Paula Hawks’ bizarre USD appearance.

Especially for politics, I think the #1 rule of public speaking is know your audience.  And in the matter of Paula Hawks’ recent speech to USD Students, I’m not sure she was there:

One of Hawks’ main points was that she would fight to give women reproductive rights and keep the government out of the bedroom and out of the doctor’s office.

Hawks was critical of the Republican opposition, which often fights against big government.


The small crowd was engaged with Hawks throughout the evening, but her use of the phrase “All Lives Matter” elicited groans from the audience.

One of those people annoyed was senior Mason Calhoun.

“The whole mantra of ‘All Lives Matter’ is really just to me a way to silence the concerns of groups like Black Lives Matter,” Calhoun said.


“Personally she lost me a little bit on the All Lives Matter thing, but just about everything else she said I pretty strongly agree with.”

Read it here.

I really can’t say I’ve ever heard South Dakota audiences who have assembled being overly concerned about hashtags declaring whose lives matter. But, it’s always good to hear when an audience groans at Democrats.

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  1. crossgrain

    They groaned because they don’t think she’s liberal enough – they took her AllLivesMatter as a co-opting and watering down of the BLM movement. Here’s your future, SD. Maybe start listening?

    1. Anonymous

      –they took her AllLivesMatter as a co-opting and watering down of the BLM movement.

      The BLM terrorists NEED to be watered down, if not charged with criminal conspiracy.

      –Here’s your future, SD. Maybe start listening?

      Maybe these young minds full of mush (““The whole mantra of ‘All Lives Matter’ is really just to me a way to silence the concerns of groups like Black Lives Matter,” Calhoun”) should own their minds and begin to listen.

      1. crossgrain

        ooookay. Not really sure what this has to do with Ms. Hawks speech, but I guess it’s clear that you don’t think too highly of the USD students who went to listen. I don’t see how that helps your case.

        1. Anonymous

          If the comments of this USD student is indicative of college or college-aged Democrats, then yes, there’s little reason to think highly of them:

          ““The whole mantra of ‘All Lives Matter’ is really just to me a way to silence the concerns of groups like Black Lives Matter,” Calhoun”

          1. crossgrain

            Yes, you’ve quoted the quote of the quote from the young lady already. Still missing why this means anything to the Hawks campaign beyond the fact that a couple of USD students don’t think she’s on point on this one issue. If Hawks listens to them, expect this feedback to hone her message. Meanwhile, the young lady you keep quoting did go on to say that she’s planning to vote for Hawks regardless.

            1. Anonymous

              — Meanwhile, the young lady you keep quoting did go on to say that she’s planning to vote for Hawks regardless.

              When candidates I listen to say racist things, I will not vote for them.

              Why this college Democrat promises to vote for Hawks in spite of the racist comment (as described by the student herself) she heard from candidate Hawks is typical of Democrats, and we ALL should be concerned about it.

              Racism has no place in SD politics–the Democrats should root it out from the party and drop Hawks sooner rather than later.

                1. Anonymous

                  Welcome to your Alice in Wonderland, where support for “all lives” somehow becomes jabberwocky for racist.

                  You folks invented Alice in Wonderland, now live with it.

                  1. crossgrain

                    First you disparage the young lady for supporting BLM, then you denigrate Hawks for being racist. Pick a lane for once instead of obfuscating.

                    1. Anonymous

                      If one lane is occupied by a young lady supporting the racist BLM “movement”, and the other is occupied by a racist candidate (as described by the young lady in the first lane), then I choose to take the higher road of attacking racists and those whom the racists support.

                      Get off the road, RACISTS!

                    2. crossgrain

                      The kid’s a racist because BLM, and Hawks is a racist because NOT BLM. The heck? I think your “high road” is aptly named. You’re definitely high on something.

                    3. Anonymous

                      Oh I see your problem now–you have reading comprehension issues.

                      At no point did I “denigrate Hawks for being a racist”–I simply used the STUDENT’S views of her remarks.
                      If you have a problem with the young lady’s views on Hawks’ remarks, take it up with her.

                      I guess you failed to notice that, even though I stated it TWICE.

                      If you cannot read, stay off the roads.

                    4. crossgrain

                      So you’re creating arguments in your head between Hawks and the student… and I thought *I* had weird hobbies.

  2. Troy Jones

    “All lives matter” except those in the womb, who are slaughtered for being nuns, and defend US embassies.

    1. crossgrain

      And what of those lives who are refugees from war-torn lands, undocumented workers rounded up and shipped off, the working poor who can’t afford health insurance, native kids who were robbed of opportunity because of a greedy murderous arsonist, investors duped by unscrupulous charlatans absconding with millions though fraud and corruption, the taxpayers saddled with increasing expenses from no-bid state contracts… Do those lives matter?

