Public Opinion Strategies: Rounds has healthy lead. 61% to 14%, 8%, 7% and 1%

From a poll released today by Public Opinion Strategies, it looks as if those who aren’t named Mike Rounds have considerable ground to make up:

Former Governor Mike Rounds has a considerable name ID and image advantage over his four opponents.

Mike Rounds has 98% name ID with a strong 72% favorable and just 21%unfavorable image among GOP primary voters.

Stace Nelson has 72% name ID, with an underwhelming 33% favorable/14%unfavorable image.

Annette Bosworth’s name ID clocks in 54%, but her image is polarized at 15% favorable/16% unfavorable.

Less than half (47%) of primary voters have heard of Larry Rhoden, and his image stands at 20% favorable/6% unfavorable.

Fewer than one-in-five primary voters have heard of Jason Ravnsborg.

Rounds’ stellar image translates into a strong showing on the primary ballot test.

Heading into June’s primary election, Mike Rounds starts out with a commanding lead over his opponents, earning 61% on the ballot test to Nelson’s 14%, Bosworth’s 8%, Rhoden’s 7%, and Ravnsborg’s 1%. Nine percent (9%) are undecided

Read it all here.

Dang, that library room gets a workout. Rhoden to host Press conference

The day before the Hubbel/Myers press conference, in the very same room, Larry Rhoden is going to show up, and talk about a plan. First came his 5 point plan to reform Washington. Then, came his 5 point plan to renew family values.

Now, we have another plan, a six point plan… Okay, just kidding. It’s another 5-Point Plan, this time to “Reduce the Size and Scope of Government.” (I sense a pattern here).

Rhoden to Host Press Conference

Tomorrow morning, Senator Larry Rhoden will hold a press conference to release his 5 Point Plan to Reduce the Size and Scope of Government. The details for the press conference are as follows:

What:         Press Conference on Senator Rhoden’s 5-Point Plan to Reduce the Size and Scope of Government
When:         Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 10:30 AM CST
Where:       Caille Branch Library, 4100 S Carnegie Circle Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Please contact Aaron Pilcher with any questions.


Another “Hell No” Republican event with the opposition. Hubbel to have presser with Mike Myers

This is easily the most bizarre primary campaign season I’ve seen ever. Because coming on the heels of the circus-like Weiland/Nelson US Senate press conference,  we have Lora Hubbel, allegedly running as a Republican,  joining Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Myers for a press conference:

Wednesday, April 23, Caille Library,
11:30am – 12:30pm
4100 Carnegie Cir
Sioux Falls

Come hear Lora Hubbel, Republican candidate for Governor and Mike Myers, Independent Candidate for Governor speak this Wednesday.

South Dakota is the second most corrupt state in the nation…why? Because of our poor open records laws. Come see how this effects issues that concern you. When information is stymied and hidden (SD is a master at this) you are denied information in making personal choices…whether that be for your candidates for office, your businesses and even your doctor.

Questions addressed:
…is SD hiding information on the EB5 scandal?
…are you getting the truth on ObamaCare in SD?
…how do Republicans treat women candidates?
…come with your questions, we will answer them.

Lora Hubbel, Candidate for SD Governor

I’m not sure why she’s bringing up the question of “how do Republicans treat women candidates?”  Last thing I knew, considering Kristi Noem, Carole Hillard, and many Republican Women who came before them was that “we elect them.”

The thing is, I wouldn’t put Lora in their class, given her tendency towards being inappropriately crude.  Although, I suspect reason she’s bringing it up is that she’s unhappy, because according to her facebook page, she isn’t going to get a soapbox to promote her campaign:

lora_deniedThat would make sense as to why she’s desperately seeking a public forum to try to get some press attention to promote her views.

Family Heritage Alliance hosting Legislative Candidate forum this Thursday

FHA candidate forum

I just got word from our friends at the Family Heritage Alliance that they’re hosting a legislative candidate forum this Thursday night, April 24, in Rapid City.

