Permitless Concealed Weapon Carry Bill back in 2018, Sponsored by Sen. Russell

State Senator (and Attorney General Candidate) Lance Russell has brought forward a bill this legislative session, bringing back a concept that had previously been vetoed by Governor Daugaard – Permitless Carry:

SB104P – 2018 Permitless Carry Bill by Pat Powers on Scribd

Aside from the immediate concern over the measure’s success with the Governor having had vetoed it before, Senate Bill 104 also brings forth a whole lot of politics.

Consider that prime sponsor Senator Russell is a candidate for Attorney General. His opponent, Jason Ravnsborg, has already received endorsements from a majority of members of the South Dakota Sheriff’s Association who have traditionally opposed permitless carry, and in the past have urged Governor Daugaard to exercise his veto power when faced with the measure.

At the same time, as noted yesterday, Russell has received the full throated support of the South Dakota Gun Owner’s Association, who has supported his campaign.

Given those two polar opposing forces, and anticipating another veto from Governor Daugaard, this could propel permitless carry into becoming one of the marquee issues in the Attorney General’s contest.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Anonymous

    political posturing…no chance of being signed by the governor, but I guess you have to do something for that $10,000 donation


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