Perry ad: Lazy

It looks like Rick Perry is finally focusing on the right person. Contrast Republican optimism with Obama’s view of the country.

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  1. Anonymous

    It is very true that Obama has not yet seen the millions of $ spent in a primary season to get him out of office. When all of the candidates start focusing on him as the problem I will bet his poll numbers go down substantially.

  2. BF

    Yeah, that’s a great idea. Stall out the whole nation’s political processes trying to pass a Constitutional Amendment so you can ignore promoting and passing a jobs bill. Brilliant.

    1. Anonymous

      You mean another “stimulus” and not the Herman Cain kind. The kind that puts our country in debt even deeper. Obama is the problem.

    2. Jerry Garcia

      You mean the jobs bill BHO put forward,knowing it would NOT pass…so he can campaign against a ‘do nothing’ congress. Or, put off the Keystone decision until after the election (to keep the base happy)…
      Sure Bill, no politics there….

    3. Bill Fleming

      You both miss the point. We need a jobs bill, not a goofy attempt at a Constitutional Amendment that will go exactly no where and accomplish nothing. I don’t care who comes up with the best jobs bill, the D’s or the R’s, but that’s what we need and what we should ALL be concentrating on.

      1. Anonymous

        If the budget must be balanced, why hasn’t the GOP House of Representatives proposed a balanced budget? Why hasn’t Rick Perry put out a balanced budget outline? Put your money where your mouth is – GOP.

        This talk of a constitutional amendment is an attempt to mislead voters into believing that the GOP stands for something it hasn’t proposed, and won’t propose – an ACTUAL balanced budget.

        1. Bill Fleming

          Exactly. And besides, most balanced-budget provisions make an exception for times of war, national emergency, or recession, or allow the legislature to suspend the rule by a supermajority vote.

          So even if one were passed, it would have to be immediately suspended.

          It’s a smoke and mirrors, desperation dog-and-pony show by a know-nothing trying to make people he knows something. Same old Perry same old.

  3. Spencer

    This Obama gem is great. It is already being used against him in about a dozen races across the country. It also exposes what Obama really thinks about us when he thinks we are not paying attention.

      1. duggersd

        I missed the lie. Rick Perry quoted Obama. Rick Perry presented a different view of what HE thinks of Americans as opposed to Obama. Rick Perry advocated a balanced budget amendment. Rick Perry advocated sending Congress home and cutting their pay. I do not see how this exposes him as a liar. BTW, one of his positions is to have Congress be a half-time organization and cut their pay accordingly. Since they only meet about 1/2 of the time already, this seems like an interesting idea to me.

          1. Troy Jones

            so who he did he say are lazy? Arent they Americans?

            What tha jackbutt said was the big lie. Obama must hate the poor and unemployed with viscerally because everything out of his mouth just adds to the time before the economy gets better.

            If I watch that video one more time, I will vomit. I no longer think stupid or incompetant is his biggest shortcoming (though he is that too). He is the most hate filled man in leadership i have ever seen. The first President I think who is over lower character than Nixon.

            Whew! Got that off my chest.

            1. Pierreite

              It might help all of you to actually take a look at the article posted above. It says the quote “actually referred to collective efforts to promote foreign investment in the U.S., and not to American workers or voters as individuals. Perry and Romney simply rip those words out of their context in order to mislead.” Typical-can come up with ideas so you take info out of context. Seems to me the Reps are grasping at straws for a platform.

              1. duggersd

                This is no more dishonest than when Newt Gingrich was advocating making a program that was better and retirees would want to go to that and Medicare would whither on the vine and the Dems said he wanted to kill Medicare.
                Now, about the ad, who is Obama referring to besides Americans? What does he mean by “we”? Perry does not say “American workers”. He just says quotes Obama as saying “Americans”. Not dishonest. The only way Obama is right is if he is referring to the American government.

            2. Bill Fleming

              Right. He said the Government had been being lazy about attracting foreign business and that we needed to work harder at it by creating a better business climate.

