the U.S. Air Force in Korea.


“Vince Canales is a liar and a phony and should not even be running for office,” Wimes said in an exclusive interview with Gossip Extra. “He’s been lying to his family and his wife about us. He is being supported in his campaign by quite a few powerful people, and they should know about his secret life.”

Read it all here.

Okay, so let me get this straight. Last year, the person who is now Corinna Robinson’s new Media coordinator outed the person she had been having extramarital relations with throughout his two marriages.   And because of that she – as in the person he was extramarital-ing with -  found him unfit to run for office.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Another quality member of the Robinson campaign team. Go Dems!

Update: And it just keeps getting more bizarro. (Among a string of insults) in response to the post, despite the passage in Robinson’s first version of the Press release instructing people to call Wimes if they had media questions, Ms. Wimes is denying she’s Robinson’s media person…


…And hastily added she didn’t send the release, in case someone was reading at 3:30 am.


But if that was the case, why did the original release say “To volunteer or speak to media relations, contact Leslie Wimes at (561) 200-0580?”

You know Corinna Robinson is running an awful campaign when even the Democrats berate her for it.

While I had my nose buried in my computer working on postcards & door hangers this morning, my cell phone rang, displaying a “No Caller ID” number.  Knowing the anti-Republican forces are active sending flourescent postcards lately, I pondered…. “Is someone robocalling again?”

I was busy, but I answered it anyway.

It ended up being commenter Kathy Scott who had at one time been trying to push a story on me why she got fired from Dakotafest or something like that. She called today to push a story about Corinna Robinson, and an endorsement she had received, and she was sending it.  And in case I hadn’t gotten it, it was sent to another one of my other e-mail addresses 2 hours later.

This is what was sent:

Former Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey Endorses South Dakota Congressional Candidate Corinna Robinson

U.S. Army Maj. Corinna Robinson, ret., works to meet as many South Dakotans as possible discussing need for change

robinsonBrookings, SD (May 14, 2014) — Former Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey announced today his endorsement of South Dakota Congressional Candidate U.S. Army Maj. Corinna Robinson, (ret). Kerrey went into politics after retiring from military service. Like Kerrey, Robinson spent 25 years in military service and plans to return to public service if the voters of South Dakota allow her. She is currently a favorite among veterans who have felt overlooked by the current administration’s lack of movement with stalled benefits and a backlog of claims.

Kerrey is a former member of the elite Navy SEAL Team, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor – America’s highest military honor. Kerrey’s political career includes Governor of Nebraska and U.S. Senator.

“In the months ahead, I look forward to speaking with many of my supporters who can assist with my campaign agenda that includes better education, growth in our business infrastructure and a way to strengthen our families,” says Robinson.

As Governor of Nebraska, Kerrey focused on fiscal responsibility and worked to increase education and job skills. Robinson has championed the need to bring more technology companies into the state. She has noted that TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline has gained more attention than rural connectivity, connections that would have a lasting effect on the education of South Dakota’s youth.

Robinson also receives the enduring support of South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson and former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. To learn more about Corinna Robinson or to donate, visit onto


Press release about one politician supporting another, blah, blah, blah. Yawn. I think I spent about 30 seconds looking at it before I stuck my nose back into work.

Bob Kerrey? I think I remember an inappropriate joke about him when he was dating Linda Ronstadt. Otherwise, meh.  Pretty standard fare for election season.

Cory Heidelberger, former Madison Teacher. I ignored it, and went about my business.  At least until this evening, when I got a text asking me if I’d noted that a certain liberal out-of-state blog was ripping the Robinson campaign for sending it out.  

Heh. Ok. Now it might be worth the amusement.

So, I come to find out that the release originally came from Leslie Wimes who has started working communications for the Robinson campaign from Florida, who is in pretty tight with Kathy Scott, as I gained from a prior twitter exchange with them.   (I give it about three months, since that’s about the average longevity of a Robinson campaign employee.)

After misidentifying the state Kerrey was from, they corrected it (that’s the version I was sent). And that while Robinson has been endorsed by Bob Kerrey, Tim Johnson, and Stephanie Herseth, there’s oddly no evidence of it outside of the statement by the campaign claiming that they do.

Of course, this could bring on another press release claiming that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Barack Obama all endorse Robinson too.  (Really. I’m sure she has the proof somewhere.)

As if they needed another staff related debacle. They’ve gone through three campaign managers already, with the last one disliking the constitution her candidate swore to protect and uphold. No word on who the new manager will be, but I’m sure they’ll give us ample opportunity for amusement.

Needless to say, even the Democrats have come over to my side and agree that the Robinson campaign is one of the worst run messes that has ever been imported into the state. They make Nelson campaign flunky Eldon Stahl look like Karl Rove.

The bottom line? You know Corinna Robinson is running an awful campaign when even the Democrats berate her for it.

Stay tuned.

Thune Introduces Amendments to Provide Permanent Job-Creating Tax Relief

Thune Introduces Amendments to Provide Permanent Job-Creating Tax Relief

-Amendments would encourage small business growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation-

John_Thune_official_photoWASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. Senator John Thune (R-South Dakota) today introduced a number of job-creating amendments to the Senate’s legislation to extend expiring tax relief measures, commonly referred to as tax extenders legislation (H.R. 3474). The amendments would make permanent certain tax provisions that expired at the end of 2013, thus encouraging small business investment, promoting American research and innovation, simplifying the tax code for S-corporation shareholders, and preserving the ability of South Dakota taxpayers who itemize to deduct their state and local taxes.

“We need to do everything we can to make it easier and less expensive for small businesses to invest in their companies and create good paying jobs,” said Thune. “For decades, Congress has acted to temporarily extend key parts of the tax code leaving small businesses with uncertainty year after year. My amendments would provide these businesses with permanent tax relief, offering predictability and stability in our tax code. Making these commonly extended tax provisions permanent will help businesses to plan for the future, thus promoting job creation and economic growth.”

1)      Permanent Section 179 Small Business Expensing: Thune’s amendment would make it easier for farmers, ranchers, and small business owners in South Dakota and across the country to make new investments. Specifically, his amendment would make permanent the $500,000 expensing limit for small businesses with less than a total of $2 million in qualifying property placed in service per year. Expensing allows small businesses to improve cash flow to reinvest in their companies.

2)      Permanent S-Corporation Tax Relief and Simplification: Thune’s second amendment would make the research credit permanent and would also increase the credit rate from 14 to 20 percent. The tax credit, which has been temporarily extended 15 times since 1981, encourages businesses to continue investing in research and development and promotes jobs and manufacturing throughout the country. Thune’s amendment would continue to encourage investment by providing certainty for businesses planning their research and development.

3)      Permanent S-Corp Built in Gains and S-Corp Charitable Contributions: More than 103,000 employees or 32 percent of South Dakota’s workforce is employed by a business organized as an S-Corp. Thune’s amendment would allow S-Corp businesses across the country to increase access to their own capital by making permanent the 5-year holding period for assets of a C-Corp converting to an S-Corp. Without a permanent fix, the wait period will revert to 10 years. Thune’s amendment would also help level the playing field between S-Corps and other types of businesses and ensure S-Corp owners are able to fully benefit from the value of their donations to charities.

4)      Permanent State and Local Sales Tax Deduction: Thune’s fourth amendment would make permanent the state and local sales tax deduction. This amendment would put South Dakota taxpayers on an equal footing with taxpayers in the large majority of states with a state income tax. Nearly 16 percent of South Dakotans claimed the state and local sales tax deduction in 2011.


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