Please be patient while we update our software.

Thank you for your patience while we update our commenting software. We’re trying out “Intense Debate” functionality, which should add some facebook interactivity and functionality, as well as helping to add some bells and whistles to the website. If you’re not seeing any comments at the moment, it’s because the database is loading into the Intense Debate software.

11 Replies to “Please be patient while we update our software.”

  1. Bill Fleming

    1. I really like this "new" organization except for 2 things: a) Rethink the "all caps" headlines. You really limit your ability to be expressive, and all caps is boring to look at. b) the "Reply" buttons feel way too big. They're the only thing you see.

    2. Don't look now, but this is the same structure that "Clean Cut Kid" was perfecting just before his whole thing blew up.

    3. The recent comments thing at right is a really nice addition. A real time saver.

    Thanks. BF

  2. DDC

    Very mobile-friendly as well. might take some getting used to, but the first impression is a good one. I agree with Bill on the “recent comments” tab. Makes life much easier.

  3. DDC

    I posted to this thread from my Blackberry and it didn't show up. Any idea if that's just a temporary glitch or if you won't be able to post from Blackberry's anymore?

  4. Ghost Repeater

    Is this where you’re landing on software? I thought the older (new) version looked better and, on my machine anyway, there’s a black background for a moment before the actual background comes up. Annoying.



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