Press Release: Tea Party Community endorses Jason Ravnsborg for U.S. Senate

Tea Party Community endorses Jason Ravnsborg for U.S. Senate

Jason-RavnsborgToday March 25, 2014 the United States Senate race just became more interesting. Jason Ravnsborg (the Republican Candidate and Attorney) from Yankton, South Dakota picked up a key endorsement from the conservative Internet group known as Tea Party

Tea Party the Facebook alternative for conservatism who boasts membership numbers into the six figures; formally endorsed the Yankton Attorney for the United States Senate.

Ken Crow, Co-Founder Tea Party was asked why the conservative group had selected Jason Ravnsborg for endorsement. Crow was very quick to respond; Ravnsborg was the obvious choice for anumber of reasons”. Crow then added that; too many candidates today like to “call” themselves Tea Party or conservative in order to “just” win the hearts and minds of the some 25,000,000 million Tea Party members across America. In reality, they are nothing more than just bomb throwers or moderates trying to appear conservative. Jason to me is not one of these. He is intelligent, has wisdom beyond his years and seeks to work with people, not bully everyone in his path.  

Crow then said; Jason Ravnsborg was without question the only candidate that will not only represent South Dakota with conservative values, but who is also the only candidate that doesn’t seem to have “issues” surrounding them who would then be vulnerable to the Democrats this fall.

When asked to elaborate, Crow then said; former Governor Rounds has too many black clouds hanging over his head with the EB5 scandal and that subject is still bubbling. This leaves him vulnerable to Democrat attacks and would probably cost the Republicans this much needed seat in the Senate. The other candidates in the race are just more of the problem that has plagued Washington for too long. It’s time to replace career politicians and Crow said that he loves Ravnsborg’s campaign mantra of Citizen Servant versus career politician.

Crow concluded his Ravnsborg endorsement with saying this; Jason Ravnsborg is the epitome of what we need more of in Washington, D.C. He is a hero of the first order having been awarded the Bronze Star for his selfless service in Iraq, a Major in the United States Army Reserves and he is an educated Attorney. He has NO baggage he is trying to explain and the integrity and honor to represent South Dakota with prudence and courage. The bottom line is this; Jason is not a right wing bomb thrower. He is someone that will be respected and represent his fellow residents with pride and distinction just as he did serving our nation in wartime. This in addition to his wanting to “repeal and replace” Obama-Care, rebuild our military and standing globally. There is no doubt in my mind, he would never vote for bills that he has not read and understands fully. I would be so proud to vote for Jason if I were a South Dakota resident.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ut-oh Stace is not going to like this…you mean other people may actually be conservatives and not support Stace…

    It also seems to shoot a hole in the Rounds Plant theory also…

    1. Ravnsborg is the new Tea Party Candidate!

      Look out Stace someone is giving you a run for your money on Veteran support and tea party support.

  2. Stratcom Doc

    Our country is at a turning point where there are just too many in the house and senate who do not understand the importance of a strong military and the commitments we have with those who have served, are serving and will serve. We need more who have served in these seats to understand how suicidal Rules of Engagement are… Jason gets that… also, very few Attorneys are FOR Tort Reform – talk about honesty…

  3. Anonymous

    Jason is going to get my vote! True conservative. He doesn’t have the scandals Rounds does. He doesn’t have the history of not paying his bills like Boz. He isn’t a bomb throwing blow hard like Nelson. He isn’t a Democrat posing as a republican like Rhoden. He IS the best choice for me and South Dakota.

    1. Paul

      Jason is a good guy, period! I think that people need to start looking at the message, not TV commercials. Remember, Obama was such a great speaker he sent a thrill up Chris Matthews’ leg, and look what that got us! Check out to see what Jason is all about.

  4. Anon

    Nice endorsement. A waste of effort and words. But good for him.

    The kid has no name ID and no money with two months left. Probably won’t break 10%.

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah lets nominate Stace or Boz ; full of scandals and totally unelectable or Rounds who has the 2 things you find important money and name ID and both do him nothing as the whole state is suspicious and talking about EB5 as much as everyone here wants to ignore it. Then is Rhoden running, I think he actually has the lowest name ID in the race. I travel the state and I ask about politics with people and NO ONE knows him.

