Potty-mouthed Democrat Congressional Candidate Chris Martian is at it again

Someone is an angry democrat political wannabe. Again.

Democrat Congressional Candidate Chris Martian is back at it, showing South Dakotans the kind of decorum and spirit of compromise that he hopes to bring to Washington:

Wow. He’s about the angriest stay at home dad we’ve ever seen. Wasn’t he just saying last week he wants to find “common ground” to build “something great?” Maybe that was one of his other personalities.

5 Replies to “Potty-mouthed Democrat Congressional Candidate Chris Martian is at it again”

  1. Anonymous

    Mr. Martian and Mr. Kurtz were going after each other exchanging insults last week but in their way of speaking they are just saying hello.

  2. DR

    He has 31 followers on Facebook….I mean even his own party won’t even “like” him…

  3. KM

    Dang, that’s ruthless. You may not support Noem, I surely don’t on all she advocates for. But, wow, slow your roll and some self-awareness may be worth taking time for.

    1. Anonymous

      It is what the South Dakota Democratic Party has sunken to. Many good potential candidates, those who would volunteer and donate money will not go near or have any association with “todays SDDP” because of these toxic elements. They will continue in their lives either in career, family and other pursuits rather than get politically active or move to another more politically friendly state.