Pierre Library provides activity for Democrat legislators when they come to town

Hey! Good news for Democrats!  The Pierre Library has just announced an activity program designed for them while they’re here for the legislative session!

Pierre Library Launches Adult Coloring Club

The club, part of the adult programming at Rawlins Municipal Library, will hold its first meeting on Saturday, November 14th. The meeting will start at 10:30 a.m. in the Rawlins Library Community Room. Anyone 18 or older is welcome to participate.


The library will provide markers and colored pencils, as well as coloring sheets designed especially for adults.

Participants can expect the coloring sheet designs to include things like abstract shapes, botanicals, animals and paisleys.

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26 Replies to “Pierre Library provides activity for Democrat legislators when they come to town”

  1. Anon

    Adult coloring — are you frickin kidding me? Your tax dollars at work. If I was running for Mayor in Pierre, I would start with the Hilger’s gulch issue and then I would go to this stupid waste of money.

      1. grudznick

        Well, they should plow up that whole gulch and stop wasting taxpayer money to provide a free manicured back yard to a bunch of uber elitist cronies, but this library thing is a beast of a different ilk. I say if it is serving the homeless to let the color in the libraries maybe we have a new purpose for these dying institutions.

  2. crossgrain

    Coloring and exploring creativity at any age is a worthwhile endeavor. It’s relaxing, it helps tune fine motor skills, causes the mind to focus, and it increases brain activity. There’s a reason they do so much art at nursing homes – it keeps the mind sharp in old age.

    I find it repugnant that you’d disparage a worthwhile activity to make a… what was it… a “joke”? about political leanings and passing off coloring as a waste of time and as something only for children. If nothing else, it beats sitting in the bar swilling beer… of course they do that too while coloring with all the wine and canvas thingies lately. Point is, your stupid commentary on adult coloring could easily sway folks to join you in mocking something that’s actually beneficial.

    From Fox News, no less: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/07/30/health-benefits-coloring-books-attracting-adults-to-childhood-pastime.html

    1. Anon

      Color on your own dime if it’s beneficial to you. Seriously. It doesn’t need to be a government sponsored program. wow – unbelievable. As for the library offering services to adults… yes, fine. Coloring? What’s next?

      1. crossgrain

        Care to break down the cost-benefit for me? Or do you just dismiss it out-of-hand? Some paper, crayons, and markers don’t cost much, and folks might actually gain some health and mental benefits, along with socializing and getting back in-touch with their inner child for an hour or two. Or is it just adult programming in general you’re against? What would you suggest instead?

      1. crossgrain

        My outrage is genuine that this blog would disparage a worthwhile adult program at a public library, if for no other reason than that it propagates a mistaken notion that creative outlets are only for children.

        Anecdotally, my 78 year old father has within the last couple years taken up drawing and coloring. He organizes just such programming in his community with arts council funding. Attendance is always excellent, and folks have told him how much it helps in mental acuity, focus, and stress reduction. He’s not some old hippy, he’s a semi-retired banker, and about as hard-core Republican as you can get.

  3. springer

    I heard about this coloring activity for adults on TV recently. Do you realize there are also dot to dot books for adults? I loved dot to dot as a kid and had a lot of fun doing some as did my daughter, and she is a in a professional occupation. Nothing wrong with good clean fun at any age with any activity that is legal and doesn’t hurt anyone else. I guess I compare these with doing crosswords, Sudoku, and other such activities. Do the whiners about this activity also disagree with locals spending money on playgrounds for kids or outdoor campuses for everyone etc?

  4. Bill Fleming

    Drawing and coloring worked out pretty well for Leonardo DaVinci, Frank Lloyd Wright and Charlie Russell. PP, don’t be such a philistine. You’ll be ignoring the only part of the mind half your readers here have left. ;-).

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Reading the comments, I think a few people might have forgotten their sense of humor in their other coat this morning.

        1. Pat Powers Post author

          I didn’t think a joke about Democrats and coloring would generate such arguments today. Maybe everyone should take it out on the playground to settle it.

  5. Anonymous

    We should expect this from liberals.

    Liberals tend to remain children, in thinking and in action.

    They take Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and God and transfer their responsibilities to the government, and place their newfound faith in that government.

    Simply pitiful.

    1. crossgrain

      So you believe that the Pierre Library is plotting to destroy Christendom because of an adult coloring program? You are truly the dot-to-dot champion of the universe.

      1. Anonymous

        “is plotting to destroy Christendom”

        No, Chris Christie will survive all efforts to destroy him.

  6. Anonymous

    Any chance we can get the “Republican” legislators in Pierre to join them? Might keep them from raising more taxes, creating more government with their spokeswoman liberal Democrat Peggy Gibson, and slow their rate of increased spending..

  7. Anonymous

    –Anyone 18 or older is welcome to participate.

    What kind of objects are being colored if this is for 18 years old and above?

    Project #1: Robert Mapplethorpe’s Vision: Black & white crayons only!

  8. Ymous

    Pat made a funny. Lighten up cross grain. Can dems not laugh any longer? Do republicans not not like the elderly cause Pat was poking the dems on coloring in Pierre while session is in? Sheesh