Prime Rib and a renowned Economist! Dinner and Discussion with Stephen Moore on Nov 16th.


One of the best free market economists in the country is going to be appearing at a dinner hosted by the Americans For Prosperity Foundation in Sioux Falls on Monday, November 16th.

mooresteveStephen Moore is the distinguished visiting fellow for the Project for Economic Growth at the Heritage Foundation.  He is also a contributing editor of the National Review, a Fox News contributor, the founder of the Club for Growth and the Free Enterprise Fund, a former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial review board, and the author of numerous books.

So, head over & register for the AFP Foundation event on November 16. You can click here for details and the registration link.

So far, it’s reported that they have more than 75 people registered. And why wouldn’t they? For $10 you get prime rib and a chance to hear one of the best free market economists in the country.

What else do you need in life?

4 Replies to “Prime Rib and a renowned Economist! Dinner and Discussion with Stephen Moore on Nov 16th.”

  1. Anonymous

    Curious what they think about our super-majority ‘Republican” state government that had two of the largest tax increases in SD’s history last year; who support the Left’s Common Core; and, who increased spending and state government yet again..

  2. crossgrain

    Stephen Moore is truly a charlatan and a crank. You’d be better off inviting Josh Duggar. Enjoy the prime rib, fatties!

  3. crossgrain

    “A foole and his monie be soone at debate, which after with sorrow repents him too late.”
    Thomas Tusser

    Bad economics is bad economics. Supply-side is bunk, and I have a feeling y’all know it. Debate the role and size of government – THOSE are discussions worth having – but when your tax policies fail to align with any sort of reality, it’s time to find a new model. You need look no further than Kansas and Wisconsin to see what this sort of thinking does to state budgets.


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