      People seem to like this guy, who people say is refreshing. I don’t know if you heard his radio interview with SD Public broadcasting yesterday, I did and it was pretty good. Seems like a person offering ideas and was fed up with the field as I described it and some others described above.

      He has my vote also. At least I will be voting FOR someone and a guy with a strong military record, is working hard and seems to be trying to help the party along the way and is talking about details and ideas sounds good to me.

    2. Paul

      A kid who has a lot more experience than the clown that got elected as president. If people would look at the person, experience, and accomplishments, perhaps we could get good people in DC.

  5. Jamie

    Jason is our BEST bet for a conservative Senator. How many more McCains and Libs/RINO’s can we survive. This nation is at a serious tipping point, and it’s going to take hard work, and CONVICTION to turn it around. 17.5 TRILLION in debt…record UNEMPLOYMENT….OBAMACARE un-insuring the insured….runaway ILLEGAL immigration, and 10-12 MILLION undocumented DEMOCRATS…….We NEED a strong, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE….We NEED JASON!!

    1. Paul

      I agree. If you don’t have a horse in the race yet, check Jason out. He is the real deal. Sure, he hasn’t ever organized any communities, but he has been in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he is a successful attorney and a very hard worker. He has the conservative cred that is needed for our State.

  6. (Quack! Quack!)

    So, nobody in the SD TEA Party movement supports him so he has to go convince someone from out of state (not even for his home state of Iowa) to support him?

    Rounds’ decoys are doing a great job this week! Everyone has stopped talking about the federal investigations into the corruption of the Rounds administration and Richard Benda’s untimely death as a material witness.

    1. Anonymous

      Where are all those endorsements for Stace? Oh wait there haven’t been any…

      You had better look around people are leaving the sinking SS Nelson faster than you know.

      Seriously Rounds ( the establishment candidate) helped Ravnsborg get a Tea Party endorsement… have you gone mad?

  7. Anonymous

    Ravnsborg is more and more the candidate of choice for our state. He has the background to become a great senator. So much more of the candidate the senate needs than the rest of the group.

  8. Ravnsborg is the new Tea Party Candidate!

    Nelson’s support is slipping. I think his hiding in the toilet hurt him bad…

  9. Anonymous

    If Nelson is such a poor candidate, with no traction? Why does every post have the same anonymous posters passing ugly Alinsky lies about him?

    Anybody that has paid even a minutes worth of time to the legislature these last years knows that Nelson was the most outspoken legislator in the entire legislature. Claiming he hid from any issue is simply idiotic.

    1. Anonymous

      Where are the lies? except coming from Stace? I think Ravnsborg is a much better candidate that Stace.

  10. Anonymous

    I wonder if Jason has been promised a Federal Judgship by Rounds for running this race. The reason is Jason appears to clearly be a duck out of water. Jason is a very nice guy and I am disappointed that someone put him up to this. It almost appers that it hurts when he is out on the campaign trail.

      1. Anonymous

        You would need a Republican President to deliver on that. In addition all the existing judges are relatively young. I wouldn’t think Jason is that stupid.

    1. William Beal

      I’m sure it hurts Stace, when Jason’s campaign is gaining traction and support Stace thought was his…

      1. Paul

        Agreed. Thus far I haven’t seen Nelson attacking Jason, but I imagine it will start.

        I wish all the potential candidates would stick to the issues facing our country and how they would address those issues with good, strong, conservative values.

    2. Paul

      Wow, that was a good one! So do you want a polished, slick-talking political type or an honest, straightforward guy who has good values and wouldn’t need a U-Haul to take all his baggage with him to D.C.?

      Jason made his own decision to run, and to claim otherwise is a myth created to bolster whomever you are supporting. Why not stick to facts and what the candidates stand for?

  11. John

    Stace is not even getting endorsements from the tea party community and shortly thereafter Gordon Howe sees the writing on the wall that Stace can’t win and gets in as an Independent.

    Ouch Stace has to be crushed tonight on so many levels.

  12. Anonymous

    I agree. Nelson should save face and drop out. Support Ravnsborg, a solid conservative with a great background.