John Thune – Our Strong Republican Ticket

Friends,  Today is Election Day with polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. here in South Dakota. Voting is a right that our ancestors fought for and it is a right that millions of people throughout the world still do not enjoy today. We have a strong Republican ticket starting with our candidate for United States Senate, Mike Rounds, all the way through our district legislative candidates. Mike Rounds – United States Senate Kristi Continue Reading →

Bosworth trying to raise money by invoking government black vans and preacher interrogations.

This one takes the cake. This letter appeared in a South Dakota mailbox on October 28th, and represents Annette Bosworth escalating the war of words with the Attorney Generals office, and includes utterly ridiculous accusations of black government vans and preachers being “interrogated in front of their parishioners.” Boz Legal Defense Fund You have to freaking read this silliness to believe it. The current Attorney General of South Dakota wasn’t elected by the people . Continue Reading →

How high can Marty Jackley go? (or how low can Dr. Evil Chad Haber dip?)

I was having a conversation with the Secretary of State this morning looking for a missing campaign finance report. And Secretary Gant confirmed what I suspected. That one of the candidates for the office of the chief law-enforcement officer in the state had not remitted his pre-general campaign finance form in accordance with South Dakota State Law. Not exactly an auspicious end to the most bizarre candidacy for constitutional office in state history. Along those Continue Reading →

GOP Chairman weighs in on ridiculous Howie claim.

I had a nice note this morning from Craig Lawrence, chair of the SDGOP, who found Gordon Howie’s claim of being offered the chairmanship of the GOP as ridiculous as I did: As Chairman of the Republican Party, I must dismiss Gordon Howie’s assertion that he has been “offered” the position of Chairman as preposterous. Why?  First, because the Chairman is an elected position, and though the Governor may recommend someone, as he did me, Continue Reading →

Gordon should put up, or shut up. Howie makes crazy claims, but presents no evidence.

I now think I’ve heard it all. In this morning’s Mitchell Republic, Denise Ross pens an article with a Gordon Howie ‘delusions of grandeur’ claim that’s so utterly ridiculous, it begs to be challenged: Howie has been polling in the single digits. Nonetheless, Rounds has had to work to shore up his right flank with a series of rallies, including one featuring social conservative poster boy and former presidential candidate Rick Santorum and another featuring Continue Reading →