Paul Dennert files to run for D1 House.

Former Democrat House and Senate Member Paul Dennert has filed to run as a State Representative in District 1 this morning, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

If elected, the 80 year-old Dennert would possibly serve at the same time as grandson Drew Dennert who represents District 3, and is running for re-election.

11 Replies to “Paul Dennert files to run for D1 House.”

  1. Anonymous

    At first glance, I thought Drew Dennert left the party after trying to destroy it this spring with his letting the Independents vote in Republican Primary bill.

    1. Anonymous

      He got off easy. He’s probably the worst legislator in SD.

      Aberdeen needs to get its act together and send decent legislators with life experience and not just a kid living in his mom’s basement getting a hand out on the farm and riding his grandpa’s last name.

  2. Anonymous

    His grandfather Paul is an old time conservative Democrat if I remember correctly.

    Mike McHugh who is running on the Dem side for house is a longtime Brown County resident is a heck of a nice guy and a good man with plenty of life experiences under his belt and AG background among other strengths if my memory again serves me right.

    1. Anonymous

      Why is Drue recruiting his minion Kalob Weis?

      A few months ago he was running in district 3 and now he’s running in district 2? How does that work?

      Drue is a Democrat. He’s just registered as a Republican because he moved to district 3 to run for the legislature. Other wise he would be running in the same district as his grandpa as a Democrat.

      1. Anonymous

        Kalob Weis he would be a bad candidate. he ran for another office up there in Aberdeen and did horribly. Not much substance there.

  3. Anonymous

    Was Drew’s plan all along to run alongside his democrat Grandpa, since they both promote legislation to benefit democrats?