Primary-palooza.. update on the State Senate Primary Races, and here’s what to watch in the House

I had earlier mentioned what to watch for on the Senate Primary elections, and before I got to the House races, they shifted again slightly.  Here’s a quick recap…

District 6 – Herman Otten versus Isaac Latterell
District 12 – Curd v. Steele – Steele withdrew
District 14 – Larry Zikmund v. Dave Zellmer
District 17 – Art Rusch v. Nancy Rasmussen
District 21 – Lee Qualm v. Erin Tobin
District 23 – Bryan Breitling v. Larry Nielson
District 29 – Gary Cammack v. Terri Jorgenson
District 31 – Tim Johns v. John Teupel
District 33 – Dave Johnson v. Janet Jensen

Add to that District 35 – Jessica Castleberry v. Kevin Quick. Castleberry, who was appointed by Governor Noem prior to the legislative session is being challenged by Kevin Quick, a Rapid City area vape shop owner and pot activist.

I’m also aware that there’s at least one more that appears to be coming. More on that tomorrow.

Moving on to the House of Representatives, slightly under half of the Legislative Districts currently have active Republican primary elections (Top two vote getters move on to the General Election.)

District 5 – Hugh Bartels, Nancy York, Jacob Sigurdson
District 6 – Ernie Otten, Nathan Block, Aaron Aylward, Thomas Werner
District 7 – Doug Post, Tim Reed, and former State Senator Larry Tidemann
District 9 – Bethany Soye, Rhonda Milstead, and Michael Clark
District 12 – Greg Jamison, George Hendrickson, Amy Miller, and Arch Beal
District 14 – Tom Holmes, Taylor Rehfeldt, Brad Lindwurm
District 16 – David Anderson, Kevin Jensen, Bill Shorma
District 17 – Richard Vasgaard, Sydney Davis, Charlie Kludt, Dan Werner
District 23 – Spencer Gosch, JD Wangsness, Kevin Watts, Charlie Hoffman
District 24 – Jeff Monroe, Will Mortenson, Mike Weisgram, Bob Lowery, Noel Chicoine
District 29 – Thomas Brunner, Dean Wink, Kirk Chaffee, Lincoln Schuck
District 31 – Dayle Hammock, Brandon Flanagan, Mary Fitzgerald, and Scott Odenbach
District 33 – Melanie Torno, Phil Jensen, Taffy Howard
District 34 – Jess Olson, Mike Derby, and Jodie Frye-Byington

And tomorrow we’ll probably add District 30 to that, as right now we have Tim Goodwin, and supposedly they will add Florence Thompson, plus whoever was recruited to run against her. Aaand… I’ve heard of a couple of other Districts out there that may yet be coming.

On the Democrat side in District 26A, it appears that Shawn Bordeaux is being challenged by Alexa Frederick. And that’s about it.

3 Replies to “Primary-palooza.. update on the State Senate Primary Races, and here’s what to watch in the House”

  1. anon

    To all candidates I would ask–

    Are you going to vote to sustain governor’s vetos no matter what; even if it passed unanimously and you voted for it the first time?

    Absolutely ridiculous