Pressler petitioner at the Sioux Falls Post office today.

Had a note about a Pressler petitioner sighting.

“Ran into a petition circulator for Pressler today. Smoking a Marlboro Red at the downtown SF Post office. Keep it Classy Larry!”

The politico who caught it didn’t have confirmation, but he said if he were a betting man, he thought it seemed like a paid circulator.

That might be an interesting question for those of you passing by the post office. Are they a volunteer, or are they being paid to collect the names?

15 Replies to “Pressler petitioner at the Sioux Falls Post office today.”

  1. Common Ground/Common Sense

    Maybe it’s an example of a true grassroots campaign motivating people from all socioeconomic backgrounds dissatisfied with what has been happening in government. I’d gladly sign the petition to bring more issues being raised in discussion and competition into the race. It doesn’t mean I’d vote for Pressler though.

    1. Dits

      Doesn’t sound like things have changed much from his campaign practices. Back in the 80’s when a group of us did this we were always done by 1700 so we could head to a bar downtown called the Pomp Room. Everyday they told us good job because we handed out so much literature……….that’s all I’m saying on that. Lol

    2. Anne Beal

      So you would sign a petition for a candidate you don’t support and then not sign one for a candidate you do support? You’re only supposed to sign one, you know.

      1. Common Ground/Common Sense

        Really? Do you have a link? If not I’ll check it out. Either way the chances are pretty remote that I’d run into one of those petitioners anyways and the other candidate I’m considering shouldn’t need my help with a petition. Definitely wouldn’t sign a petition for Bosworth or another candidate I won’t mention since I don’t feel they are legitimate campaigns.

        I feel Pressler could make a positive contribution to the race by bringing up important issues that need to be addressed.

            1. William Beal

              You’re welcome. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this fact, resulting in invalid signatures in the process.

  2. Anonymous

    Was he about 5′ 8″, sandy brown hair, dressed sloppily with spit in the corners of his mouth? Ran into that one at the courthouse. Told me he was a “professional petitioner” and had a degree in speech. Not sure the relevance of either and mentioned that after telling him I had three BS degrees. Still unsure of the relevance…