Please keep Ed Randazzo in your prayers for speedy recovery, tests positive with COVID

From SDPB, it appears that State Republican Party Convention Resolutions Committee Chair Ed Randazzo has taken ill with COVID after attending a remote convention site with the Pennington Co GOP:

The state party set up a digital convention this year, and passed temporary rules that allowed members to attend virtually for social distancing.


Randazzo was unavailable for comment, but according to an email sent out to Pennington County Republicans he was diagnosed with COVID 19 on Wednesday.

Dan Lederman is chair of the state Republican party. He says Pennington County Republicans took precautions needed to stay within CDC guidelines.

Read the entire story here.

39 Replies to “Please keep Ed Randazzo in your prayers for speedy recovery, tests positive with COVID”

  1. John Dale

    Is there any proof that he contracted the virus at the conference? Also, I wonder which tests they used to confirm the case:

    I read this as “Ed’s got a cold.”

    If a person is stressed, worried, and doesn’t eat well and take a good vitamin with zinc, d, and c .. there could be complications from pneumonia.

    As I understand it, if they do not intubate him and make sure he stays oxygenated, and they don’t heavily medicate him, he should make a full recovery like so many with the virus.

    If – heaven forbid – ed doesn’t make it, this will be used as a political football to amplify state control.

    It is worth noting that state control regarding lock downs stressed people out, kept them out of the sanitizing sunlight, and created malnourishment, thus fomenting the spread of all disease naturally occurring and weakening immune systems writ-large.

    The more the state over-asserts itself in this fashion, the sicker folks are going to get.

    My hope is that ed makes a speedy recovery, and that we can expose the virus for the intended, weaponized tool of state control that it is.

    Stay strong, Americans!

      1. John Dale

        Dear Anonymous Internet-ian:

        Tough talk you have there. Congratulations, Anon!

        I can provide evidence and logic supporting my claims. You don’t bother to make any reasonable claims, and thus why would you bother presenting any evidence.

        Name-calling is childish, loser talk.

        More information in support of my claims can be found at

        Or, if you have specific questions I will be happy to address them directly here.

        Good day.

        1. Anonymous

          1. Then provide evidence, you goof.

          2. Stop hawking your website here. It looks like a 12 year old developed your front end.

          1. John Dale

            What did you think of the KELO link I provided above? Let’s start with that. What, specifically would you like more evidence for? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

            Regarding my website, if you had any technology chops at all, you would have inspected the exceptionally streamlined, distilled, and integrated custom AJAX/JSON graphs. I built it for speed and simplicity. It’s all steak and no sizzle.

            That is why you would be hard pressed to find another site that is faster. You also don’t see the in-studio software that I created for push-button cloud integration for our streaming.

            I think it’s funny that you are trying to bring weak technology smack. I’m thinking you have nothing of substance to bring to the discussion.

            And you even lose a technology confrontation with your shallow assessment of

            All these flavors, Anon, and you choose to be salty.


            For the record, I am ecstatic that Ed is doing better. My family and I wish you the best, Ed!



            PS – I’m a 20 year veteran in IT .. I created a lean, mean MP3 streaming platform that I branded “The AM Radio of the Internetio”. I also have encryption software running in the biggest credit union in Canada. What have you built, Anon? I’ll wait ..

            1. Anonymous

              How does “government’s pandemic response isn’t good enough” lead to the conclusion that coronavirus is about government control. Missing some steps there, genius.

              Also: your website is garbage.

              1. John Dale

                Support for your assertions are like ghosts .. they don’t exist, or they are vapor thin.

                That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

                Your arguments are moronic.

                Your assertions are dismissed.

                Sign your name and be counted, or continue be a coward. Either way, it’s fun for me.


            2. grudznick

              grudznick built the internets but you don’t see me patting myself on the back about it. Come on down to Rapid this morning to the Conservatives with Common Sense breakfast and we will help you remove your foil beret.

              1. John Dale

                Will you also be serving kool aid?

                Handling rattle snakes?

                I believe in calculated risks .. per my calculations, 5G and high power wireless have been causing health problems since their inception.

                I read a Navy study from 1970.

                I also heard stories from my uncle, who was a radio operator in Korea during the war. They knew about the dangers and they took precautions.

                Once you have your own RF safety meter, you can see the danger, too. It’s amazing how quickly the ignorance can be fixed. 😀

                Take the red pill, Neo.

          2. John Dale

            “goof” – doesn’t that mean someone who goes around the Internet anonymously harassing people?

            One more thing I wanted to point out about .. my site does not have any third parties that are contacted when it loads. No tracking pixels, no google libraries, no ad services. It’s just the straight poop.

            The AM Radio of the Internetio.

            That is all.

            Now please quit hit-jobbing my work.

    1. Anonymous

      John was there proper 5G shielding? Did you ever conduct you’re podcast show how to make a COVID tinfoil shield around the cranial and chest area?

      1. John Dale

        Hi again Anonymous .. do a little homework at this link, then let me know your thoughts regarding 5G. I’m currently seeking a sponsorship from a tinfoil hat company (except aluminum is not as good as copper). Google “copper lined clothing” – this is a thing, as are faraday cages, as is RF energy (even though, like air, you can’t see it).

        Forgive that this is a progressive publication (I try not to argue against the person):

        So far, in my wireless hot spot mapping activities, I have found one 5G small cell site in Spearfish that appears to be “rogue” or “lone wolf” and unowned (!!!???). The highest reading I’ve taken in Spearfish so far is at Wal Mart (it was off-the-charts and I will not be taking my kids there without protective clothing and hats).

    1. a friend of education

      Well said, Gideon. I pray God heals his children & blesses our great doctors and nurses: His earthly angels.

