Pennington Co. GOP hosting ‘Thank You’ Party for former State Sen. Lyndell Peterson on Saturday

From the Pennington County GOP:

THANK YOU PARTY FOR LYNDELL PETERSEN – There will be a “Thank You” Party in honor of Lyndell Petersen on October 21st at the Wall Community Building from 7-9pm. Lyndell, a fellow life long Republican has served Pennington County as a Commissioner and GOP Chairman and has been involved in the Party for years.

“For years” probably does not sufficiently sum it up for the former long-time State Senator who served from 1977-1994, and most recently served two terms on the County Commission in Pennington County.

Here’s Lyndell’s profile from his last term in Pierre:

Lyndell was one of those State Senators who didn’t get up and speak often in the Chambers during session. But when he did, everyone paused and listened because “Rattlesnake Pete” was not one to mince words.

If you’re in the Wall area on Saturday, make a point to stop by and wish him well.

7 Replies to “Pennington Co. GOP hosting ‘Thank You’ Party for former State Sen. Lyndell Peterson on Saturday”

  1. Anonymous

    Lyndell is truly one of South Dakota’s great conservative legislators. Stoick, Petersen, Dunn, and Halverson. That is what I think of when I think of conservatives. Lyndell, you deserve it!

  2. Troy Jones

    Anonymous 4:55:

    I will endorse what you said with my name behind it. The big problem with term limits is the people lose the opportunity to have great legislators with long institutional memory and build reputations of integrity, hard work, and knowledge over time. And, Lyndell as clearly one of the great ones.

    If there is anyone who has a negative thing to say about Lyndell, I call them to say it now or forever hold their peace. A great South Dakotan.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    Lyndell was a solid conservative, a faithful public servant, and a great friend to many of us. Wish I could be in Wall Saturday

  4. Anonymous

    Mr Petersen was behind Senator Nelson’s efforts to look closer at railway security on the GOAC. Wonder how Mr Petersen feels about how the GOAC has tried to sweep his concerns under the rug?

  5. grudznick

    Mr. Petersen fed his information to Mr. Kloucek, who is Mr. Nelson’s puppet master. Mr. Nelson only does Kloucek’s bidding.


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