  3. Tiny Dancer

    At one point she stated “I’m against the death penalty, in my mind if we can have that person who committed the crime sit in jail for a life sentence as opposed to go in and out of courts for appeals processes and costing the state money, they can it in the jail cell and live with what they did”
    – ok she brought up costing the state money in appeals processes? Hmm won’t the state be worse off paying for the inmate to live in a state facility? Just a thought

    1. Anonymous

      And . . . these prisoners sitting out a life sentence NEVER appeal their conviction? She should wake up and realize these inmates do appeal. They don’t just sit and accept their life term. I agree it costs to house the lifers, and to pay for their medical expenses, but some also kill again, even in prison. Never heard of an executed murderer killing another once his sentence was carried out.

  4. Springer

    ALL lives DO matter. If a person can’t get that through his/her head, he really is dense, or a Democrat I guess.

    1. Anonymous

      GLBT lives do not matter to Republicans. Sad to know you’re still stuck in that wet paper bag.

      1. Springer

        People who demand tolerance should abide by that adage themselves. If you demand respect and tolerance for your beliefs, then you need to respect and tolerate the beliefs of others. If you can’t do that, you are a hypocrite and not worthy of the tolerance you demand.

        1. Anonymous

          As usual, you split hairs. And you’re admitting you do not like GLBT people. That’s not hard to figure out. You don’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs. Hypocrite.

          1. Anonymous

            “Tolerance” does not mean or require “acceptance”.

            While I tolerate your bigoted views Anon @ 12:58, I will not and do not “accept” them.

            1. Anonymous

              I could not care less what you will not and do not accept, Anon @ 1:42 p.m. But you’re welcome to spout your bigoted views.

          2. Springer

            I like all people, whether G L B or T. I do not like it when they demand tolerance from others that they are not willing to give themselves. As said before, I have gay relatives who are great people. But YOUR intolerance shows by your remarks above, but I doubt that you can or will ever see it.

            1. Anonymous

              The most convenient excuse an intolerant person can use is exactly what you stated above. Twist it to deflect reality away from you. I tolerate you even though I think you are the Gladys Kravitz of South Dakota.

                1. Anonymous

                  When it comes to bizarre statements, you top Paula Hawks. Please provide fact-based evidence that anything I’ve written is comparable to David Duke.

                  1. Anonymous

                    –I tolerate you even though I think you are the Gladys Kravitz of South Dakota.

                    Where’s the evidence that Springer is Gladys Kravitz?

                    Are you to be held to the same standard that you wish to hold others?

                    1. Anonymous

                      Oh, Andrew, how are you? Or rather, who are you today? Julie Gross NE? Or just gross as usual?

                      Say, how did that lawsuit you filed against the SD BOR turn out? 😀

  5. Anonymous

    No, Calhoun, it is said to address the fact that the BLM movement is largely a racist group that doesn’t care about white people. I think Calhoun needs to get out of school and actually live in the real world and accomplish anything before he makes any grand proclamations.

    That said, I still think Hawks is a socialist, abortion loving dufus who supports everything that is wrong with this country.

  6. Springer

    A person can be tolerant of another’s opinions etc even though he does not agree with them. But tolerance works both ways. The people who scream the loudest about discrimination and racism etc are usually the ones who turn out to be the most intolerant of others’ beliefs. And also they are the ones who refuse to see that in themselves and resort to name calling.

    1. Anonymous

      That’s why you’re always screaming the loudest and posting intolerant opinions. Most of which you know nothing about. That person you claimed should not have received Medicaid benefits. None of your business. And your public broadcasting of that information is nothing more than hearsay.

      Gossip and baseless rumors are your sources of information.

        1. Anonymous

          I think he/she is talking about trying to shut others down by using the old Alinsky dog-whistle words like “racist” and “intolerant”.

          Some needs to tell him/her that it’s 2016.

          1. Anonymous

            Oh no, Andy’s stuck in the same wet paper bag as Springer. Any one have a flashlight they can borrow?

          1. Anonymous

            Weird wrath? Really, Andrew? After all the people you’ve gone after who have ‘wronged’ you or that you don’t like? You’re THE most bitter person I’ve come across whether in person or on the blogs. The picture I’ve seen of you – you look evil. Take a good, long look in the mirror.

      1. Anonymous

        –That’s why you’re always screaming the loudest and posting intolerant opinions

        Springer may be a lotta things, but screaming ain’t him.