Yankton, SD—Republican United States Senate Candidate Jason Ravnsborg is honored today to accept the endorsement of the online conservative news resource giant, the Tea Party Tribune.

“It is exciting to be recognized by other conservatives and to know that my message and campaign are striking a chord with voters,” stated Ravnsborg.

The official press release from the Tea Party Tribune is available at


The Tea Party Tribune is pleased to announce our official endorsement of U.S. Senate candidate in South Dakota, Jason Ravnsborg.

Tea Party Tribune endorses Jason RavnsborgJason, grew up working hard on the family grain and livestock farm. He graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor of Science in History and Political Science, a Masters of Arts in History, and a Juris Doctorate, while concurrently serving in the Army ROTC program.

Ravnsborg served 3 tours in the Army: Germany (2003), Iraq (2004 – 2005) and Afghanistan (2009 – 2010). He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq.

Jason is a practicing attorney in Yankton, South Dakota, and currently an Army Major serving in a joint intelligence unit in Minneapolis.

Jason Ravnsborg has upheld his oath to protect the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic during his deployments. Now Jason seeks to continue honoring that oath in service as a US Senator.

Ravnsborg represents the Conservative values espoused by the Tea Party Tribune, predicated upon the rights of Americans and constraints of government found in the US Constitution.

Jason proved his love of country and our Constitution downrange, now he would like to continue that fight in the US Senate, and TPT fully supports that effort.

God speed Major.


      1. Anonymous

        yep Rounds lining up all the tea party endorsements as a career establishment man. Do you Stace guys even think before you write?

        1. Paul

          Even a lie can be one word, as you have proven “Truth” Endures. If you were actually interested in the truth, as your moniker implies, you’d try to do some checking before you throw out concise drivel.

    1. Anonymous

      Not from South Dakota. He has never been involved with the Tea Party movement nor the Republican Party.

      1. Anonymous

        So you are against ordinary citizens getting involved and trying to help their country…

        How Dare Ravnsborg! (being sarcastic of course)

        I think it is refreshing.

        Plus you can’t have it both ways Stace; you rail against Rounds for being a corrupt career politician, but then someone who is not you attack also.

        Oh that’s right you attack all Republicans and have press conferences with a Democrat!

        1. Paul

          Good post. These types think that Nelson is the anointed one; well, look how that worked out with McCain and Dole. If Nelson can’t win on his ideas, maybe he should just drop out instead of attacking the other candidates.

      2. Paul

        And you know all these “facts” how? I understand he wasn’t born in South Dakota, but is that a prerequisite for running for office to try to represent the people of South Dakota? Where did he attend law school, where did he settle down, where has he been since he got his J.D.? South Dakota, and he therefore is eligible to run for Senate. I know a lot of people born in South Dakota and raised here that would be much more comfortable in New York or California, so this isn’t a meaningful reason to dismiss Jason. Try again.

  1. Old Guard

    Not news. Rounds pummels all challengers in primary.

    All 722 TEA Party members are mad as wet hens. Organize behind Howie. Stace brings over his 17 followers.

    Pressler bleeds off all the little old blue haired ladies left in the state and a few of their husbands who are still living.

    Weiland continues to get a lot of money from out of state and mounts a very mean, but credible campaign against Rounds, using Dick Wadhams strategies that he did not have to pay for.

    Could it be that Weiland “takes back” South Dakota? Stay tuned. This thing hasn’t even started yet…

  2. Anonymous

    This isn’t a tea party group, this is the same Ken Crow who fronts the other online facebook program.

    What a joke.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of these Tea Party groups and honestly there is like 3 to 4 really large ones that are actually I’ve heard of and current or former professional politico’s run them. Those are the only ones that have the $ to really do anything

  4. Rorschach's Favorite Blotting

    Im so excited to know that Roundsberg will be speaking at the local tea party groups and getting involved in the grass roots of South Dakota politics… Except he hasn’t in the past, but I will be naive and pretend he will. Its tough to watch Rounds using a veteran to run against another veteran, not exactly a fan of friendly fire.

      1. Anonymous

        I truly laughed out loud, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Pressler-Stace would be next.

        This race seems to be think of something outlandish that would never happen in a regular race and then it happens in this one! Stace needs a couple more for me to round out my top 10 list of things that by themselves would make him unelectable and he has 6 solid ones so far.

        Thanks again for the laugh!

  5. Anonymous

    I can see why Jason or anyone else would not go to a tea party meeting here. I would consider myself tea party, but the one here in SD is a joke. I have gone to meetings out of state and like night and day. Not so conspiracy oriented, what a concept!

    I would not want to be at a meeting with such great state leaders as Stace Gordon Howie ( if in the party, its getting hard to tell) and Lora Hubbel, are you kidding me?

  6. Anonymous

    You do realize that this is an online website, not an actual organized group, and it is the same as the other online website that he claimed an endorsement from???

    This isn’t even astroturf, this is astrocyberspace.

      1. Anonymous

        It would be like Pat’s campaign store and then SDWC endorsing a candidate.

        Hey! Whatever it takes to prop up Roundsdecoy and fool people into thinking he is a viable candidate!


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