PUC Candidate McGovern-Rowen acting as attorney against oil suppliers?

Noted this interesting tidbit in a Washington Post article reprinted in the Mitchell Daily Republic where it is remarked that Democratic PUC candidate Matt McGovern-Rowen (minus his father’s name, at least for the duration of the campaign) is acting as counsel for someone opposing the XL Pipeline:

In its court filings, TransCanada says that the pipeline is a common carrier whose permanent easements are ?in the public interest.?

Opponents of the line ? including Harter?s lawyer Matt McGovern, a candidate for South Dakota?s public utilities commission ? argue that TransCanada is a private firm seeking access for Canadian oil sands crude to Texas refineries along the Gulf of Mexico. If prices are better abroad, those refineries will ship the oil products overseas, they say, possibly raising gasoline prices in the central part of the United States.

Harter does not see how this will help him in South Dakota. ?This is a pipeline of greed, not need,? he said.

Read it here.


2 Replies to “PUC Candidate McGovern-Rowen acting as attorney against oil suppliers?”

    1. Just Call Me Guy

      I’m confused by your analogy. Representing a South Dakota rancher’s private property rights is not parallel to destroying textile machinery. We’re a nation of laws and ensuring that one of our most important law, right to private property, is upheld to the fullest extent in court should be commended. Especially when it is a foreign corporation seeking to take South Dakotan land.


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