South Dakota Taxpayer’s PAC flies again! Still a PAC of lies.

You probably don’t remember the scummy “South Dakota Taxpayer’s PAC” from 2 years back, so I’ll provide the reminder:

IMG_0793If you look at 2013’s House Bill 1199, it doesn’t really reference Obamacare. In fact, it’s a bill to “prohibit the sharing of patient records in a health information exchange by the state without written authorization from the patient.”

And then there’s the other thing. Anderson wasn’t one of the 10 votes in committee to send the measure to the 41st day.

In fact, on the day the vote was taken – on January 21, 2013 – David Anderson wasn’t present in the legislature.  In fact, he wouldn’t be appointed to the legislature for another 4 months.

Read that here.

Yes, in the last election, this questionable organization ran by a Ken McGregor of Box Elder did hit jobs on various candidates, and they’re back again. Funded Singularly by South Dakota Gun Owners in the past, they have yet to file a pre-primary report for this campaign season.

But, while they haven’t filed a report yet, they’ve started the same nonsense this election cycle that they were guilty of 2 years ago – Flat out lies.


For example, the bill cites Senate Bill 150 in 2015, as one of several bills she cast a vote on the card author cites as partial evidence that she voted 7 times for “Higher taxes on your car and your fuel.”

The problem? This bill which would have required electric car owners to pay a minor fee for their share of using the roads (since they don’t really pay gas taxes like the rest of us)…


… It never made it to the floor of the Senate.  Haverly never voted on it. She never even came close to voting on it. But, they’re citing it as the SD Taxpayer’s PAC flies again in the 2016 primary races.

How do you attack someone on the basis of things they never did? On votes they never made?  Don’t ask me, but I’m sure Ken McGregor can tell you.

Ken McGregor of 15148 225th St in Box Elder (605-593-4541) still remains the committee chair and treasurer for this PAC. Ironically, it appears to still be a PAC of lies.

And we’ll see if it remains solely funded by the SD Gun Owners again.

Sad News out of Brookings.

I was just informed that State Representative Scott Munsterman’s wife, Mary Jeanne, who has bravely battled cancer for many years, passed away this morning.  Visitation is planned for 5pm-7pm on Thursday, June 2nd. Her funeral will be Friday, June 3rd at 10:00am. Both will be at at GracePoint Wesleyan Church in Brookings, SD.

South Dakota Republican Party to Host Regional Platform Committee Meetings


South Dakota Republican Party to Host Regional Platform Committee Meetings

PIERRE – The South Dakota Republican Party will begin hosting regional meetings across South Dakota for the 2016 South Dakota GOP State Convention Platform Committee next week. The purpose of the field hearings is to solicit input from those party members with an interest in our platform. The locations and dates are listed below.

Aberdeen – May 31, 5 pm CT at Mavericks Restaurant
Rapid City – June 2, 5 pm MT at University Center
Sioux Falls – June 6, 5 pm CT at SF Downtown Library
Telephonic – June 9, 5 pm CT – Dial (563) 999.2090 Access Code: 799039

The South Dakota Republican State Convention will take place on June 24th and 25th in Aberdeen, South Dakota. For questions or additional information, please contact the South Dakota Republican Party at (605) 777.0467 or email Ryan Budmayr at

Noem 2016 Pre-Primary FEC Report: 106K Raised, 98K Spent, $1.65 Million Cash on Hand.

Somehow, I don’t think Paula Hawks’ campaign is going to look this good moving into the fall.

Noem Pre-primary 2016

I’ll be curious to see what Hawks reports, but in this latest report, Congresswoman Noem is reporting $105,888 raised, $97,907 spent, and an incredibly strong $1,656,408.51 CASH ON HAND.

Little wonder the pundits are calling this race “Solid Republican.”

(BTW, 1.6M on hand? Just let me throw this concept out there – Did I mention I have the ad space up top available?)

Of South Dakota? Yeah, that’s not a thing.

Today I heard something odd about Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether. Although, after you hear this you may gag, and declare him to be “Mike Puker.”

Apparently, on more than one occasion when outside of the Sioux Falla area, he has taken to referring to himself as “Mike Huether, Mayor of South Dakota.” As if that intentional slip was going to pass by unnoticed.

Huether may not be talking yet, but it certainly sounds like someone’s ego is already off & running for the 2016 democrat nomination for governor.

Stuff is going on… Some negative, some… well, you decide.

I probably won’t win any math awards, but it’s pretty clear that the amount of blogging one does is directly proportional to how busy a person is at their employment. And as of this week, I think I’m officially on overload.

Big project at my day job, combined with my busiest primary ever for political work, plus not one, but two listings popping up for me at once, and trying to get a home sale put together successfully. And since I’m on overload, it’s a great time for the family dog to… um, go away, & have a kid get into a car accident at the exact same time I’m trying to get my dad to a doctor’s appointment.

I have to admit I was starting to have a panic attack today that the Minnehaha County Lincoln Day dinner I’d committed to attending was tonight. (Thankfully, it’s next week – Whew!)