  2. Lorie Hausmann

    I was at the convention it was very well done. They did alot to maintain safety. I also saw the staff at the hotel going to extra steps and wiping down things during the convention. Ed is a great guy and he would never expose anyone intentionally and I pray for his recovery. I was very thankful to have a chance to fellowship with other republicans.

    1. John Dale

      Lorie – I was very glad to see the bravest leaders among us gathering together .. we have to be brave and keep our humanity.

      This plague is opportunity for leaders. Cowering in fear is not leadership. Submitting to strange and unhealthful but demoralizing measures (masks, isolation) is not leadership.

      In terms of leadership, we’re seeing the wheat separate from the chaff, the cream is rising to the top.

      Your ideas here are solid leadership in my view.

  3. Ed Randazzo

    Thank you Pat for the shout out and especially for the call to prayer for me. The outpouring of prayers and good wishes has helped sustain me through a couple of rough days and nights. I am both humbled and honored.
    The doctors and staff at Monument Health were awesome.
    I am home now and already feeling much better.
    I want to take a moment here to answer some concerns about the South Dakota Republican Convention and my presence there this past Saturday at the Ramkota Hotel. I assure you that on Saturday, I had no fever, no cough and no other known symptoms. What I did have was a slight raspiness in my throat. The Ramkota did a great job in encouraging social distancing and it was a great day.
    I was honored to chair a truly awesome Resolutions Committee and it was a challenging week, but we “got ‘er done.”
    God bless you all for your prayers and good wishes.

    1. John Dale

      Well said, Ed!

      I am very happy you are feeling better!!

      Now, I hope we can all get back to business.

      Anytime you would like to come on the program, just reach out.

      As someone researching troves of information regarding Covid, I would be interested in treatment and your overall impressions of your experience. I think this is very much in the public interest.


      John Dale, Spearfish City Limits Host

  4. John Dale

    My objective is to prevent rotten people from turning blame and consternation on Ed (what this plague was designed to do is turn us against one another).

    This is not Ed’s fault, and any social fallout from this is, in my view, as per the link I provided, horse isht.

    1. Anne Beal

      John Dale, the plague was designed to turn us against each other? By whom?

      I haven’t heard anything quite so medieval since the Black Death was blamed on the Jews.

      1. John Dale

        Hi Anne – I like the cut of your jib, but I do disagree.

        A cabal of bureaucratic elite have taken over the country .. they don’t want to give-up power. They used Information Systems (including those that help design new genetically modified critters like Covid) to create a weapon.

        The system integrates a cultural mind-virus delivered through multinational information systems companies like FaceBook, with a real virus that is a sup’ed up cold (Corona class is the class of cold viri).

        The system’s features: Give everybody a cold, make them terrified of our ability to give them a cold, but also the cold itself will keep everyone apart.

        In terms of the “design”, consider the recommendations and how they keep us apart:

        Social distancing (literally keeps us apart). No church and communion with God? So effective it even keeps us apart from God?! No movies, no library, no sports (can’t even cheer for our team together?). Ideologically – it’s such a big lie, it even keeps us apart from the truth.

        FaceMasks – de facto Sharia law, “[only dirty people don’t wear the face panties .. er facemasks]”

        Those supporting Trump’s populist movement are the target of the system. The system is meant to turn establishment Repblicans and Democrats against the Christian patriot network that wants a restoration of the rule of law.

        At least, that’s the best that I understand it.

        I have hundreds of hours of material at (some has been archived) that you can reference to learn more (thanks Pat for letting me hawk my website, which was built for speed and privacy, not beauty).

        I have some great content queued-up for this week on this topic (the big picture). Stay tuned .. also, to be fair, language warning.

  5. Anonymous

    Did Bob Glanzer just have a cold? No one knows how the virus will affect them so to write it off as a simple cold is insensitive and ignorant.

    Ed, as someone who greatly disagrees with your politics, I’m truly glad you’re feeling better. Although I don’t believe prayers had anything to do with it.

    Watching conspiracy videos on YouTube all day doesn’t count as research, by the way.

    1. Anne Beal

      Anonymous at 10:36 there is a bizarre video of Dr Judy Milkabitch explaining how Bill Gates is developing a Coronavirus vaccine designed to kill at least 50 million people. Really. People actually believe this: Bill Gates wants to kill at least 50 million people. With a vaccine. That doesn’t exist.
      I think he could buy himself some nukes and drop them on a couple of big population centers and get it done much more efficiently.

      1. John Dale

        He doesn’t WANT to necessarily .. it’s just his job. He is a really terrible human being (take it from someone who has worked in his industry for 20+ years?)

        I suppose you also don’t believe Microsoft hired a satanist Podesta weirdo to do their VR commercials?

        I’m sure a lot of people might have said what you just said about Hitler. Many Germans didn’t even know the camps existed .. they didn’t want to believe it until American soldiers (the true Antifa) made them clean-up the bodies.

        It’s time to wake up. Please wake up.

  6. John Dale

    If you said I was crazy for taking-on the military industrial complex, you might be correct. Many in the military don’t care if you live to be 65 or 75 .. these people are fewer and farther between.

    One man’s crazy is another man’s courage:

    Keep this amazing tech in the foreign “war” (approved by congress) theaters, please.

  7. Anonymous

    You can always tell when John is manic. Just post after post to an unidentified audience charging them to be “brave” by believing John.

    1. grudznick

      Young Mr. Dale is a smart fellow, but he toots his little bike horn too much about his technology savy, and when he goes of his meds he lashes out with blogging after blogging, aiming blindly at those who thinks cast aspersions on his sanity or mundane resume.

      When he is on his meds, he is actually a fairly pleasant fellow. I’m going to buy him a beer one day soon.


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