President Obama’s looking weak for re-election in 2012

Poll: Obama’s looking weak for re-election in 2012 | McClatchy.

It would seem members of his own base are not that happy with President Obama.

Nearly half of his own base ? 45 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents ? want someone to challenge him for the Democratic nomination, according to the poll.
The article goes on to say that even if he does win the nomination, he would face a stiff battle in the general election.
However not everyone seems to agree.  From KELO-TV.
Former Sen. Tom Daschle says President Barack Obama has a good chance at winning a second term in 2012. Daschle says that it’s a cycle, and he thinks the economy is going to rebound and Obama will be in good shape in 2012.
Near the end of the McClatchy article it lists the Republican candidates.
  • Romney, 20 percent
  • Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, 16 percent
  • Undecided, 14 percent
  • Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, 13 percent
  • Former Rep. Newt Gingrich, 10 percent
  • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 9 percent
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry, 5 percent
  • Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, 4 percent
  • Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, 3 percent
  • Former New York Gov. George Pataki, 3 percent
  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, 2 percent
  • Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, 1 percent
  • A name missing from that list is John Thune.

    Should Barack Obama step down after one term?  Can he win his party’s nomination?  Can he win in 2012?

    Unlike Tom Daschle,  I can’t say the economy is going to recover.  If it does, it will be because of government grid lock.

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    1. ip

      Give it up, Mike. Think North Korea won’t be a factor? The future is a big place. Something you dorks on The Right will never fully comprehend.

    2. Duh

      That’s my fear, the GOP takes control of this mess, gets the economy humming again and ‘Ol stinky starts not to stink anymore. ip, I’d much rather have the GOP in charge of foreign policy than the current idiots who have become a laughing stock of the world. We used to be feared, now we’re a friggin punch line. Bow this…

    3. springer

      Any predictions on the 2012 election are just pure guestimates. Too much will happen in the next two years, and the ways it’s going, a lot of it won’t be good. I too wish someone else was in charge of foreign policy than this inexperienced, naive, idealogue we have now. I think the whole world is in trouble because the US is no longer a strong nation, and most of this is thanks to O’s wonderful two terms thus far.

    4. ip

      springer, ip thought you were Deb Jensen but she is far smarter than you are.

      Hilary Clinton is the right person to head the State Department, especially after the multiple foreign policy failures of the previous regime.

    5. Jeff J.

      Right Springer. Two years. We need to stay focused. Let’s get a few things done in Congress to fix the problems. Honestly, if I could choose between Congress righting the ship and thereby saving Obama’s job (through no effort of his own), or seeing things continue to deteriorate for two years and having O ousted, I’ll choose the former. The key is getting back on track.

    6. springer

      Well, I don’t know who Deb Jensen is, ip. But any opinion you have of my intelligence, or anyone else here for that matter, is of minus 0 importance or interest.

    7. MC Post author

      Springer is right, two years is a long time. A lot can and will happen. This is not were you want to be coming out of the midterm elections. 45% of your base wants someone to challenge you

    8. Wreck the economy more?

      Duh…so what you are saying is that if the Republicans can fix the economy that is a bad thing? I think your allegiance to country has been buried by your allegiance to party. That is a scary thought that people would wish ill on the US of A to benefit their party…sad.

      Health care socialism pioneer and Morman Mitt Romney won’t be attracting many of the far right or Tea Party. Huckabee will also divide the party with his stance on a few touchy subjects, not to mention his tax and spend past and Willie Horton moment. Palin has a 23% approval rating nationally…so I’m going with the idea of having John be the one that fills the undecided category.

      And lastly, i don’t give a damn who fixes the economy…just fix it!

    9. Spencer

      Hopefully, Obama remains weak or becomes weaker, but considering at this time in 2008, I was predicting that the GOP would likely lose seats in the U.S. Senate in 2010 and the House GOP would only pick up, maybe, a dozen seats, it is still VERY early for 2012 predictions. But, that is what always makes politics interesting: things change.

    10. duggersd

      Springer, I have learned it is better not to respond to ip as it only encourages him/her/it. If you are hoping for an intelligent conversation with him/her/it, you will be disappointed. You would be well advised to remember what my grandfather used to say: Never argue with an idiot because people might not know the difference. I choose to not let people mistake me for an idiot so I do not argue or respond to him/her/it.

    11. THC

      I see the spin cycle is still working very well in this echo machine.
      Of course Obama has ticked off his base. That’s pretty self-evident. And if he continues to tick off his base, he’ll end up like the late-great Princess.
      Don’t for a minute discount that the Angry Noem is now in Washington because a lot of Her Highness’ base took Election Day off or voted for Mr. Marking.
      Why is Thune not on your list? Because outside of K Street, Georgetown salons and this state, nobody knows who he is!
      And I love the conclusion that BO gets no credit if the economy recovers.
      If it fails, it’s his fault. If it recovers, it’s because we p****d millions of dollars down a well to send 535 jackwagons to Washington to do absolutely nothing for two years. Very insightful.
      The Dream Machine rolls ever on.

    12. sam

      Romney? You got to be kidding me. Christie is the obvious choice with Newt for the State Department and Palin for Secretary of Energy.

    13. Anonymous

      Daschle said this is a cycle and the economy will recover? I thought this was all Bush’s fault. I get so confused trying to following who liberals are blaming each week.

    14. mo joe

      Duh waht a stupid comment, about foreign policy Iraq war, right. Misson accomplished right We will only be there six months,Duh.

    15. oldguy

      IP at this time I don’t have a fav. rep. I do like THune but really does he have a chance. On the dems, don’t laugh, I really like Hillary. I think she has proved she is up to the job. I wish the dem. primary would have went differnt but it didn’t.

    16. ip


      It seems unlikely that the Republican electorate in Iowa will have much tolerance for a candidate without any foreign policy savvy which stimulates the sense that the Obama camp would love to run against Thune.

    17. Duh

      Wreck the Economy: That’s not what I said.

      I want the economy better and fixed. Who wouldn’t? However, the negative political side effect would be that Oblabla, in all his self-prophessed glory, would attempt to take credit where none is due. Absolutely none. Oblabla is the worst President ever. I want the economy fixed tomorrow but also want Oblabla sucking wind all the way to his political demise.

      Our major hurdle is getting a viable GOP candidate. Huckabee is a friggin nerd. Can’t take that guy seriously one minute. Who’s there besides old balding white men? That’s the challenge. Condi Rice would be fabulous.

      mo joe: Three Words: Hooked On Phonics.

      ip “foreign policy savy”??? What are you injecting??? Lets see, Oblabla slamming and apologizing for the U.S. to anyone who’d listen. Pissing off Great Britain, bowing to muslims, having absolutely NO weight with the U.N, maddening Japan, civilian trials for terrorists, supporting the masque in N.Y., making China and North Korea laugh…

      Complete failure in foreign policy. His only semi-silver lining has been his former opponent HRC.

    18. ip

      “masque” seems far more appropriate for your rant, Dud. Get any spit on your computer monitor? You made my point, though, thank you.

      What do you think of “soft partition” in Iraq?


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