Press Release: Rounds to Kick-Off Grassroots Tour Tomorrow

Rounds to Kick-Off Grassroots Tour Tomorrow

roundsSioux Falls, SD (July 16, 2014) – Just about everyone loves an all-American summertime road trip, and we’re launching one across the entire state with Election Day in November being the finish line! We’re hitting the highways, byways and backroads to make sure America is headed in the right direction.

Join Governor Mike Rounds Thursday, June 17th at the Republican Volunteer Center in Sioux Falls to kick off the Grassroots Express State Tour. Bring your friends and family. Burgers and hot dogs will be served and the public is invited.

The Grassroots Express is a South Dakota GOP mobile campaign office that will be visiting all 66 counties to promote the Republican ticket, conservative values and South Dakota common sense. The Grassroots Express will be conducting numerous campaign schools and working with local volunteers to coordinate grassroots activities in each county. Along with Gov. Rounds making regular stops on the Grassroots Express, Sen. Thune, Rep. Noem, Gov. Daugaard and other candidates are invited to make stops on the tour.

“I have travelled extensively across South Dakota over the past year listening to voters express their frustration with Washington, D.C. and the direction our country is going,” said Rounds. “I look forward to joining the Grassroots Express State Tour as we continue to travel the state to continue the discussion about how we can get our country moving in the right direction again.”

The event will be held from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. The Republican Volunteer Center is located at 406 S. 2nd Avenue in Sioux Falls (near 12th and 2nd – South of Post Office).

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Has Team Nelson bypassed Howie entirely to stick with GOP?

Posed here with US Senate Candidate Mike Rounds is Teenage Republican Drew Dennert, who was an integral part of Stace Nelson’s campaign team for the primary.


Dennert had been earlier chided for the degree of his fervor for Team Nelson, and had been quite vocally critical of Rounds.

However, with this joint photo, it seems all appear to be bygones at this point, and Dennert is throwing in with the Rounds Republican team, instead of casting his lot with independent Gordon Howie.

Aligning with Howie is a move which is seen by most as moving South Dakota towards electing an Obama supporter, be it Weiland or Pressler, given Howie lacks the resources to mount a credible campaign.

What do you think? Are all of Nelson’s crew destined to come home to the GOP sooner or later?

The winding way home. I hate flying, but completely worth it.

I’m sitting in the Ronald Reagan Airport wasting time as my 8:45 flight was delayed to 9:45… bumping me completely off my Minneapolis connection. However, the nice gal at the Delta desk got me on a 10am American Airlines flight with a connecting United flight from Chicago to Sioux Falls. Getting me home at almost the exact same time.

Ugh. I hate flying more than anything. However, all the aggravation was completely worth it for the phenomenal time we had in Washington, DC.

And I would not have had half the time without the invaluable assistance and advice of the staffs at Senator Thune and Congresswoman Noem’s Offices. Special props to Rachel at Thune’s office and Andrew at Noem’s office.


They were truly fantastic on arranging tours on both the House and Senate sides of the Capitol, pointing out some of the “must see” items in Washington, and for their ‘South Dakota’ Hospitality. I cannot thank them enough.

Highlights of the trip for me? The Archives, American History Museum, and the Library of Congress. All of them afforded me the opportunity to see our country’s most revered relics.

Seeing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence as faded and delicate as they are is almost allegorical to the ideals they embody in today’s world. Seeing the tattered American flag which inspired Francis Scott Key to author what became our national anthem was equally awe inspiring.

It’s a visit that ended far too soon for me to have seen a tenth of what I would have liked to have seen. But I’ll be back. And I won’t wait another 47 years to do so.

Argus: Robinson campaign Dead in the Water

David Montgomery pulled few, if any punches as he assesses Corinna Robinson’s rapidly failing campaign as it fails to gain any momentum, and is quickly looking like a failed effort with 3-4 months to go:

Corinna Robinson, the Democrat trying to unseat Rep. Kristi Noem, is having big problems raising money for her long-shot race.

In the second quarter of 2014, Robinson raised just $28,299 for her campaign. She reports only $5,000 in the bank.

That’s an order of magnitude worse than Noem, who raised $260,660 over the same time period and has $977,000 on hand. I’ll say that again: Noem outraised Robinson almost 10 to 1.

Read it all here.

Taliaferro – Stranahan relieved of spokesman duties. Maybe.

From my e-mail, a note from Brandon Taliaferro noting that former S&M pornography photographer Lee Stranahan is no longer speaking for Annette Bosworth.

My client is fully committed to defending the charges filed against her. Dr. Bosworth is no longer associated with her former spokesman Mr. Stranahan. He does not speak for her, he does not speak for her defense and he does not speak for me. This case will be tried in a court of law, not the court of public opinion.

