Paula Hawks has filed her FEC papers. What are we learning?

In looking at recent FEC Filings, it appears that Paula Hawks has her initial paperwork in. Which isn’t terribly exciting, but I post it here for your review:

Hawks FEC papers

What are we learning from this?

Deb Knecht, the immediate past chair of the SDDP is playing a significant role in Hawks’ campaign, and acting as her treasurer, which might explain why Hawks has taken on Zach Nistler, the interim ED who had been at the office earlier under Knecht, as her campaign manager.

Otherwise, the only other thing that caught my eye was that her campaign account is at Sioux Falls Credit Union. Given her employment at METABank, that struck me as odd, considering how much Banks like credit unions.

But, that’s what I’ve got this AM. Moving on…..

2 thoughts on “Paula Hawks has filed her FEC papers. What are we learning?”

  1. Nothing like hiring a team with a proven record of success. I think we can all see where this is going.

  2. Not really, I believe the Haar family (large shareholders of Meta) are big conservatives.

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