Party-switching, residence-moving George Ferebee being told it’s time to leave office

Pennington County Commissioner George Ferebee  is apparently being asked to leave the Pennington County Commission.  Why? Among other things, he’s left the area he was elected to represent. And according to state law, that’s not going to work:

According to a voter registration card dated Aug. 14, Ferebee changed his address from Hill City to Rapid City, and changed his party affiliation from Republican to the Constitution Party. On Aug. 17, Ferebee signed a new voter registration card changing his address back to a Hill City residence. His party affiliation remained Constitution.

South Dakota Codified Law 7-8-2 says that an elected commissioner moving from the district where he or she was elected creates an automatic vacancy. That section also discusses vacancy, saying if a commissioner misses four consecutive months of meetings the seat will be declared vacant.

Read it all here.

And this is all in addition to the fact he’s been skipping County Commission meetings, and getting in trouble with the law over his sceptic system.

What’s a county commission to do, other than to show him the door?

5 Replies to “Party-switching, residence-moving George Ferebee being told it’s time to leave office”

  1. Anonymous

    Ferebee sucks. The people who elected him deserve that loon representing them- they must be loony too to vote for that nutjob

  2. John

    This seems clear as day he needs to stop taking paychecks because he’s not eligible for them and the county shouldn’t have to pay

  3. grudznick

    Mr. Ferrebee is a Howite of Gordantic proportions, and insaner than most. Pay your $20 inspection fee, George, and stop being a scofflaw. You represent my district so get in there and sit through those meetings you got elected to until your term is up. Even if you went over to the Constitution Party because you’re mad that the Republicans have had enough of you, you need to finish the job you started.


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