President Trump rocked Target center in MN last night

From all reports, they had an outstanding crowd last night in Minnesota for the President Trump Rally:

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  1. John Dale

    My family and I watched/listened to the rally. I had tickets, but was not able to make it out there. I would have LOVED being there.

    The President has tremendous energy and focus for a man in his 74th year.

    Out of this dramatic DC song-and-dance should be renewed commitment to reducing the exploitation of American citizens by the world’s corporations including proper public safety studies of 5G, understanding and mitigating the impacts of mining, securing the fresh water supply, and making those who succumbed to corruption pay a steep price.

    I was hoping to see the “cops” on stage lead the crowd in a USA chant that never happened. Other than that, I enjoyed every moment of the rally.

    American manufacturing is about to reinvent itself. We’d already be there had it not been for all the misdirection in congress. Midterms were a disaster, Pelosi’s leadership leaves me scratching my head.

    We need USMCA, infrastructure, and renewed commitment to AMERICAN IT.

      1. John Dale


        You should post a list and provide some evidence.

        Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s our president and he seems to be standing-up to the status quo of corruption.

        Before I found out that he was on the lolita express 26 times, many/most/all of which were WHILE PRESIDENT, I thought Bill Clinton was a good president.

        Who knows, maybe something similar about Trump will emerge. Then again, maybe not.


      2. Anonymous


        Did you hear him say our health insurance premiums would go down by $2,500.00?

        Democrats lie David,just like you are lying now by not stating the fact about Obama lying all of the time.

        I will gladly go through each lie from Trump and Obama and see who has more.

  2. Jupiter Base Lansing

    I never thought I would ever say this but last night President Trump’s speech was very good.

    Or was it that new strain I smoked last night?

    1. John Dale

      Trump’s speeches are always good when he goes off script. He is tuned-into the deep desire of The American people to have agency.

      Trump’s election was about the autonomy of the people who live in The US; religious, financial, innovative, small business, entrepreneurship, spiritual, cultural, familial.

      “The power structure is in complete panic mode.” — Alex Jones

      1. Ann Onymity

        “Trump’s speeches are always good when he goes off script.” Yep, they’re a laugh riot. You wanted a debasing entertainer for POTUS, you got one.

        It’s so amazing you Repubs chose this con man over so many other qualified candidates, almost as amazing as how people like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and their ilk called him out on being a criminal and completely unsuited to occupy the Oval Office, but now elbow each other out of the way to carry his water.

        1. John Dale

          Ann Onymity – Your reduction of President Trump to a “debasing entertainer” is incorrect. Trump’s sensibilities and leadership acumen were developed over decades working with some of the world’s most clever businessmen and builders. He is nothing like other politicians before him .. he actually makes a good faith effort to keep campaign promises.

          Marco Rubio is a strange little man. Ted Cruz seems to change his stance on Trump depending on the wind.

          Isn’t saying, “their ilk” kind of like saying “you people”?

          Language warning:

            1. John Dale

              I think an old JDale would make a great president. Not there yet, though!

              The only ticket that gets me more interested than Trump/Pance is Paul/Gabbard.

  3. Nonymouse

    Glad to finally see a post on President Trump on this website. I was beginning to think that Pat was ashamed of our Commander in Chief. Much more should be offered up as far as news on POTUS from this site, as Trump truly is the heart of our GOP, and we don’t tolerate RINOS. C’mon Pat, Make America Great Again!

    1. Matthew Ristau

      He and you and me, as well as all other members of the GOP absolutely should be ashamed of Trump. How far we have fallen.

      1. John Dale

        President Trump makes a good faith effort to fulfill his promises. He is ending endless wars (we were supposed to be in Syria for 90 days). He is getting the patient stable .. America will be the manufacturing base of new technology for the world.