              It was a comment any red-blooded American capitalist should love.

              Perry is lying guys. You know it, I know it, he knows it. If you support him in it you are being as intellectually dishonest as he is.

                1. duggersd

                  I read your fact check and I read Perry’s response in the ad. There is nothing untrue in Perry’s ad. A wordsmith such as you should be able to see it. Fact Check actually claims Perry and Romney say that Obama says Americans are lazy. He does. Then Fact Check tries to make it sound like Perry in his ad says Obama said American workers are lazy. Perry does not say this. From Fact Check: “”Can you believe that? That’s what our president thinks is wrong with America? That Americans are lazy? That’s pathetic. It’s time to clean house in Washington” Where does Perry say “American workers”? For a guy who likes to parse words the way you do, you are stretching it calling this ad a lie.

                  1. BF

                    Just remember, DuggerSD that if that’s where you want the line in the sand drawn, people like you and Perry are the ones who are drawing it. If those are the rules you want to play by, hey, let’s roll.

                  1. Tim Higgins

                    USA and Factcheck are the same text. Nice job from somebody copy and paste. I saw the video, I don’t need left leaning web sites to tell me what I saw. From my perspective Obama did indeed call Americans lazy.

  4. Joe Blow

    People will say and do anything to try and get elected. Perry wanted to do a couple more ads about what he had for breakfast and what color socks he is wearing, but apparently they are still in the production phase. Then Cain goes all deer in the headlights when asked about Libya. So Newt “have you met my third wife” Gingrich gets a boost in the polls. As Stewart said, as least he’s not gay. Newt is pretty sharp, but what worries me is that if he is elected, his admin will be one big back-scratching crony fest. Why can’t you field somebody electable?

    You joke about the SD dems inability to field candidates. (pretty smug post about Barth and Varilek. Can you criticize them on something substantive?). In the big race, the joke’s on you.

    1. duggersd

      “but what worries me is that if he is elected, his admin will be one big back-scratching crony fest.” Um how is that different from what we have now?????? Currently we have a President who had rammed through a stimulus package guaranteed to keep unemployment below 8% and by now should be in the 6%-7% range or lower. He used that money to get payoffs to supporters and unions. If Newt is elected and we have that same crony capitalism, I would stand in line to vote him out. As for your question about why can’t they nominate someone electable, I believe there are four candidates who are. I am even starting to see a fifth catching fire. I am wondering why the Democrats are not going to at least try to get someone electable on their ticket.

        1. duggersd

          Look, whoever you are, I really do not care about what your sexual orientations are or why you care about anybody else’s orientations. I really do not know how you believe this adds to the discussion. Please be careful when you sit down as I fear you may break your neck.

  5. Bill Fleming

    Troy, you know better than that, bud.

    If O had said the exact same words: “we’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of decades” referring to Democrats, you wouldn’t have applied THAT to all Americans. I’m just sure of it.

    Perry’s ad people took Obama’s out of context and used to imply something the man simply didn’t say.

    It’s a bare-faced lie.

    Now, if you condone that kind of dishonest editing for political purposes, fine. Just don’t get upset when it happens in reverse to your guy because you were willing to let the integrity bar for campaign ads get set so low.

  6. veldy

    One can argue the semantics of the statement, but in the end it should be remembered that words mean things. If he didn’t want it used against him, he should never have said it. Personally, I feel it reveals a deeply felt disdain for American business.

    As far as the government being “lazy” the exact opposite appears to be the case, regulatory uncertainty plays a huge part in the reluctance of businesses to expand. I know of a number of small businesses that would like to add people, but out of a fear of “what’s next from Washington” have put aside the idea.

    As far as “jobs” legislation, OK, I’ll bite. How about legislation ordering the NLRB to keep their noses out of Boeing’s affairs.
    How about legislation ordering approval of shale gas drilling in Ohio(according to OOGEEP-200K plus jobs over next 4 years).
    Also, can anyone say “Keystone”?