Paul TenHaken endorsed for Sioux Falls Mayor by Homebuilders Association of the Sioux Empire and Family Heritage Alliance

A couple of more endorsements have come in for Paul TenHaken, the man who many anticipate will be the next mayor of Sioux Falls:

Both the Family Heritage Alliance and the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire have offered their endorsement of TenHaken in the runoff election scheduled for May 1st.

27 Replies to “Paul TenHaken endorsed for Sioux Falls Mayor by Homebuilders Association of the Sioux Empire and Family Heritage Alliance”

  1. Lincoln County Delegate

    Two great endorsements. Should help with his get out the vote efforts. I’ve been hearing from a lot that people think Paul is going to run away with it but voters still need to show up strong to make that happen!

    1. KM

      If you call him I’m sure he’ll be willing to talk with you about your curiosity: 605-880-7449 or his email is available on his website. Like you, I’m anxiously awaiting for all SD Senators to tell me who I should vote for;) As it may be fun to watch the endorsements roll in, it is possible to think for yourself.

  2. "Very Stable Genius"

    Why would you want an endorsement from an organization which has overseen the affordable housing crisis in Sioux Falls?


    GO JO!

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      “overseen the affordable housing crisis?” By building homes? “Supply and demand” is basic economics.

      When they build homes, it increases the supply. Trying to make it about anything else it is conspiracy theory.

      Even building mid and upper level homes increases the supply, because people move up from entry level and older homes, freeing those properties up for entry level buyers.

      1. "Very Stable Genius"


        Ask anyone in Sioux Falls, the developers are not building affordable median priced homes, trust me. That is why a home worth $ 165000 a year ago in Sioux Falls is now worth $ 200000+. Yet, wages are not up anything close to that or all.

        If the the housing development crowd in this town would raise wages within their own industry, then more carpenters would show up to work, meaning they would have the work force to build more affordable houses where the numbers would give them the margins to support the higher wages and still profit. But by suppressing wages, as are most industries in Sioux Falls, the housing development crowd takes what workers they have to favor further development of affluent and upper middle income homes at the expense of not being able to lessen the current affordable housing crisis in Sioux Falls, which includes the lack of median priced housing…. The developers and their wages are a part of the problem, especially when it comes to median priced affordable homes.

        Plus, hyperinflation among median priced homes in this town in is not a “conspiracy theory,” it’s fact! And that fact contributes to the problem!…..

        1. Michael Wyland

          At the risk of going off-topic, another significant factor affecting lower and lower-media home prices is the continued availability of government-sponsored first-time homebuyer supports. The real estate agents I speak with cite this first when discussing why homes under $175,000 or so are snapped up quickly in Sioux Falls. Inventory is down nationwide this year as well as in SD, but the government incentives magnify the situation in the local submarket I mentioned.

          1. Pat Powers Post author

            You’re good. I’m trying to manage from the road, so it’s a bit hit & miss.

          2. "Very Stable Genius"

            “but the government incentives magnify the situation in the local submarket I mentioned.”

            Probably because SF has inherently low wages, like not paying their carpenters enough as an example. What I am hearing is that developers are just not building median priced homes because they enjoy the profit margins of more expensive homes and the absence of enough workers makes it further easier for them to ignore the median priced market as a cover.

            1. KM

              Should developers be forced to pay a “living wage” and if so, what wage would be acceptable for you? You say if people received a higher wage, they’d show up. Your so-called low wages aren’t the only reason workers don’t show up, some are lazy or drug/alcohol addicted and fail drug tests or…

              Carpenters aren’t starting at $9/hr. They start at a much higher wage and if proven to be productive, earn a raise. What’s a 90day trial period for? Don’t forget to include personal responsibility into your equation. Many people are clueless when it comes to budgeting…got have that new iphone.

              Who doesn’t enjoy profit margins? Are developers required to build less expensive homes? If houses are selling at a certain rate, why stop building them? I could be wrong, but it kinda sounds authoritative of you to demand people do what you think is right.

              I see you care about people and want everyone the equal opportunity to own their own home. Why should we question TenHaken? As mayor, would he be able to set rules/regulations on the FHA or developers? Shouldn’t you be challenging the FHA & developers? What’s Jo claiming she’ll do differently compared to Paul when it comes to your complaint?

  3. Troy Jones


    In some minds it makes sense to besmirch the industry that builds homes for the shortage of homes. You see the literally 100’s of homebuilders are in cahoots to not build homes. Building homes is hard work.

    But in other minds it makes sense to besmirch the city and county governments who kow-tow to the Not In My Back Yard people who don’t care if people have homes so these Nimbi nimrods can lament the injustice and feel good about themself at gatherings like the women’s march a Go Jo rallies.

  4. Michael Wyland

    Getting back to the election, I live in a central Sioux Falls precinct that went for Jo in the election. I was working at a client site this afternoon, but my wife tells me that a TenHaken campaigner stopped by the house with a brochure and a heartfelt ask for her/us to support Paul in the runoff election, reminding us about early voting.

    This tells me, for good or bad, that TenHaken is looking to change minds and/or boost turnout in areas where he was weaker the first time. Either that, or he has so many people (volunteers and/or paid) that he can focus on both his stronger neighborhoods and his weaker ones.

    1. "Very Stable Genius"

      I think they are running scared. Where’s the Entenman endorsement? I know a lot of non political women who are coming out of the woodwork on this one and it “ain’t” for Paul…. (Thanks a lot Trump!) 😉

      1. Michael Wyland

        The speculation has been that Anderson’s voters would go to Jo, Jamison’s and Gunn’s would go to Paul, and Entenman’s would split between Paul and Jo.

        I heard a rumor that Entenman had endorsed Jo, but that turned out to be wishful thinking on the part of the person forwarding the rumor.

        In my opinion, as it currently stands, the May 1 election will be close. Both candidates are well-funded and neither has significant negatives attached to them by the electorate at large (yes, partisans can find reasons to dread either one, of course).

        1. "Very Stable Genius"

          I think it will be close too and thanks to Trump the womens’ vote will give it to Jo.

          1. Michael Wyland

            Only perhaps. Trump’s polling numbers are better now than at any time since the first 100 days of his presidency (according to last week’s ABC/Washington Post polling). Of course, Democratic and other anti-Trump voters in SF may be motivated to turn out in greater numbers than before.

  5. KM

    Not all women will be voting for Jo, they’re not falling for her scam. The non-issue she continually keeps at the forefront of her campaign does not help her prove to be a leader. Keeping a thriving city moving forward, a mayor must pay more attention to efficiency than equity and they need to recognize their first order of business is to retain what economists call net positive fiscal residue, Paul has done this many times over and will do it again Wednesday evening. Pay attention.

    I see you, Genius, being intolerant to religion and people of faith. Do you discriminate against all religions equally? What if our mayor followed the Jewish faith or was a follower of Islam? If Islam required our mayor to break for prayer 5 times a day would you tolerate them leaving council meetings? Or how about that Jew I mentioned? Would you tolerate them being absent during working hours so to celebrate or fast for an observed holiday? If someone taking a break from the campaign trail, on a Sunday, is difficult for you to tolerate I don’t think you’d be very tolerant of other religions. I’m disappointed in you, Genius.