Rapid City Journal profiles the Sly versus Jensen Race

From the Rapid City Journal, the Jacqueline Sly versus Phil Jensen primary is examined:

State Rep. Jacqueline Sly will challenge state Sen. Phil Jensen in a Republican primary that could be one of the marquee matchups of the June 7 elections.


Both legislators made statewide headlines this year. Sly was co-chairwoman of the task force that proposed the one-half of 1 percentage point sales tax increase adopted by the Legislature — over Jensen’s opposition — to pay for teacher-pay increases.

Jensen drew statewide criticism for comments he made while discussing failed legislation that would have allowed the governor to close the borders of the state to refugees. Speaking to the Journal in February, Jensen said one of his constituents had witnessed dozens of South Americans fleeing a van parked in downtown Rapid City.

“He knew they were South Americans,” Jensen said at the time, “because they had different skull structures and skin tones from Mexicans.”

Read it all here.

This one is going to be interesting.

4 Replies to “Rapid City Journal profiles the Sly versus Jensen Race”

  1. Anonymous

    Jensen is the conservative. Sly thinks she works for the governor and is all for raising your taxes and taking state control of local school districts.

  2. anon1

    Go Jacque!! He should have been gone a long time ago… He can always get a job writing for Howie!