Potty Mouthed Dem Candidate for Congress Chris Martian now tries to be a centrist.

I was checking Twitter this evening, and I was treated to a tweet that posted to me that came off as a little bizarre, considering the source. Democrat Congressional candidate Chris Martian had an odd reaction to my story on journalist Todd Epp’s assessments of  the two political rallies yesterday.

Apparently, I must have been sowing unnecessary division by pointing out someone’s thoughts, because it started a diatribe from the Democrat Candidate, trying to find middle ground to “build something great.”

Um, hello? Is this the same Chris Martian who introduced himself to the state earlier through twitter?

I think it went something like this from the person who is trying to portray himself as a centrist….

It looks like Chris Martian is trying rewrite the angry, venom filled narrative he’s been casting about on

Republicans make me very angry!

social media which is replete with hate and cursing.  In fact, if we go to his facebook page where he had been spewing a lot of this, the former center of Republican hate coming from the Democrat Congressional Candidate has now been locked down from public view.

Locked down, as in he doesn’t want people to see all his hate and trolling? Yep.

So we have a Democrat political wannabe who hates Republicans with as much fervor as a masked Berkley College antifa protester who at the same time is trying to claim some sort of middle ground and portray himself as a moderate?

Sorry, but not buying it.  And I don’t imagine South Dakotans will either. (assuming he makes it to the ballot).

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  1. Anonymous

    I realize the Democrats are frustrated but what happened to social grace? A soft spoken well liked and respected moderate that has the reputation of being a work horse for the party gets re-elected and gives an acceptance speech the supporters of her challenger stood up and turn their backs on her. I was in shock! She accepted with humility and complimented her challenger and she was treated like this?

    Is this common behavior in the younger generations or is it encouraged and rewarded by the hard left?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      If you look at the last election, I think it’s characteristic of the “New Democrat” party. We had Cory Heidelberger running for State Senate against Al Novstrup. Cory, through his arrogance, couldn’t bring himself to make a congratulatory phone call on election night or shortly thereafter. In fact, he went on in the days after that to call Al names on his website.

      It might mean I’m from a different time, but that kind of thing would have been unimaginable twenty, or even ten years ago. I’ve been in that position of losing a race, and while making that call can suck, it’s a bridge to many things, including mutual respect.

  2. Anonymous

    So when Antifa shows up at our capitol in Pierre to disrupt, throw smoke bombs, mace and bust some heads will it be celebrated over at the stoner blog? Will they claim freedom of speech? Those targeted and attacked are just snowflakes? They deserved it?

  3. Anonymous

    In watching the “presidential” primaries leading up to the election, I was disturbed at the way one guy started calling his competitors names in debates and other public arenas. Like a schoolyard bully, he made up names for them. Then I had to listen to him talk about his hand size with my daughter in the room. Then he attacked and insulted John McCain, a man I very much admire. I thought, how can he possibly still be a candidate? Then the ET bus video came out. I was again appalled, and figured that HAD be it for him. Who would possible vote for a Bill Cosby type character for president? I was embarrassed for my wife and daughter, and hoped he would fade away so we would never have to hear from or see that disgusting individual again. Even subsequently being elected, we have a president who continues with the schoolyard insults on perceived “enemies”. Now we are complaining about other candidates doing it?

    1. Anonymous

      It is wrong for any candidate to do it. It is called civility and treating others with dignity and respect regardless if we disagree on a few issues. We need each others ideas and should give credit if a candidate or elected official on the other side of the aisle has a better idea or approach rather than be stuck in our bubbles. It should be for all of us a race to the top rather than to the bottom.

  4. Anonymous

    If Chris Martian ends up being the SDDP US House nominee would the SDGOP nominee even agree to debate him knowing he will talk like a drunken sailor that needs a bar of soap to wash his mouth out? Otherwise Stephanie Rissler from SDPB will be pressing the mute/censor button quite a bit when the Martian speaks.

    2018 looks like a swell year ahead for the SDDP pushing ballot initiatives to legalize weed and assisted suicide with candidates that insult, cuss, demonize and promote hate. Racing to the bottom SDDP with less registration numbers and results. Racing to the top once again SDGOP.

  5. Anonymous

    Pat, I resent you using Marvin the Martian’s likeness in this way; he is a beloved, albeit nefarious character whereas Chris Martian is not, well, beloved.


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