That leaves me finally tapping things out on my iPad at midnight – 1 AM now,  as I try to settle in to recharge my batteries. Because I’m off to Sioux Falls, Madison, and parts unknown up north all before Friday. 

That’s not a lot of time to read, contemplate and “philosophize” about politics in general.

So, what do I have time to notice? What has punched through the chatter?  Stuff.. 

Foremost, negative campaigning seems to have taken sway in a few races, but (mostly) not from campaigns. It mainly seems to be coming from PACs designed for attacks. 

Stan Adelstein shook off the cobwebs, and wrote a check or two and had someone do a piece for one of his several PACs. Rich Hilgemann’s PAC in Aberdeen did Stace Nelson’s bidding, and went hard negative using photos of Nelson’s opponent at a charity fundraiser at SDSU.  As mentioned in an earlier post, the Lautensclager gun group is attacking from Colorado, and a South Dakota Right to Life affiliated PAC is sending out attack postcards.

Some are poorly done, but the tone may lead us back to the primary of 2014, where much of that started to backfire. The only negative piece I was commissioned to design last primary ended up being pulled before it went to homes because it could have cost the candidate the lead. The candidate won, so, it may have been a good call.

This spring, I haven’t been asked to prepare any pieces to take the bark off of any fellow Republicans, and I’m ok with that. It just may be because of public distaste for it is growing, as some of what’s being used seems to have gotten more personal, some are outright falsehoods, and some of what they’re using is less related to the job performance of politicians.

We’ll see in the two weeks left.

The other thing that is getting my attention is the amount of complaining I’ve been hearing about what had once been a good read on candidates, but seems to have fallen on hard times in recent years – the South Dakota Right to Life Voters Guide.

Like the 2014 primary election edition, this years’ primary edition in at least one case seriously misrepresented a candidate’s position using questionable sources. Again. When they very easily could have picked up a phone.

Last election in one instance, they relied on a NARAL website (of all sources) to comment about a GOP candidate. And they got the candidate’s position flat wrong. This year, it was sourcing a candidate assessment from a pro-choice, liberal atheist Democrat State Senate candidate. And again they badly missed the mark.  

But it’s not just questionable sources when a candidate doesn’t respond. Legislators themselves are grumbling that SDRTL is rating them on legislation SDRTL took no public position on, but omitting bills that they did. As one legislator noted to me “how can you support them on their legislation when you don’t know what it is?” 

Yet, an affiliated PAC is sending out negative postcards based on that same potentially  flawed rating.

I asked one of their longest time legislative supporters over the years – one who had carried a lot of water for them – about it. He remarked that he personally got busy an election ago, and forgot to send his survey in. SDRTL ended up with a statement of support for his opponent, because he didn’t get the survey in, despite a decade of being one of their more vocal advocates. Suffice it to say he was not impressed when a survey negated a decade of activism. 

SDRTL needs to take a hard look at their legislative outreach, as well as how they survey lawmakers. When they correctly list “did not respond” for some, and whether intentional or not, instead do a hit job on others who did the same thing, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Lest they find out what a loss of prestige & moral authority costs them when they really need to count on it.

And that’s what I know tonight.

A great one will soon slip from the bonds of this earth.

On his facebook page, Lobbyist Larry Mann notes today that former State Senator Jim Dunn has been given the last rites, and is close to his time of passing from this earth.


There are many who know him better than I, but I’m glad for the time our paths crossed. He was truly a good guy, and one of the last of a breed which we see all too seldom in the halls of the State Legislature.

God speed Jim Dunn.

Brookings Area Businessman John Mills selected to replace Fred Deutsch on the ballot.

This past weekend, the GOP county organizations which comprise District 4 met for the purposes of addressing Fred Deutsch’s resignation from the race for D4 House.  The counties met, and selected John Mills of Brookings County to fill the vacancy.


And that’s John Mills; formerly of Mills Construction, currently Mills Properties and Mills Development.

John should be a strong candidate, helping to move this district fully in the “R” column.

Gov. Daugaard Orders State Capitol Flags At Half-Staff For Former State Sen. Roland A. Chicoine

Gov. Daugaard Orders State Capitol Flags At Half-Staff For Former State Sen. Roland A. Chicoine

PIERRE, S.D. – Former state legislator Roland A. Chicoine of Elk Point passed away on May 19, 2016. Chicoine, 93, served for 20 years in the state legislature, as a state representative from 1981-87, a state senator from 1987-93, and again as a state representative from 1993-2001.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has ordered flags to fly half-staff at the State Capitol on Wednesday, May 25, the day of Chicoine’s funeral.


Stolen from facebook: Congresswoman Noem visits an important South Dakota icon

Congresswoman Noem is pictured here visiting an important South Dakota icon with her family…


While the State Capitol building is nice, if you’re a Pierre expatriate, you know there’s 2 specific stops you need to make when you’re in town; The Donut Shop at the top of the Euclid (before 8 – 8:30 am, when all the good ones are gone), and when in season, the Zesto’s ice cream building at 213 W. Capitol Avenue ran by Barb & Rick Newman.

Darn it. Now I want a blueberry cake donut from the Donut Shop.