Quote of the night.

From Brookings/Moody County Lincoln Day Dinner:

“A couple of people have left the Republican Party, and they seek to divide it.

-@JasonRavnsborg on Independent senate candidates Larry Pressler & Gordon Howie.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great quote. Way to go Jason!

    We have to win this seat no matter which person is nominated and we need to unite and not further divide ourselves.

    This along with Jason’s outreach to the Native American tribes, the multi-lingual community and registering new voters all reflect strongly on him and also help the party as a whole. Plus look at how many voters he has engaged directly.

    Keep it up Jason!

  2. Jammer

    The people doing the most to divide the Republican Party are the people who persist in their war on conservatives. From Karl Rove to the people who post their vile comments on here about conservatives, they are the people dividing the Republican Party.

    As for Mr. Howie entering the US Senate race as an independent, I think it is utterly ridiculous if not outright stupid. However, those are the outcomes when a segment of the Republican Party tries to marginalize and demean another segment.

    Mr. Howie will probably get 10% of the vote at the most. However, is the Republican Party so arrogant to think they have a spare 10% lying around that they can just toss these voters aside? I think they better come to their senses very quickly and try to fix some of the problems in the Party before 15% – 20% of the Party walks out the door permanently.

    1. Anonymous

      Jammer – sadly, you shoot yourself in the foot with this statement because I have seen you be the culprit of this very thing for many months now “when a segment of the Republican Party tries to marginalize and demean another segment”. Seems you’re torn about what level to the right or left someone can move in the Republican scale but you are very free to call out a RINO when you see fit, whether they are actually one or not. It can’t be both ways. In other words, I don’t see your comments here and there matching the majority of your comments. I think we’re all struggling here as Republicans actually and we’re further dividing in the meantime. And I think we’re all to blame a little bit. To come together, we all have to give a little bit and accept we’re not all from the exact same mold. I’m hoping we can do that before we risk this seat for good.

  3. EB-5

    This is the most fascinating South Dakota election cycle I’ve seen in a long time. Scandals, drama and very interesting characters yet the stakes are very high considering the challenges our state and country face.

  4. anon

    Personally, I found Jason’s LDD talk refreshing. All the others gave typical Republican fluff talks — like, let me tell you why I’m running and let me tell you about my family or my medical practice — but Jason talked specific issues and bills. I was seated at a table with another of the Senatorial candidates and he took notes during Jason’s talk. So did another candidate at the table next to me. No notes were taken for any of the other candidates. I don’t believe Jason is the best candidate, but he gave the most meaningful talk last night.

    1. Anonymous

      What’s Jason’ record on Illegal immigration? Raising taxes? Cutting spending? Obamacare? Protecting the unborn? He has no record. Bosworth has adopted her campaign rhetoric to fit what she believes people want to hear also.

      Talk is cheap. Neither Jason R. Or Annette Bosworth were anywhere to be found on any of these issues, nor were they involved in the SDGOP until the last 6 months.

      I heard Nelson commenting on Rounds, Rhoden, Bosworth, and Jason R’s ignoring the 3 minute speech time limit (all 4 spoke well passed their time limits and ignored Scott Munsterman), he said “Actions speak louder than words.” Probably the most appropriate thing I have heard him say.

      1. Anonymous

        Well, Stace has a record all right . It is a record of mean spiritedness, hostility towards all Republicans it seems and intolerance.

        Wake up he will never be elected and is done come June 3.

  5. Old Guard

    Cute quote, but let’s put a bit larger context to it. Mr. Ravnsborg seems to be able, like so many others, to begin his history at a convenient point in time. But there is a longer history he should consider!

    Mr. Ravnsborg, it’s WAY more than a couple people who left the party. Registered, donating, voting Republicans have left the party in droves since the third year of W’s first term. The real division of the party came on the Karl Rove neocon strategy. But you may or may not recall so many of them saying, “I didn’t leave the Republican party – the party left me.” There are many good reasons for that mentality. Apparently, the Republican party didn’t always stand for what it stands for today…

    Let’s take a look at the Republican presidents up to W’s watch and condemn their liberal actions. But before you condemn, consider that this was what the Republican party stood for then and how the Republican presidents acted through those decades.

