Paula Hawks can’t stop running for the State Legislature. Or basing her campaign on anything but actually running for Congress.

I'm running. But just ignore me on the controversial bills.

I have no idea what I’m talking about.

At least weekly if not more often, Congressional Candidate Paula Hawks sends out via e-mail “clickbait” appeals for money or to gather names to solicit further for activity in her campaign.

The problem is that many times, the issues she’s campaigning on have little to nothing to do with the office she’s running for.

Today’s e-mail missive is no different:

From: Paula Hawks
Date: April 20, 2016 at 6:16:19 PM CDT
To: (Redacted)
Subject: we’re holding them accountable


Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard has expressed willingness to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, but the GOP-controlled state legislature refuses to approve the expansion, leaving thousands of low-income families in South Dakota without health coverage. What’s more, Republican Kristi Noem has voted over 60 times with House Republicans to repeal Obamacare, proving that she’s even more extreme than Governor Daugaard.

We need to hold Kristi Noem and the South Dakota GOP accountable for denying health insurance to thousands of low-income families.

Sign my petition to demand that Republican lawmakers approve the Medicaid expansion in South Dakota now! >>>>

Kristi Noem and South Dakota state Republicans believe that their far-right political agenda is more important than making sure all South Dakotans have access to health insurance. The South Dakota GOP’s incompetence and corruption has gone on for far too long. We need to defend the best interest of ALL South Dakotans.

We must hold South Dakota Republicans accountable for failing the people of our state.

Help me hold Kristi Noem and the South Dakota GOP accountable for their extreme and selfish actions. Click here to sign my petition.

Thank you,


As opposed to issues important to South Dakota at the Congressional level, the Hawks campaign is going after GOP Legislators, with only a loose connection at best to Congresswoman Noem?  And she also takes a backhanded swipe at Governor Daugaard calling him “extreme”… because she’s agreeing with him?

These kind of schizophrenic communications coming form the Hawks campaign just seem to underline that the campaign really has no direction, much less a clue what office Hawks is actually running for.

One day, Hawks is bashing Congresswoman Kristi Noem for hosting her “Women of Influence Conference” because she hasn’t “denounced Donald Trump,” as if there’s some unwritten rule that she’s required to file an opinion on everyone running for president. And the next moment Hawks is going after the US Senate for “not holding hearings on a Supreme Court Justice.”  Because Congress has some say in the time and manner in which the Senate does that.?

One of the few times Hawks actually mentioned a topic addressed by Congress was in demanding Country of Origin labeling. But she then exhibited her utter naivete on the issue by completely skipping over the part about the billions in retaliatory tariffs which caused the repeal.  And ignoring that Congresswoman Noem has been noted for her defense of COOL.

It’s at the point where you have to wonder if the campaign is being run by someone utterly incompetent, borderline insane, or if they’ve failed basic civics, and are out of touch with what Congress does?

Or if the Hawks strategy is to just keep throwing spaghetti against the fridge on a daily basis to see how much sticks?

Moving on…

10 Replies to “Paula Hawks can’t stop running for the State Legislature. Or basing her campaign on anything but actually running for Congress.”

  1. Anonymous

    It might be better if Paula just withdraws from the US House race and just focus on staying in the legislature. This campaign is going nowhere.

  2. Anonymous

    Left-wing, big government, socialist twit. She shouldn’t be elected dog-catcher (my apologies to all the dog-catchers out there who are doing a bang-up job, you could probably do better as a legislator than Hawks).

    Shouldn’t Hawks be in San Francisco or Seattle or somewhere else that is already a socialist “Utopia”? Why screw up another State because you want everywhere to suck? Have some consideration for a group that wants to have conservative, moral values and self-reliance. If you are going to pee in the pool, Paula, go to a pool this is already a toilet.

  3. Troy Jones


    Everyone has experienced it. When all about one is seen confusion or things that don’t make sense (nonsense) and one stumbles around knowing it has to make sense but you just don’t know what it is, you hear something that puts it in perspective. Here is one of those situations:

    I’m the mouse in the corner a couple of years after Jim Abdnor had beaten George McGovern and he is visiting with one of his Democrat colleagues who liked McGovern who asked: “Jim I’m most surprised by your margin. Why did you win so big? What did McGovern do wrong?” Jim gave a simple answer and the conversation moved on: “George didn’t know why he was running.”

    Because I it seemed to be vague but it satisfied Senator Simon, I later asked what he meant. Jim explained that when McGovern ran the first time he was running to build the Democrat party and accidentally won a Senate seat. I was even more confused now so I asked more questions.

    The sum and substance of the entire exchange is there has to be tangible purpose bigger than oneself. And, it isn’t just the intangibles like “building a better America” or furthering a particular set of policy goals. Single members of Congress aren’t that impactful but only accomplish things as part of a greater whole. And, at the end of the day, it is that tangible purpose often is the difference in a race because it is the subliminal message of the campaign that resonates.

    Hawks doesn’t have a clue of the purpose for which she is running. Yes, she is running to be our Congresswoman. Yes she is running to replace Kristi Noem. Yes she is running to advance a liberal agenda in Congress. But, that is in many ways “paint on the wall” and not the wall itself. It’s easy to throw around paint to see what sticks but if it doesn’t have a wall to land on, it just goes to the floor.

    Its one of the reasons too often the power of incumbency is misunderstood. Incumbents have an office which is tangible upon which to throw their paint. Hawks so far has given us nothing tangible because she has no vision of anything tangible.

    And, what I came to understand from another conversation (about why he was wholly confident Garry Caruthers was going to leave DC as Assistant Secretary of the Interior and win the Governorship of New Mexico) with Senator Abdnor articulated you can’t make it up as you go or develop it during the campaign. You either have it when you come to the race or you don’t. Hawks just doesn’t have it.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Springer, It got kicked into moderation somehow. I’ve released it. I’m not sure what happened.

    2. Troy Jones


      How does it feel to be kicked into moderation? 🙂

      Take comfort in the fact Pat says what happened to you is moderation. When it happens to me, he calls it spam.

  4. Troy Jones


    Thanks for the comment but I was chastised yesterday that I could have said it shorter by saying she is an empty suit. 🙂