State FHA Director Dale Bartscher tells me that they currently have candidates from Districts 30-35:

7 of the 10 Senate Candidates are participating and 13 of the 19 House Candidates are participating. We’re pretty pleased with that commitment and come Thursday we may see a few more jump in. We’ll see.

Pat, we fully anticipate hosting these type of Candidate Forums across the state of SD in the not-so-distant future. We also have a Rapid City Municipal Candidate Forum scheduled for May 8 and most of those Candidates (City Council, School Board, County Commissioners, Register of Deeds & Auditor) are participating as well.

If you’re in the Rapid city area on Thursday, stop by and be part of participating in your Government, and find out what they candidates stand for.

Larry Rhoden rolls out his first commercial, updates website.

Just got the heads up that State Senator and US Senate Candidate Larry Rhoden has rolled out his first commercial. And it’s got some added snark at the end, giving it a little character. Enjoy!

This makes the third candidate who has prepared commercials for the US Senate race, with Stace Nelson and Jason Ravnsborg who have yet to produce spots at this time. Nelson was reportedly filming extensively up at the state capitol during session, but no spots have turned up yet.

The official release on the spot:

Larry Rhoden Releases New Ad Alongside New Online Headquarters

Union Center, South Dakota – April 21, 2014 – Today, Senator Larry Rhoden (R – Union Center), and candidate for U.S. Senate released his first campaign ad highlighting President Obama’s liberal assault on America.

“South Dakota’s next Senator has a clear job description come November, stop President Obama’s liberal assault on America,” said Rhoden. “America may be in greater danger now than at any time in its history. My new ad highlights the problems we face and tells South Dakotans about my fight against the Obama agenda.”

The ad was released on and alongside the opening of Rhoden’s new online campaign headquarters,

“We now have an online campaign headquarters that will be a one stop shop for those in South Dakota who want to get involved with my campaign and help lead the fight against President Obama’s liberal agenda,” Rhoden said.


Rounds 1st Quarter FEC Report – Primary ads bought, and still over a million in the bank, with no debt.

The Rounds 2014 first Quarter Report has been filed, and I’ve got a complete copy just for you, my loyal readers.

What’s the bottom line?


Even after spending 1/2 a million on TV advertising, Rounds has over a million cash on hand, and no debts.

That’s going to be a tough one for opponents to catch.

Rounds FEC – 1st Quarter – 2014

Brookings Co GOP luncheon to feature Stace Nelson today

From the Brookings Co GOP:

Stace Nelson to speak at Monday Noon Luncheon

District 19 Representative Stace Nelson will be the program at the Brookings County Republicans’ noon luncheon on Monday, April 21st. Nelson, a criminal justice graduate and former Marine, is a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The luncheon will be held at the Pheasant Restaurant from noon to 1:00. The public is invited. For more information call 691-2018.

Hmm. Trying to decide whether to commit to go. I have a pile of work waiting for me after my vacation, and the kids are off school with Easter Monday.

Steve Hickey calls out Stace Nelson, and brings up point for discussion

From the comment section, State Representative Steve Hickey called out Stace Nelson for campaigning alongside Democrat Rick Weiland, and brought up a good point for discussion:

“….. I don’t get how Stace and those here can work so easily with Dems but not with moderate Republicans. He’s got 20% in common with them and 80% in common with us. How could it possibly be true he “represents his constituents” when the moderate ones are vilified.”

Read it all here.

So, what are your thoughts? Why are the people on Team Stace so willing to work with Democrats, holding press conferences, advertising with them, etc., and not so much with Republicans?

Herseth Sandlin’s Raven Salary – 620k, plus

It’s little wonder Stephanie Herseth Sandlin didn’t think too hard about skipping the US Senate race.

It was released recently through the Morningstar financial website that since going to Raven, that she’s pulling down a tremendous $620k, plus stock options.


For that kind of money, I suspect she didn’t have to think too hard about taking a walk on Democrats when the party’s extremists started braying that she wasn’t liberal enough, and went with dippy Rick Weiland instead.

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