Rapid City School Board Candidate Janyce Hockenbary suddenly develops amnesia. In addition to being an awful person.

Well, that campaign went south fast.

After her campaign sent out a campaign letter, which attacked teachers, referring to them as tyrants, and others, Rapid City School Board Candidate Janyce Hockenbary suddenly developed amnesia. In addition to being an awful person.

At a Tuesday school board candidate forum hosted by Elevate Rapid City, Hockenbary publicly denied writing the letter. In a follow-up interview attempt with the Journal after the forum, Hockenbary avoided saying who actually wrote the letter, but that she approved it.


When asked who wrote the letter, she replied, “I do not know.”

She said she approved the letter “in an email.” She declined to answer any additional questions from the Journal about who the email came from and walked away from the interview.

Read the entire story here.

You know, with that sudden onset amnesia, she should make sure she doesn’t have a more serious underlying condition. She should probably go see a physician.

But good luck finding a doctor who wasn’t exposed to one of those awful tyrant teachers she spends so much time complaining about. (Maybe someone’s got some essential oils laying around.)

17 thoughts on “Rapid City School Board Candidate Janyce Hockenbary suddenly develops amnesia. In addition to being an awful person.”

  1. I personally know Janyce and she truly is a good person. For many years she served on the board of a RC nonprofit that majorly assists women released from prison transition into responsible living and choices.She volunteered one on one for several years. No idea with what you reference but plz don’t throw her under the bus from one unfortunate situation.

      1. Agree. Read the campaign letter and the RC Journal article. This person should not hold public office in any capacity.

    1. Truly surprised by the vitriolic nature of the letter she sent to her constituents. Can’t defend it for sure. In spite of the temporary loss of civility, she is a good person. Although this surely should not be helpful to her election, she’ll continue on helping those who need her generous spirit and willingness to give.

      1. I dont wish her any ill will. I am glad she helps others and hope she continues to do so. I just dont think I can vote for her.

        1. Have to agree! Civility seems to be a lost attribute! Although I do not want to take this forum in a direction not focused on the above, the past president, whom I voted for due to the supposed lesser of the evils, absolutely lead the world to that trajectory.

          1. I agree with you. Unfortunately, too many people conflate “Being an unrepentant jerk” with “Keeping it real” or “Telling it like it is” and public debate has suffered as a result.

          2. Thanks for admitting that. Seems like most of these wackadoodles spreading nonsense are from the GOP and it started when the former guy rose to prominence. The party should work to chill on the nutty conspiracies and being an ass. The public has shown they’re tired of it.

            1. And that’s really it, right? I am so sick of the fringe from the parties dominating the discussion. Our criticisms of the dems carry a lot more weight when and if we clean up our own house. I am tired of this.

              1. Shameful wack from both parties!!! We all can post outrageous statements from both sides of the aisle. I won’t further from the subject above but can specifically post equal reprehensible comments from each side. Let’s not continue it on here!

  2. I’m surprised anybody is surprised.

    Until it was a story, they were proud of that letter.

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