Press Release: Nelson applauds Howie’s entrance into US Senate Race

Fulton S.D. – US Senate Candidate and State Representative Stace Nelson released the following statement regarding the entrance of former State Senator Gordon Howie into the US Senate Race:

I welcome my friend and fellow conservative Republican, Senator Gordon Howie, to the US Senate race. Senator Howie distinguished himself in the South Dakota Senate by opposing Governor Mike Rounds’ support of Obamacare, and Rounds’ efforts to raise taxes and deficit spend.(Follow this link to view two charts comparing the records of Rep. Nelson with that of Rounds on taxation and spending

Senator Howie’s entrance into South Dakota’s US Senate race is further proof of what many South Dakota Republicans have been saying: Mike Rounds’ record of raising taxes, running up
deficits, enacting Common Core State Standards, and supporting crony capitalism is unacceptable to conservative Republicans across the state.

Like Senator Howie and many other South Dakotans, I am concerned that Mike Rounds is a liability to the Republican Party. The black cloud of uncertainty connected with the ongoing federal investigation of corruption in his Administration involving a practice of effectively selling permanent visas to Communist Chinese investors to raise money for his crony capitalist
economic development schemes, which also squandered millions of dollars from South Dakota’s taxpayers, is just one concern. Other concerns include Rounds being able to essentially buy South Dakota’s US Senate Republican Primary with the $9 Million he bragged he is getting from East Coast and DC special interests.

It is clear that if Mike Rounds manages to buy the GOP Primary, he will divide the GOP in the general election, and will allow liberal Obama/Daschle Democrat Rick Weiland to win. It is also clear that if I am the nominee, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and conservative Democrats, will have a candidate they can proudly support.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is it me, or is it striking we have not heard a peep from Bosworth on the challenge to her petitions, other than her attorney claiming they followed the rules?

    3 days now, Gant’s comments that claiming to collect signatures and not being present is a “no, no” does not bode well for Bosworth or Arends.

  2. Former Stace Fan

    This may very well be the most desperate press release I have ever read. Looks like Stace will do and say anything in attempt to get elected. Shameless.

    1. Anonymous

      Really? You have Rounds and Rhoden claiming to be conservative Republicans who will cut spending and government with records like this and you criticize Nelson?

      He just said what many of us are thinking.

      1. Anonymous

        And I’m sure none that they were against even before Nelson showed up to the legislature are even on that scorecard. And just because Nelson says “they’re bad” doesn’t mean he had the knowledge or insight as to why they voted one way or another. Just another misrepresentation. Oh, and the Fees part? That is a positive in my eyes!

        1. Les

          Positive because you don’t mind the disparity of younger folks not being able to afford hunting and fishing privileges, or grandma getting hit with the same fee increases on her 500 miles per year that hit my 50,000 miles per year? Obviously equality concerns you not in the slightest!

      2. Truthwatcher

        Team Stace is deceiving voters by constantly blasting rounds for raising taxes. The truth is he supported three tax increases- cigarretts, gaming and a fair tax that taxed cell phones the same as land lines so there was fairness in the marketplace. I know a lot of conservatives that supported the sin taxes and think we should raise taxes on gaming even more. Rounds is not a tax and spend moderate like they try to make you think he is.

  3. Anonymous

    Absolutely pathetic, Nelson is the only liability to the Republican Party in this race. If it is possible Howie is a bigger joke than Nelson. Ignorant and bogged. Why do you think Jensen supports them both.

  4. Troy Jones

    Every day, I say to myself “you just can’t make this stuff up” and pinch myself to make sure I’m not in bizarro land.

    Not only does the same refrain get old (which has gained no traction), the mention of $9mm is flat out goofy. Rounds has only made a media buy of $500K which is modest for a contested primary. Abdnor and Janklow in 1986 spent more of that which would be over $1 million in today’s dollars.

    He obviously doesn’t understand that his failure raise more than gas money is an indication he has sparse support and nothing he has done has endeared him to a meaningful percentage of Republican primary voters. More importantly, reading between the lines in the “buy” the GOP primary is a clear innuendo the primary voters are lemmings.

    The political graveyard is filled with politicians who underestimate the wisdom of the voters.

    1. Anonymous

      Well said. I have to believe even he has seen the indications. I think he must just choose to ignore them. Either that or he’s one of those like Bosworth who can actually make themselves believe something is true when to 99.9% of the other people see it for what it truly is.

    2. Les

      Obviously Troy, you are not taking into account the the job of raising money in a primary. It is much different than the general and if Governor Rounds contributions were laid on the table, it really doesn’t look very pretty when the money is coming from Texas to DC.

