Quote of the day – from Obama

President Obama

Please take a moment to read this from President Obama.

“And so, Bill, the answer — the question then is, will Congress do something? If Congress does something, then I can’t run against a do-nothing Congress.”

Is he talking about the branch controlled by the Democrats who haven’t passed a budget in nearly 900 days? You can watch the video here. I had a great laugh over his comments. I hope you do also.

5 Replies to “Quote of the day – from Obama”

  1. springer

    I wish I could laugh at what O says, but instead I am torn between crying and being scared for the country if he manages to continue his agenda.

  2. Spencer

    No, the funniest thing to happen in the last week or so was the conference call made by the White House with the Senate Democrats that did not go over very well with Obama?s own party. Obama left them hanging on the other end for 20 minutes when an aid who clearly had no clue what the conference call was about ended up finishing what Obama never bothered to start. This guy has been asleep at the wheel since day one.

    Another thing Democrats do not like about him is that he almost never calls to talk to lawmakers in the House or the Senate about anything relating to legislation or possible ideas for legislation. Only if you are specifically mentioned as a critical undecided vote by the media will you ever get a phone call from Obama. When Dianne Feinstein is complaining about your ?Chicago politics,? it is a good guess that your administration is likely imploding under its own ineptness.

  3. Anonymous

    I like it when when the feds dont have any money to give .Then the governor says everything is ok before the election then we have a problem,and you guys voted for this and you thinkO is bad.


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