Payroll tax cut questions

When did Democrats get in such a big hurry to divert tax money from the social security fund into the private sector? Weren’t they up in arms when Bush suggested people should be able to invest their payroll tax into their own retirement accounts? The Democrats constantly argued that if people had the ability to invest their money in the private sector, it would be open to risks and might not be there for them in the future. I guarantee that if the money goes directly back to people it will be spent and certainly won’t be there for them in the future.

Was Bush’s only mistake that he didn’t offer the money directly to the taxpayer as a middle class tax cut to spend on whatever they chose? Invest it if you want, spend it if you want, it’s up to you. Because apparently it is your money, and you earned every penny.

How has this become “a tax issue” instead of a “harming social security issue?”

The main problem I see with the payroll tax cut is not that people shouldn’t be able to do what they want with their money. It has more to do with the fact that we made a committment to those at or near the retirement age who already rely on social security. The amount of money being cut is not going to make much difference to those getting the refund, but it is likely to hurt those nearing retirment age. Social security was designed as a perpetual system of transferring income from the young to the old.

If Paul Ryan was a villain to the left for attempting to preserve medicare for seniors and those soon to retire over the age of 55 with no changes, what exactly does that make Barack Obama for trying to divert social security funds when seniors are counting on that money being there?

Are we certain there aren’t any other taxes we could cut instead of the payroll tax?

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  1. Bill Fleming

    The only ones who weren’t going for it were the screwballs on the extreme far right. And they did some serious damage to your party because of it, BC. It was a real bad move.

  2. Anonymous

    This was a bad move by the GOP Freshman. If I was advising Noem I’d have said never let any daylight get between you and John Thune. It’s smart that they caved quickley rather than letting this drag out until it did serious damage to her.

    That said Noem was right that the 2 month thing was a waste.

    The dems are such hypocites on social security and medicare that I can’t believe the garbage they get away with. They could drain the fund and no one would ever call them out but if Bush wants to give people the freedom to do with it what they feel is best he is absolutely evil.

    Republicans should have opposed this as ruining social security and found other tax cuts to substitute this boondoggle.

  3. redstate hawk

    Anonymus: You are right on. This is the biggest raid on Social Security ever developed by the mind of man. This whole thing is just an attack on Social Security. Why this was ever agreed to is crazy. We should end this attack on Social Security and return the Social Security tax to where it was supposed to be.

    1. Anonymous

      That is an interesting idea. Noem has the cohonas of the two. Thune did what was popular and Noem did what was right. At least until she and the rest of the House caved. But for two days they took the bullets.

  4. caheidelberger

    “divert money from Social Security”: wait, so now you’re borrowing Sibby’s spin? That’s embarrassing. But since you’re losing hard on the fact that Kristi Noem voted to raise everyone’s taxes by $1000, I guess you’re just desperate to salvage some spin. It’s not working, Bill/Hans. Just admit you’re wrong, admit Kristi’s wrong, call for an end to the games, and leave that money in job-doers’ pockets. Is it that hard?

    1. grudznick

      You are clearly insane, and wish to reduce revenue to the government without whacking whacking whacking the dead wood that needs whacking, Mr. Carl. Your god Obama failed with his stimuli and temporary revenue reductions and now you want to blame the best rep. we have in this state. I say, you start whack whack whacking before you whine again, sir. Join me and Newland for breakfast and get educated, my friend.

      1. Arrowhead

        I’m pretty sure Heidelberger ate paint chips as a kid with a soup spoon.

        Thankfully his cousin Aaron was wise enough to know at a young age that lead based paint chips are not good to eat.

  5. Anonymous

    I just laugh at your party trying to raise familys taxes that one will come back and bite you in the you know what , congratulations S.Herseth,HEY KRISTI WHERES THOSE TOWN HALL MEETINGS DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO, SOUNDS LIKE THUNE.

    1. Superman

      I would say Noem is vulnerable to Herseth Sandlin after this debacle. Not because her position is wrong but because she and her class don’t understand public perception. This is where people like Newt Gingrich are right about “right and left wing social engineering.” Take the case to the people. If the people are on your side you will win even if it is a dumbass idea like the payroll tax cut.

    2. Anonymous

      Her and Johnny boy are from a class of people and politicians that are not required to do something like ask the people who they represent what hey think. Johnny boy is a christmas dud… she is a sour christmas tree.


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