Quick Intro

Well, I am one of the new guys.
Like 80% of the people that post here, my name is Mike. 🙂
So, I will use this nickname for a while to keep us separate.

I grew up in Pierre where I grew to love politics (went to high school with Dusty).
I worked as a medic for years starting at the ripe age of 15, and volunteered my time in Rosebud most weekends while in high school. I went to SDSMT where I received my BS in Computer Science and now work as a software developer. As such, I type almost all day long, but rarely in full words and certainly never in full sentences. So please forgive my grammar and punctuation.
I am very much addicted to archery (hence the nickname), and you can find me all over the state for local club shoots and tournaments, or just hanging out in a tree stand.

Thanks for having me.

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