Premature Celebration buttons for my collection

A month or so back, someone was advertising this set of pins made for the Hillary Clinton election night victory party. They just struck me as a bit too cocky, and I love ironic humor, so I had to have them:

20 Replies to “Premature Celebration buttons for my collection”

  1. Anonymous

    its even money now in las vegas whether or not trump serves his full first term. my guess is he resigns in less than 2

  2. Anonymous

    I always laugh at the “Love Trumps Hate” crap the Demos/Socialist spewed during this campaign. Hillary hates religious freedom, capitalism, unborn babies, and integrity. Thank goodness she didn’t win so now at least the country has a fighting chance.

    1. Anonymous

      She does? Then why does she attend church, spoil her grandchild and plan to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration? And speaking of integrity, one of Trump’s cabinet nominees dropped out today. How many more will follow?

      1. Lee Schoenbeck

        Must have missed that news item. What “cabinet nominee” are you referring to, and how come you know and it didn’t make the news? You’re pretty omniscient

        1. One Who Knows Just a Little

          She was not exactly a “cabinet nominee,” but Monica Crowley, of Fox News had been nominated for senior director of strategic communications on the National Security Council. You should have Googled it, Senator.

          1. Lee Schoenbeck

            But you did get it right this time, she was not a cabinet nominee like you said. Thanks for correcting yourself

    2. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

      Denying Muslims the right to enter this country is not hating on religious freedom? Intimidating corporations is showing a love for capitalism? Flip-flopping on abortion proves that you care about the unborn? And settling out of court with a $ 25 million settlement concerning Trump University is a sign of integrity?…… Wow, your standards are really low regardless of what you think of Hillary….

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    Maybe you can put those buttons next to your “WIN” button collection from the Gerald Ford era….

    1. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

      What? You are obviously not following the news concerning Tillerson, DeVos, Price, and Puzder…..

  4. Troy Jones


    If you think these nominees are not spinning the Dems in circles*, the only news you are seeing is an echo chamber of the 60 members of Cingress skipping the inauguration.

    The funniest spectacle was the new Senator “drilling” the CIA nominee on his views on abortion, LGBT, and climate change.

    *. The Dems can’t decide whether to criticize the nominees for disagreeing or agreeing with Trump. And skipping the inauguration makes them look petty and small.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    Well, let me just say that your third paragraph speaks to the many contradictions of Donald Trump… And those Democrats you speak of are not “petty and small,” especially when you realize that it is quite amazing and disgusting to think that a Republican President-elect is willing to criticize every country of the world and its leaders except the one country led by a former KBG agent who most likely owns our incoming president…..WWRT? (What would Reagan Think?)

    To your second paragraph, if the Pentagon thinks that climate change is a national security issue, then why not the CIA, too? And if a CIA director has social views outside the growing majority view does that not put the entire intelligence community into a uncomfortable setting in its ability to work with all capable Americans to continually maintain and strengthen our national security concerns?
    Or better yet, maybe his extreme views on social issues and climate change are alarming given that that same mind will be asked to make intelligent intelligence decisions for our country as a whole…

    And finally, your first paragraph is so nonfactual given that four nominees are currently in trouble and are currently not being baled out by fellow Republicans, McCain, Graham, and Rubio for some apparent reason (?)

    Oh, and as far as the news I am hearing, well, it goes beyond the boycott. I also heard that generally the National Park Service issues six protest permits for an inauguration, except that this time they have issued 24. This fact is not an echo, rather it demonstrates the enormity of concern over the pending new administration coming to power from Americans of all walks of life….