      Wisdom of voters is an oxymoron if you consider all the schleps we’ve elected.

  5. Anonymous

    Troy – I believe Stace is referring to the nine million dollars rounds said he would raise to win this race when he first announced.

    1. Anon

      You mean at a time when it was looking like a race against Herseth Sandlin? Big difference. In a competitive race it would likely be more than that. Thune raised and spent over $17 million against Daschle.

      1. Anonymous

        Just think of all the money spent throughout the country on campaigns and how much medical research that could provide…

  6. Steve Hickey

    Who knows, but in my view Gordon Howie is less electable than Stace. He did very poorly the last time around and he has lost so much support since and in particular this time he has a fraction of the Christian support he had then. Where I think Stace is mistaken here is to assume there are lots of HELL NOr’s in the GOP who would actually give their vote to Howie and thereby help Weiland. It is not the case as he states here that it would be Mike Rounds fault for dividing the GOP – that would be exactly what Gordon Howie is trying to do. The way I read his statement is that he is actually admitting here Gordon wouldn’t win and therefore it’s Rounds fault.

    Now on to Dr Boz. In 2010 I jumped in the US House race for a uber-short period of time, only raised $15,000 but personally paid it all back to the donors when I pulled out of the race even though I spent it already. Here’s my question. I’m assuming Bosworth won’t make the ballot. Can a person raise a million and never even be an official candidate? No wonder the big donors wait until they see if you are viable. If I were her I’d feel obligated to return funds entrusted to me. Fat chance of that happening, huh?

    1. Cinderboy

      Steve Hickey raises a great point about Bosworth and funds raised. If by chance her raised funds exceed her debt, what happens to the money. If have heard that these funds can be donated to a non-profit organization. Can anyone verify that to be true? It wouldn’t take much imagination to figure out which non-profit she would donate to. If this is true, has this entire campaign been nothing but a scam?

      1. Anonymous

        Of course. When they were living in ‘a van down by the river’, they were offered an apartment by family but they chose not to and they were able to afford one anyway. They chose to stay for the publicity.

      2. PlanningStudent

        You can donate the funds or pay them to yourself as long as you pay income taxes. Janklow declared his left overs as income..

    2. Anonymous

      I can guarantee you nothing will be returned. If they had any $$, they aren’t the type to return it and there probably isn’t anything left anyway.

    3. Anon


      Bosworth is only in this race to raise funds, for herself and Haber.
      They must know by now she isn’t electable and never really was.

      Bosworth give money back, when was the last time your heard of a grifter returning money to their victims?

  7. Troy Jones

    I agree that is what Stace is referring to. However, using something out of context (that was for primary and general election) in order to create an impression is either a form of deception or stupidity. I’m giving Stace the benefit of the doubt by not calling him a liar.

    1. Anonymous

      So you were wrong, but you persist with your personal attacks against Nelson, even as you have said such things are inappropriate.

      There is a word for such people, and it was the people Christ had the most scorn for..

    2. Anonymous

      That’s big of you. I would choose the alternative answer. He knows what he’s doing. He’s innately good at misrepresentation.

      1. Anonymous

        Nelson is a conservative Republican, he’s just not a sell-out establishment moderate who claims to be a Republican to fool the voters.

    1. Anonymous

      Clearly he’s a Democrat with all of his Republican bashing. Who’s dividing the party?

  8. Anonymous

    Howie and Nelson both understand they have zero chance of winning. But each apparently has an amazingly over-sized ego. It’s a really good thing Weiland sucks as a candidate or the R’s would eat each other alive and the Dem candidate would win by being the least offensive choice. If Stephanie were in this race, instead of Weiland, Nelson and Howie would simply be helping to insure her victory. That my friends is the definition of arrogance and idiocy all wrapped in one. Who needs enemies when you have friends like those two.

    1. Anonymous

      Ewwwww! The Rounds people are mad! I find it funny that the conservatives have served them up a plate of their own flood the campaign with candidates scheme!

  9. Lee Schoenbeck

    All we need now is a candidate who claims not to be a witch! This is getting nuttier by the day

  10. anonymous

    In response to Nelson’s statement that he will be a candidate to be proud of, I have personally witnessed Nelson’s boorish behavior confronting other candidates trying to entice an argument from them. I have heard him speak and it seems that he bashes Republics more than tells us how he can help fix this country. There is a party for his kind, it’s called the Democratic Party. No Mr. Nelson, I am a conservative and I would not be proud to have you as my candidate.

    1. lies, lies, lies

      Sure ya have! That’s why you have no proof whatsoever of your claims and you post anonymously.

