Press Release: Democrats attacking Secretary of State for performing regular voter list maintenance

Democrats attacking Secretary of State for performing regular voter list maintenance

September 6, 2017

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This week, after regularly scheduled voter list maintenance marked a number of people as “inactive,” because they had not voted in several election cycles, an unsuccessful Democrat State Senate Candidate accused Secretary of State Shantel Krebs of selectively purging Democrats, despite there not being any evidence to back up his libelous charge.

Liberal Democrat Cory Heidelberger who was defeated for the State Senate in 2016 by Republican Al Novstrup noticed that Democrats have lost over 2% of voters and falsely intimated that one reason might be because Krebs may have had something to do with it, because she was “a Republican running for Congress,” and “it wouldn’t be hard to sort that list by party and start with the Democrats first.”  In turn, this false statement was picked up by the “Raw Story” web site, and the false story was amplified to a national level.

“Liberal groups and out of state special interests are flat out lying and should be embarrassed by their patently false attacks on our Secretary of State, Shantel Krebs.  The List Maintenance process is a federal law that requires states to keep their voter registration lists up to date. South Dakota’s 66 County Auditors perform the list maintenance process, not the Secretary of State. There are required mailings the county auditor must send to a voter prior to being moved to the inactive file and again prior to being purged from the voter file.

“As chairman of the South Dakota GOP, I would applaud Shantel, and point out that the Secretary of State carries out her duties for the people of South Dakota with integrity and does not qualify her actions on the basis of party.”

“If South Dakota’s Democrats are losing membership, they have no one to blame but themselves,” Lederman said.  And I suggest the wannabe Democrat politicians and liberal special interest groups find somewhere else to push their lies and smears.”

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(Editor’s note…  this fake news story is also out there: South Dakota Republican Rigs Upcoming Election For Herself By Personally Purging Democratic Voters)

8 Replies to “Press Release: Democrats attacking Secretary of State for performing regular voter list maintenance”

  1. Anony

    I’m very disappointed she didn’t work with trumps election commission. She should have nothing to hide, and with nothing to hide should’ve shared the list.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree; if the Federal government is already involved in trying to make sure only live citizens are voting, why didn’t she cooperate? What is the reasoning? If there is a good reason, make it known. If it is simply a way to distance herself from Trump, as many cannibalistic Republicans are doing these days, than make it clear that is her reason.

      I don’t think Republicans should be shy about preventing voting by dead people, non-citizens, and multiple vote-casters. Non-citizens don’t have a legal right to vote, and I don’t really care who they think should be in leadership positions in our country, and the Constitution doesn’t care either. Of course, it was okay for Obummer to try to influence the Israeli elections to try to take out Benjamin Netanyahu, a much stronger and better leader that Obummer ever was; at least it was okay to the leftwingers.

  2. Troy Jones

    What? Cory would imply something to make a Republican look bad even if it had absolutely no basis in truth?

    Well, duh. It is his niche, his specialty, his reason for existing.

    Nothing new there.

    1. Anony

      Why is she purging voters? Shouldn’t the Secretary of State be encouraging people to vote, not removing their option to vote.

  3. Anony

    Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to share the list with Trump’s Voter Commission. If there’s nothing to hide share the voter registration list.

  4. Anony

    This whole voter registration deleting sounds like something that happens in North Korea why in the world would you delete a voter so they cannot vote.?

    1. John

      Inactivity…just like banks with money sitting there…administration of it becomes burdensome over time

      If you don’t vote anyway why do you care?


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