Pierre makes Buzzfeed’s list of 9 American Cities You Didn’t Know You Need To Visit

Here’s some nice props from Buzzfeed for our State’s Capital City. The popular website is featuring cities that made it on the list of locations in Monopoly’s “Here and Now” edition.

Bonus – it even slips a mention of the Cattleman’s Club in (the standard by which all state steakhouses are judged):


Read it all here.

10 Replies to “Pierre makes Buzzfeed’s list of 9 American Cities You Didn’t Know You Need To Visit”

  1. Anonymous

    Pierre is a really nice town for any outdoor enthusiast with the climate, the river and access to play besides the culture with the Capitol there being a bridge in more ways than one between East and West river South Dakota.

    Speaking of Steak Houses is Bob’s Steakhouse still going around Onida/Gettysburg where they don’t take American Express from the old Visa commercials? Yummy steaks! 🙂

  2. Troy Jones

    No mention of Zesto? All summer long I get emails from classmates who wistfully mention the flavor of the day.

    No mention of California Beach (way inside joke so I guess I understand that)? Let me just say “On a dark desert highway. . . such a lovely place. . . any time of year you can find it here.”

    No mention of pitching Horse Shoes at Griffin Park? You have 30 minutes to kill, you stop throw a few shoe, visit with a local old sage, and go about your business.

    Pierre is a great city but they missed the parts that define it for those who live there open to visitors.


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