Polling the 2014 senate race

I guess it’s starting already.

You?d be wrong if you thought that the 2014 race was too far on the horizon for anybody to be worrying about. Indeed, there already is polling under way, with matchups being measured between Rounds and Noem versus Johnson and Herseth Sandlin.

This polling could be influential for potential candidates mulling the race. The results of one poll shows that Herseth Sandlin could be the best candidate for Democrats, with Rounds being the GOP?s most formidable candidate.

It doesn’t surprise me that Rounds is the strongest candidate in a general election, but the question most people are asking happens to be – is he the strongest candidate if there is a showdown in a GOP primary?

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  1. William

    Maybe, it’s a long, long time until we get to the 2014 primaries.

    They only bet I’ll make at this point is, there WILL be primaries.

    1. Anonymous

      Stace Nelson should run as an Indie against Noem in ’12. I hope he takes Noem down. She is such a fake Tea Partier and about as disingenuous as they come.

    1. name

      I’ve long held the opinion that SHS wants a rematch with Noem but if it’s against Rounds she will not run.

  2. Oldguy

    I find the interesting part of this is how low TJ is. I would bet he will go even farther down as he is now a reliable vote for the dems while the dems in South Dakota are sinking out of sight. If TJ does run he will have to campaign and debate. I think whomever the reps run they will win.

    1. Amanda

      I agree that TJ is done regardless of who runs against him. Noem would have less strength against SHS than Rounds. Rounds’ personality plays well across a broad spectrum while Noem can come off as catty and uninterested in people who don’t agree with her.

      1. Les

        Noem again affirmed Friday her Approval of indefinately detaining US citizens in the 2013 NDAA. While I see her as less than weak, much of SD see her as just so darn cute we don’t have pay any attention to know she will continue her valiant efforts. Hmmmmm, are we going to vote on that?Sorry Kristi ya just voted down the Smith/Amash amendment yesterday.

        1. insomniac

          Why hasn’t she hired a state director?

          I’ve heard she’s asked like 5-6 people with Thune connections and they’ve all turned her down.

  3. Anonymous


    Regarding the National Defense Authorization Act I’ve discussed this with several of her most committed volunteers in 2010 and several have began refusing to support her in 2012.

    I know these friends are fringe but they spent a lot of time calling and going to her campaign office last year. I’m sure she will replace them with new workers but these were devoted people a year ago.


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