Of course, when one severs ties with one’s spokesperson, it helps when one posts a bizarre joint video about it much later in the afternoon after the announcement by your attorney, where you meet at a cafe’ in Chamberlain.

Was it just me, or did that not really seem within the definition of “is no longer associated?”

South Dakota named 8th most corrupt state. And did KELO actually tell us how many cases there were? Of course not.

Here we go again, with another ranking of the “Most Corrupt” states with those ‘fighting the man’ sharpening their swords to use it as the basis for attacking those who currently hold office.

But, when you get past the headlines, and start to dig into the data, you start to see how silly it’s application to South Dakota really is.

From the Washington Post:

The 10 most corrupt states, in order, where: Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alaska, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Florida.


A number of variables—some obvious, others not—were linked to state spending in statistically significant ways. Those were: past spending, interparty rivalry, fiscal centralization, governor’s party, political ideology of citizens, the size of the population aged 18 to 64, urbanization, population, unemployment rates, personal income, and—you guessed it—corruption.


States with higher levels of corruption are likely to spend more per capita on construction, highways, wages and salaries, borrowing, corrections and police, they found. They also tended to spend less per capita on education, public welfare, health and hospitals. Here’s their list of corruption by state:

Ranking State Corruption conviction per 10,000 public employees
43 South Dakota 0.694

Read that here.

So, South Dakota was named the 8th most corrupt state in the nation for having 0.694 instances per 10,000 employees of violations of federal corruption convictions from 1997-2008.

Considering South Dakota only has about 13,000 state employees – someone will have to check my math – but I think that totals about….. 1.

So, South Dakota is ranked the 8th most corrupt state in the nation, because there was maybe 1 state employee in the ten years of the study who was a bad actor? One as in a single person? But let’s not forget it’s also based on where the study authors think states should be spending money, further biasing it against a small state like South Dakota.

Look, South Dakota state employees are a pretty good lot, often doing fairly difficult jobs in less than ideal conditions. When you see this kind of nonsense, it really does them a disservice.

Especially coming from KELOLAND, who as they reported the latest tale, artfully neglected to provide the study’s data of actual convictions over the ten years. KELOLAND and Anna Peters who filed this story should probably apologize to state employees for their lapse of journalistic standards.

It’s pure sensationalism at it’s best. And shoddy reporting at worst.

In middle of day 3 in DC, enjoying the memorials.

I’m in the middle of Day 3 in Washington DC, and with my wife at her conference, I’m on my lonesome as I explore the mall area of Washington.

You really don’t get the physical feel for the utter scale of these monuments in pictures. They’re tremendous in their size.

After hitting the Washington Memorial, I visited the WWII Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial (pictured above) the Korean War Memorial, and I’m replenishing fluids before I head to to Vietnam War Memorial to round out my morning.

By the way, do you know that unless you buy a souvenir cup at the Mall refreshment stand, you don’t get a lid or straw?


Apparently, that must be the Obamacup program.

Just a few sights around Washington DC

Taking a break to relax and refresh after wandering the streets of Washington DC today. We got a little later start than I had hoped, but I’ve got all day to myself tomorrow to fill in the gaps. That, and it was a sweaty, hot place to be today.

A shot of the Washington Monument as we walked by on the way to…
… The National Archives. I thought I’d get to take pictures of the founding documents, but they were pretty adamant about no photography.


After seeing the horrifying condition the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are in, I can understand why. After years of light exposure, these documents which set forth our independence and framework of our nation are so tremendously faded, even under close examination you can barely make out John Hancock’s name on the Declaration.

What we know today of the document is only through a copper engraving done in the early 1800’s.

Ford’s Theater was a fascinating museum of the history on our 16th President, and founding father of the GOP. Here you can see the site of his assassination, the Balcony from which Booth had leapt.


From here, we walked by the Department of Justice Building, as well as the J. Edgar Hoover building, headquarters for the FBI.



What else did we see today?

We spent the latter half of the day at the Newseum, the museum of news. It was very well done, and worth the price of admission.

Here dozens of people who paid $23-24 each to see the museum watch the World Cup on a huge TV Screen. Someone should tell them they’re in America, and… Oh forget it.

Here, I’m keeping it Classy at the Anchorman Desk:


The Nations’ headlines greeted you on the way in, and today from a South Dakota newspaper, it was Mayor Kookier accusing Charity Doyle of Racism. (But don’t take Sam’s word for it, I wrote about her dissertation on who can use the ‘N’ word in January 2013.)


The Newseum Observation Deck has the best view of the US Capitol you’ll find anywhere in town:


The Newseum also had a great display of a section of the Berlin Wall:


And for those of who who complain about the bias of the press:


Those Lamentations have been around a long time.

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