Difference between political rallies

I thought this was an interesting picture.

Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street

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8 Replies to “Difference between political rallies”

  1. Spencer

    The difference is that a lot of the people in the Occupy Wall Street protest are shiftless liberal kooks. I had to laugh when one lady insisted that she was actively ?looking for work? in California even though she had been living on the streets of New York for the past two weeks. I also found one quote from another attendee to be amusing: “They shouldn’t even be allowed to TEACH the privatization of Medicare in schools.” I’m sorry lady; I guess I’ll get back to doing my job and teaching science again.

  2. Elais

    There is no difference. These ‘liberal kooks’ are doing the same thing as the ‘tea party kooks’, making their views seen as well as heard. You GOPers/conservatives believe in freedom, don’t you? Why are you guys being so Un-American?

    1. duggersd

      Elais, perhaps you can show the links of the TEA party protests arrests? When the TEA party protests were over, you did not see a big mess. I do not recall any stories about how TEA party protestors were defecating on police cars and flags. I do not recall any stories about how TEA party protestors went into businesses and destroyed the bathrooms they wanted to use for free and did not know how to properly use the bathroom. Also, TEA party protestors did not spend weeks making a mess of a park because they went back to their jobs, something these “protestors” could consider looking for. BTW, all of that “greed”? Those profits are what are funding my state retirement, so I guess I am greedy too.

      1. Elias

        Ahhh..pointing out the worst in the Occupy Wall Street group while implying Tea partiers were nothing but good and holy and pure and all that self-righteous stuff.

        I guess pooping on the flag is worse than pooping on the constitution.

  3. Tim Higgins

    Elais No difference? Really? How many Tea party protesters have been arrested at one of their events? ZERO.

    Now how many have been arrested so far at the occupy wall steet? 700?

    I guess from a liberal mentality you are right. No difference.


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