    So my question is this: Is this list of Republican activity what the Republican party really stood for? Or is it a mirage?

    Modern Republicanism: Conservative when it comes to money, Liberal when it comes to people.
    Increased Social Security
    Increased minimum wage
    His Interstate highway system spending project was far more costly than any of FDR’s New Deal projects. I think most people would agree that it was a great idea. Today Eisenhower would be condemned for spending all that money.

    Conciliation with the Godless commie Chinese and working with the Soviet Union
    Equal Rights Amendment
    Environmental protections and the rise of the Environmental Protection Agency
    Achieved a balanced budget (only Republican president in modern history to do that)

    220 slaughtered Marines, 18 Sailors and 3 others in Beirut October 23, 1983
    Tripled the number of pages in the FCR
    Tripled the US national debt
    Raised taxes four times in two years
    Three-year $100,000,000,000 tax increase
    Federal payroll rose by 61,000 under Reagan (under Clinton, fell by over 300,000)
    Compromised with the Godless commie Soviets
    TRA 86 – one of the largest welfare cash giveaways ever to poor. EITC
    And on and on and on, ad nauseum

    George HW Bush
    “Read my lips. NO NEW TAXES!”

    Of course, all of these fine men advanced some traditional conservative causes, but lest we be called “hypocrites” or “idiots” or “fools,” we should remember all that they did and not cherry pick only those things we liked or agreed with.

    If we don’t remember all of what happened, this forum is nothing more than the cave Plato described in his allegory.

  6. Anonymous

    And you didn’t cherry-pick? Eisenhower, unemployment 5%,, the workers were employed on the Interstate construction instead of getting paid for nothing. Got the troops out of Korea too.

    Reagan cut the tax rates, allowing more money to be kept and invested or spent by the people energizing the economy, and doubled the revenues in doing so. Reduced the Carter unemployment rate of 12%, the prime interest rate of near 20% and the inflation rate of over 10%, all to lower single digit percentages. Oh, yes and built up our military so we could respond to the terrorist threats from groups and countries.

    And Bush sr, Yes he allowed the Democrat controlled Congress to pass tax increases in order to get their cooperation to oust Saddam from Kuwait. That was their demand for their help.

    1. Anonymous

      That and democrats promised bush St spending cuts but they never came.

      Also all these candidates everyone needs to remember only get a few minutes to speak. They don’t have time for a dissertation.

    2. Old Guard

      I did acknowledge that all of these great leaders accomplished some conservative work. The entire point – and I’m sorry I didn’t make it easier for you to understand – is that all of these great Republican leaders acted way different than the last great Republican leader.

      Republicanism today is a way different gig than it was for many decades under different Republicans. And that’s the major reason that voting, money-giving, registered Republicans left the party in droves starting in W’s third year.

      Context. Everything I put down up there (other than Nixon being the only Republican president to balance the budget in modern times) would have been fiercely condemned by the “new” Republicans.

  7. Anne Beal

    I thought the best speech of the night was Chuck Jones’; he reminded me of the way Bill Janklow could stir up a crowd.

    1. Anonymous

      Was it true that Rhoden, Rounds, Bosworth, and Ravnsborg went way over their time allotted? I heard poor Scott Munsterman was left standing for a couple minutes for each of them?

      Politicians who will take advantage of a situation and ignore the rules. Not the kind of people I want representing me.

      1. Anonymous

        Oh yeah lets have someone who only criticizes Republicans like Nelson instead, NOT!

        Lets have someone doing a press release praising someone for leaving the party.. NOT

        Sounds like Nelson… everyone else is awful and I am great… why can’t anyone see it though? (sarcastic as I can get through word)

        1. Anonymous

          Republicans believe in personal responsibility. Foreign concept to rinos and fakers like Bosworth.

      2. Anonymous

        You didn’t mention Nelson. You want someone who from past behavior created the need for SPECIAL RULES to be put in place at LDDs because one out of five is not professional enough to advocate himself but stand up there like a Democrat and bash Republicans? If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times in the last several months: talk about yourself, what you’ve done and how that’s guided you to what you plan to do. If you’ve done nothing then talk about when you expect the asparagus to start growing in ditches.