Potential legislative primaries

The legislature has only been in session for a short time, and already we are hearing talk about which Republicans could face a primary election fight.

Many of these potential primaries are allegedly being generated by Gordon Howie’s group, especially those out west. Word is that the Tea Party is trying for primaries against every member of leadership.

Now this is by no means a complete list and is just what some connections around the state have ferreted out.

One has to wonder, if Howie can win and they knock off enough senate leadership, does that mean Howie might attempt a tea party leadership coup in the senate during next December’s caucus elections? Or at least have enough authority to demand a seat at the table?

District 4 ? Rumored Republican Primary with Val Rausch challenging Tim Begalka for the Senate Seat.

District 5 ? Rumored House Republican primary with one, possibly 2 people challenging
Magstadt and Solum

District 9 ? Rumored that Deb Peters will be challenged by Lora Hubbel in the Republican Senate Primary.

District 20 ? Rumored Republican Senate Primary with Steve Sibson challenging Mike

District 24 – Rumored Republican House primary with Venner, Tim Rounds, and Terry

District 30 ? Rumored Senate Republican Primary with Rampelberg possibly challenged by Gordon Howie and/or George Ferebee.

District 31 ? Rumored Senate Republican Primary with county commissioner taking on

District 32 ? Rumored House primary with at least one person entering the race against
Gosch and Conzet.

District 34 ? Rumored House primary with one person taking on Lust and Dryden.

One area this could get interesting is in vacant legislative seats around the state, especially in the state house. With SD GOP Executive Director Tony Post and Political Director Justin Rollins out recruiting for the GOP, and activist groups recruiting for their individual causes they will both find that working against each other will make it far more difficult to find candidates committed to run. Few newcomers to political races like to be recruited to run knowing they will face a primary challenge.

No doubt the most interesting is district 9 to see what transpires between the possible matchup of Senator Deb Peters and Rep. Lora Hubbel.

10 Replies to “Potential legislative primaries”

  1. grudznick

    Peters will mop the floor with Hubbel’s subbley (yet attractive) hair cut.

    The real watching will be where Mr. Sibby goes at it full bore this time and becomes the force that he is, and where Mr. Howie who overgodded on his governish attempt may take a sane route or a really insane route.

  2. Donna

    This is where it gets scary.

    The GOP holds 30 of 35 Senate seats in Pierre.

    Let’s say we lose 8 in the 2012 election giving the Dems 13 seats and the GOP 22.

    Now what if out of those 22 the GOP crazies and tea baggers are able to splinter off 5-7 in the senate that automatically gives the Tea party members some serious leverage in a divided session.

    I would say it was unlikely to happen accept that I have almost no faith in Tony Post and Tim Rave to get anything done like Lentsch and Gray did last cycle.

  3. troy jones

    In the big picture, primary races are evidence of the health of the GOP. Dem’s will still have problem filling all their races.


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