Rave on…on what? Why SHS at SDSU

Herseth Sandlin Hired by SDSU

Mmmm….Rave raising interesting questions.  While some posters to SDWC have said her position is unpaid — I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere yet by SDSU or another source.

The other questions….if Frank Kloucek presents an award from the SD Democratic Party does that make the event less than academic?  Did SDSU know about the award prior to the presentation? Or did Frank get an F for permission and notification?  And as long as I’m on a riff…..If the SD Dems present an award in the forest and there is no one to hear them — would it still make a sound?

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    1. anonymous

      I have to say that the SD GOP needs an ED really soon. The Dems are working hard and there isn’t anyone at the gop party headquarters to answer a call. Right now the SD GOP is shut down and the Dems are going strong (at least for a party at the very bottom of the food chain). But We should at least have an office staffer until an ED is hired.

      We need someone from in state who knows the people and the activists.

  1. caheidelberger

    Better question: if Kristi Noem is getting internship credit but she doesn’t have an internship supervisor to write her final evaluation, does she really get the credit? I bet SHS won’t let her students off that easily.

  2. caheidelberger

    …and why isn’t Chariman Rave talking about actual policies, like his gal Krisit’s vote to kill Medicare? It sounds like he’s so worried about how badly his gal might do in 2012 that he has to throw all the mud he can against potential challengers this year to distract the voters. Keep up the great work, Team GOP!

      1. anonymous


        I don’t agree with you on your acusations but I agree I’d like to see some press releases from the SD GOP that are about what the GOP is doing rather than going after someone for future political office.

        There is a lot to be proud of as a Republican in this state and we should promote it.

  3. El Toro Loco Grande (the Big Crazy Bull"

    Was there not discussion last year in which the state college in the Hills funneled roughly $50 K to our favorite DC resident through a lobbying firm?

    We pay the governor of this great state roughly a $110K salary a year to run the state of 800+K South Dakotans. He brought the budget in balanced, and did not raise taxes. We pay Chicone (Warner & other deans) each $300++K salaries a year to run a college of 4K students (1/3 of which are not from SD), they raised tuition rates, and let go important extension programs & instructors but kept the athletic program intact, all the while maintaining Abysmal graduation rates.

    Isn’t Mr. Warner from the Liberal Left East coast? Explains a lot. We have the best state in the Union but we bring in out of staters from failing states to make our state… better?

    And I am the one the call loco “crazy”…

    1. William

      For what I consider to be “emotional reasoning”, the general public still seems to equate “more money” for schools with “quality education”. The “Education Establishment”, in my opinion, has gotten rather “obese” by this misconception and needs some serious trimming.

      To win the political battle to control education costs, provide REAL choice in education and provide a quality education throughout a large and sparsely populated state, will require a concerted effort to educate the public as to why education costs are skyrocketing while student performance is not. The “Education Establishment”, like all bureaucracies will always be able to justify “MORE” and as long as government loans are available, more “students” will take advantage of them, in far too many cases, to their detriment. Too many people are already burdened with student loans taken for a degree they either never achieved or a degree that failed to qualify them for a job that could realistically allow them to pay off their loans.

      “Today on Uncommon Knowledge, the decline of the humanitites.

      Peter Robinson: ?You could get a degree in the humanities without studying literature or a degree in history without ever sitting through a survey class in American or European History.? This is an outrage.

      Andrew Ferguson: It is almost a total collapse of intellectual standards. And again, it is our fault.”

      Granted, South Dakota still does a much better job at educating its students than most states, but unfortunately that’s not a particularly high bar to hurdle.

    2. Les

      El Toro@ “He brought the budget in balanced, and did not raise taxes.” I am extremely happy to have Dennis at the wheel Bull, but, to say we have not raised taxes alters my opinion of you being a factual kind of guy.

      The litany of fees that have been raised and raised again across our state started with former Gov Rounds and continues while most in and out of state government are stuck with trying to maintain on rates several years old. Maybe you mean to say, the obvious taxes have not been raised and that is not entirely true.

