Quote of the day.

I had to laugh when I read this:

Anne Beal 
Porter, I have been a woman a lot longer than you have, and this story about being a female a pre-existing condition is a myth

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    1. PorterLansing

      That is funny … but it’s not true. SoDak chooses to allow insurance companies to overcharge women where most states don’t. Another case of Republicans making a mockery of Women’s Rights. Sad …..

      1. Anonymous

        The people who claim that it is unfair to charge women higher premiums than men do not, or chose not to, understand the basic idea of medical insurance. On average, women go to the doctor more often than men. They should, therefore, pay more for their health care. It is simple logic for anyone who is willing to think and be honest.

  1. PorterLansing

    I’ll take your word for it …
    Before Obamacare females were charged 20-30% more for health insurance because they had a pre-existing condition of needing more medical attention than men. Look it up, errrrr lady?

    1. Anonymous

      So women were paying more for “insurance” because they used “insurance” more–good gawd, what a travesty!!!

      Sounds like Porter supports smokers paying the same for health insurance as non-smokers–don’t want to discriminate now do we???

      And why do women get lower auto insurance rates? #menslivesmatter.

      1. PorterLansing

        You’re welcome to be discriminated against by Big Insurance if you don’t mind overpaying but we liberals in our liberal states would rather play on a level field. But, by overcharging you they’re able to charge us less. Thanks, I suppose for your collective passiveness.

    2. duggersd

      Wherever I have worked, the health insurance cost the same whether it was a man or woman. Obama had nothing to do with it. The only differences would be it cost more if you had spousal or family care. Let us look at what you are saying in another light. If you are an insurance company that sells auto insurance and you have statistics that show that men are more likely to have a claim than a woman per mile driven, would you increase the cost for men or would you charge more for everyone?

      1. PorterLansing

        It’s not that way in liberal states. You’re quite used to being overcharged and your Prairie Perspective leads to just bending over and taking it with no protest. No wonder SoDak is in a chronically contrary state of confusion.

        1. duggersd

          Um, what is not that way in liberal states? My point about health insurance provided by companies? How is the increase that has occurred better? Was it like ObamaCare in liberal states before ObamaCare came into being? If so, what we had in our Prairie Perspective states was a damned sight better than what we have now. Or are you talking about the car insurance scenario? Do you really want to tell me in liberal states insurance was not more for men than women? Now I know you are only on here to josh us. Nobody can be that dumb.

          1. Anonymous

            Porter is not a real person. He can’t be! He was created to entertain us like a clown. Bravo!

  2. Troy Jones

    And, men pay more for health insurance than women. Renter’s insurance is higher for single men than single women.

    Ask any insurance actuary: Would you rather insure a woman across all forms of insurance or a man for the same rate? They will pick a woman everytime

    1. PorterLansing

      Why would I rely on an actuary to justify their overpricing of a product THEY THEMSELVES are selling? That would be like relying on you to set your own commissions on the funds you overvalue. Without governmental regulation Republicans can’t be trusted not to gouge the consumer and eventually ruin “We The People’s” free market?

  3. PlanningStudent

    I’m not sure what I’m about to step in with this, but being a women is a pre existing condition under obamacare now, or so every insurer I met with told me so. I employee and insure about 10 ppl. Before obamacare the insurance companies charged me as an employer more for women and just said that’s the way the cookie crumbled after Obamacare they were very clear that they are now able to openly admit that being a women is a condition in and of itself and they will be charged more accordingly. What I have just described is the extent of my experience and knowledge. The half dozen insurers I met with could have all been lying, I didn’t fact check them or anything. One female insurer said being a women is the only pre existing condition they can charge for now. The was no mistaking what they said…

  4. PorterLansing

    Thank-you for making my point, Planning. First, how does it make you feel to be unfairly charged more for being a woman? I think it’s just Republican greed because it doesn’t happen in every state. But I forgot who runs the business in The Haybilly State. Rounds. Liberal stated have long banned gender pricing. It can be changed, you know. i.e.
    ~ In a report to be issued this week, the National Women’s Law Center, a research and advocacy group, says that in states that have not banned gender rating, more than 90 percent of the best-selling health plans charge women more than men.

    1. PlanningStudent

      I understand where you took my post, and it seems fair. But gender based rating was something that Obamacare took the cuffs off and explicitly allowed, according the insurance agents I spoke with. So while conservative states haven’t disallowed gender based rating yet, Obamacare put them in the situation of having to take that proactive step in first place since the old federal regulations didn’t allow it.

      1. PorterLansing

        It was the Supreme Court ruling that allowed Republican states like South Dakota to opt out of the Medicaid expansion that removed the provision for no gender pricing from the ACA. You mentioned that before Obamacare women were charged more and you were told it’s just the way it is. What type of handcuffs were there? None.

      2. PorterLansing

        Getting the truth from insurance agents who are trying to sell you an overpriced product and blame Obama for their personal deception is a hard truth to find. I don’t believe them on face value as I was in sales too long to buy that bucket of bull and I know it was the Supreme Court’s decision.

  5. PorterLansing

    In conclusion, Obamacare is working very, very well in states that don’t throw up road blocks and obstruction. That SoDak does isn’t anyone’s problem but your’s, frankly. For some reason (Republican politicians) the voters allow themselves to be gouged in the marketplace without protest.
    The predictions you Republicans made about Obamacare hurting USA have all been disproved. South Dakota citizens pay way more for their healthcare insurance than they need to and it directly enriches the insurance sellers in your state with no justification. Almost every other state has cheaper healthcare insurance and many more plans available.

  6. Troy Jones

    Porter, are you really that ignorant?

    Actuaries don’t set prices, they don’t set prices. An actuary determines the cost of taking on a particular risk profile/customer. While it is just math, it is called Actuarial Science.

    These are the people who quantify the reality insuring a 16 year old boy will cost more in auto claims than a 16 year old girl. There is no ideology, no pro-female, no anti-male, no opinion. Just the reality quantified.

  7. Troy Jones

    P.S. Porter, regarding women being overcharged.

    Fact: Women pay less for insurance than men over their lifetime. This is true for auto insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. And, when you add it all up, it is almost a 15% savings. The only time this is not true is women during child-bearing age but they make up for it over the course of their lifetime.

    Sidenote: My wife is older than me by nearly the difference in our life expectancy. However, her life insurance (same basic terms) is still slightly cheaper than mine. The reason- men my age are more likely to engage in behavior that results in death (i.e. driving faster, more dangerous forms of exercise, etc.) Because she likes me worth more dead than alive, she rejects my idea we would have equal premiums and not equal benefits so I sleep with one eye open.

    1. duggersd

      And men die younger because when they have to give up hunting and fishing dying is the only way to get away from their wives! I’m kidding, Ginger. I’m kidding!