Possible upcoming platform amendment…

Looks like this might be Lora Hubbel’s platform plank that she somehow couldn’t bring to the platform committee.

Sounds more like something for the state legislative rule committee as opposed to a platform of shared Republican beliefs.

File 13, anyone….

4 Replies to “Possible upcoming platform amendment…”

  1. Gideon Oakes

    Let her speak. Shoot it down if you want, but don’t gag her. Some of the best planks have come from the floor. But there are so many delegates who just simply refuse to listen to anything brought from the floor.

  2. mhs

    Agreed. Likewise, other delegates should feel free to take of their “polite” gags and denounce her publicly for continued attacks on GOP office holders. Shine the light of day on her cancerous, crazy presence and let the chips fall.

  3. Anne Beal

    It was presented to the platform committee. People are pissed that the legislature was too spineless to strip the “emergency” designation off the sales tax increase.
    Now that the teachers are getting their pink slips or notified their raises aren’t half what they thought they were getting, they’ve all started complaining again. Something about how somebody should have read the bill first.

    1. Fahz E. Behr.

      Can you please provide proof that teachers have gotten “pink slips” or that the raises they were promised weren’t half of what they thought they were getting? I have friends and colleagues who are involved with education and I haven’t heard anything like that.

      What’s done is done and it really only sounds like people like you are whining and complaining that this bill passed…