Primaries popping up all over. 18 20 State Legislative GOP primaries so far

As we approach next weeks’ deadline on turning in petitions, after the past few days, it’s getting a little crazy with all the primaries that are popping up across the state.  It could change if people don’t file, or if more do, but based on petitions out there, what I’m hearing at the moment, and what has already been filed for June contests:

District 3 GOP House
Kaiser, Dan (R)
Todd Kolden (R)
Drew Dennert (R)

District 7 GOP House
Tim Reed (R)
Carol Pitts (R)
Mike Fossum (R)

District 9 GOP Senate
Deb Peters (R)
Lora Hubbel (R)

District 9 GOP House
Mike Clark (R)
Wayne Steinhauer (R)
Karon Gubbrud(R)

Dist 11 GOP House
Chris Karr (R)
Willadsen, Mark (R)
David Landry (R)

District 13 GOP Senate
David Bergen (R)
Jack Kolbeck (R)
(And maybe another 1 or 2)

District 14 GOP House
Holmes, Thomas (R)
Zikmund, Larry (R)
David Zimbeck (R)

District 15 Democrat Senate
Reynold Nesiba (D)
Patrick Kirschenmann (D)

District 16 GOP House
Anderson, David (R)
Shorma, William (R)
Kevin Jensen (R)

District 19 GOP Senate
Caleb Finck (R)
Stace Nelson (R)

District 19 GOP House
Peterson, Kent (R)
Schoenfish, Kyle (R)
ReGina L. Osborn (R)

District 23 GOP House
Charlie Hoffman (R)
John Lake (R)
Dick Werner (R)
Spencer Gosch (R)

District 25 GOP House
Hunt, Roger (R)
Langer, Kris (R)
Tom Pischke (R)

District 25 Dem House
Ryan Paul Tellberg (D)
Dan Ahlers (D)
David Haagenson (D)

District 28 GOP Senate
Ryan Maher (R)
Steven Ritch (R)

District 30 GOP Senate
Lance Russell (R)
Bruce Rampelberg (R)

District 30 GOP House
Richard Mounce (R)
Marilyn Oakes (R)
Travis Lasseter (R)
Tim Goodwin (R)

District 32 GOP Senate – Only rumored. Nothing concrete…
Alan Solano (R)
*Brian Gosch (R – Rumored)

District 32 GOP House
Kristin Conzet (R)
Sean McPherson (R)
Craig Ericks (R)

District 33 GOP Senate
Phil Jensen (R)
Jacqueline Sly (R)

District 33 GOP House
Craig, Scott (R)
David Johnson (R)
Taffy Howard (R)
Stephen Eckrich (R)
Mike Buckingham (R)

District 34 GOP Senate
Partridge, Jeffrey (R)
Janette McIntyre (R)

District 35 GOP Senate
Terri Haverly (R)
Tina Mulally (R)

So far, that’s 8 GOP Senate Primaries, 12 GOP House Primaries, 1 Dem Senate, and 1 Dem House.

Are there any I missed, or are mistaken on?  That’s what the comment section is for. Otherwise, I’ll be updating this as they arise.

11 Replies to “Primaries popping up all over. 18 20 State Legislative GOP primaries so far”

    1. Pat Powers

      Really? I can’t imagine who. Larry is pretty popular here, and I haven’t heard hide nor hair of one. Not saying it can’t happen, but I think they’d face a battle that was uphill all the way.

  1. Spencer

    Lora Hubbel is challenging Deb Peters in District 9 Senate. I hope the rumors of a Tideman primary are true. His record on LIFE is terrible. Both him and Peters need to go.

    1. Pat Powers

      I had heard that early, but she was out trying to recruit someone up to a week or so ago, who backed out because they were of the opinion that Deb did a pretty good job for the GOP.

      Has she said she’s running?

  2. Jj

    Former Belle Fourche middle school principal Karen Doolittle is circulating a petition to challenge Sam Marty in the 28B republican primary.

      1. Jj

        I don’t know her I guess, but obviously not if she is circulating a petition to run as a republican.

  3. Kelly Lieberg

    I thought the Republicans were doing a bang up job ? Seems there’s a few out there that think they can do a better job.