      You can’t beat him on his record or where he stands on the issues so you have to lie and distract from the real issues.

      1. grudznick

        Hell yes.
        Mr. Nelson votes against funding veterans. It has been documented many times.
        Hell yes.
        Mr. Nelson hid in the bathroom to avoid a tough vote.

      2. Anonymous

        No, that is a Nelson tactic. Lie and misrepresent. He’s cornered the market on it.

  11. Troy Jones

    Rounds announces he will try to raise $9 million (as Montgomery reported) for the ENTIRE election (primary and general).

    Rounds announces he will spend $500K on media for the primary. $500K is a lot less than $9 million.

    Nelson says “Rounds being able to essentially buy South Dakota’s US Senate Republican Primary with the $9 Million he bragged he is getting from East Coast and DC special interests.”

    NOTE: Nelson says “$9 million” to “buy” the PRIMARY. Nelson’s comment is a direct misstatement of what Montgomery reported and what Rounds announced a few weeks ago.

  12. anonymous

    Dear lies, lies, lies, is that another way to spell “anonymous?”, I have seen and heard what I stated. For you to call me a liar without knowing any of the facts only makes a fool, or Nelson supporter, of yourself. It is well known that Nelson himself posts anonymously on here in order to get his digs in without having to answer for them. I am not distracting from the real issues, I just don’t think we need a senator that has to tell everyone how great he is, we need a senator that will work with the other conservative senators in Washington and fix our country.

  13. Anonymous

    I too have witnessed Nelson starting an arguement with another candidate claiming he’s more conservative. He’s no SD Republican. He’d be an embarrassment. Howie would be even worse! How is the robocall lawsuit coming? Nelson doesn’t play fair and can’t get along with his own party, obviously.

    1. Anonymous

      Arends is a little busy right now trying to keep himself and Bosworth out of jail for multiple perjuries of her petitions. He will get back to doing Rounds bidding on trying to make something of nothing in the robocall lawsuit. I hear he plans on suing Rhoden next for claiming to be a conservative Republican.

  14. Anonymous

    I just love the comments every time Nelson says BOO! There is no question who is driving this election and who the establishment fears and loathes. GO get ’em, Stace!

  15. Anonymous

    The D.C. establishment fears and loathes Ted Cruz. You are in good company, Stace. McCain’s strategy was to say that Cruz could not demonstrate how to win. The left’s said Reagan couldn’t acheive victory over the soviet union. Reagan’s strategy statement: “We win, they lose.” The establishment didn’t undertand that either. The GOP left said he was dangerous. The surrender caucus is not a new development. Conservatives simply have to be confident–like Reagan! I’m sure Chuchill did not demonstate the path to victory either. I’m certain those on the left criticized him, too.

    1. Anonymous

      You are correct! Nelson has been knocking it out of the park in the radio interviews he has been doing. Despite all the ignorant nonsense on here, South Dakotans are hearing a message that they are understanding, this country cannot take any more politicians like Rounds.

      Go big Stace!

  16. Birds of a feather

    Hey boz and Howie have something in common! Anyone…..taxes and the habit of not paying em!

  17. Troy Jones

    Anonymous 10:02:

    You know it is bizzaro and delusional to compare Stace Nelson to Ted Cruz.

    For one thing, Cruz raised over $1 million in the December quarter before his primary election. Stace raised $31,000.

    By the way, Cruz raised another $940,000 in the January-March quarter before his primary election. How much do you think Stace raised?

    Finally, Cruz didn’t go out and recruit an independent candidate whose only impact can be to throw the Senate seat to a far left liberal.

    1. Not a crony

      If our litmus test on what a good Republican boils down to not where they stand on the issues, but how much money they can raise? The GOP is truly lost.

      The more I see the desperation in establishment cronies like Troy Jones’ personal attacks, the more it gives me hope that Nelson can pull this off. The best thing that could ever happen for conservative Republicans is to defeat this corrupt political machine that has taken over the GOP.

    2. Anonymous

      The only commonality referenced was the fact that the establishment, including Jones, fears and loathes Nelson and Cruz. Their abilities to articulate conservative principles is what strikes fear and loathing in the GOP establishment. Troy won’t admit it, but that is the common denominator between Nelson and Cruz.

      1. Birds of a feather

        Nelson the articulate… That’s rich. Sounds like a very imaginary mid evil character. Maybe an ogre that hides in outhouses when the horde attacks the castle

  18. Anonymous

    I think Ravnsborg is more Cruz esque than Nelson. I don’t know if he would think so or not, but he is smart, talking about the issues and like Cruz, yes no voting record. I am tired of career politicians like Rounds too, but you have to be electable and Nelson is not.