      1. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

        What’s this “we” Les? You got a little mouse in your pocket? 😀

        The Republicans voted against the tax (fee) raises, they were passed by the RINOs and Democrats. Governor should have stuck to his guns more, that is true. Didn’t he veto the increased registration fee?

  4. Jackrabbit Insider

    There is a LOT more to this story to come and what happened here and the shenanigans that went on are very stinky. Lots of people in Brookings are now unemployed but “princess stephanie” walks in and cuts a deal with her Dem Party pals at SDSU. This is not going down well

  5. Patrick Leary

    In the same vein, one SDSU employee complained to me that while SDSU was closing two laboratories that test seed, soils and feed for South Dakota, we haven’t heard about any Political Correctness enforcement jobs (director of diversity, gender equity enforcement, women’s studies faculty) being cut. Apparently they’re more afraid of the Cultural Left than they are the Ag Equity, breed and commodity groups.

  6. springer

    I am employing at SDSU a director of diversity, gender equity enforcement, and women’s studies???? And a president/dean or whatever $300,000??? And of course, no cuts to athletics. Our high school cut programs, but didn’t touch one iota of the high school athletic program of course. Can’t touch them either. I think it’s time for a revamping of education from K through college!

    1. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

      Presidents and deans, plural. Plus housing for some of them, and other benefits. Do they not also get a % of the monies raised in donations?

      What is really scary is the lack of results that we get from these overpaid liberals. It would be one thing if graduation & test rates were through the rough, costs were down, and the kids were getting the world class education that they should be getting. Well, the good news is that SD taxpayer money is going to help educate 1/3 of the current students from out of state and country.

      Yes, please! Bring a special vote on raising taxes, so we can spend MORE on education in this state! By golly old Pam Holmien needs more than the $188K she already gets from South Dakotans!

        1. Les

          “”””help educate 1/3 of the current students from out of state and country. “””” Oh come now Bull, I’m sure ol Harv could set you straight on that one, though I’m still not convinced that hasn’t been the case all along.

    1. TC at AC

      Sorry about that Springer… we lost that post and a few comments due to a little bit of technical difficulties again…

  7. Trump 2012!

    Frankly I’m very surprised at the amount of time SHS has still spent in SD. I would guess that most people following the 2010 electon would have said SHS was gone to DC as soon as she lost but she’s been much more SD than I’d have thought.

    I don’t like her and I wish she’d go away but it doesn’t bother me one bit if she stays around to run for senate in 2014 because I know Kristi Noem will defeat herseth again.

  8. Truthinator

    I think SHS will be back. Kristi has a sticky situation and SHS has realized that she did not work like she wanted the job last time. The pendulum swings the other way!

  9. Nellie

    SDSU needs to come clean with a full explanation of what happened here. Why are they firing dozens of people but then lining up cozy sinecures for the political big shots? we all know that Herseth is just keeping her seat warm so she can run again and do it at taxpayer expense. i’m sure SDSU knows it too.

  10. springer

    Do you think SHS will really meet with the people in open meetings next time if she runs??! Even if she knows she will be grilled with tough questions by opponents to her positions??! She has a long ways to go to gain the respect of many of her constituents in any future election. She blew a lot of us off the last few years, and we have long memories!

  11. oldguy

    So Springer how do you feel about TJ. Try and get into a open meeting to talk to him. better yet go to DC and try and get into to speak to “our” local TJ.

  12. springer

    We are stuck with TJ until the next election. He should never have run. I do have to say that I contacted our three DC legislators with a concern, and his staff was the only one which called back and actually cared enough to do a little research and call a second time. For that I thank them.

    But TJ himself is a completely reliable vote for any and all lib policy votes and he himself is doing a wonderful job at that, and for that I do NOT thank him! His term can’t end soon enough!

      1. Name

        This release should be on the SD GOP website. Nothing going on there or in the office. Something needs to happen and we need an executive director soon.

        This is getting old. Lucas did such a great job someone needs to fill the shoes soon.

  13. Name

    SHS is probably good for SDSU’s standing. I am for the university hiring FORMER leaders of SD. I’m sure her class is entertaining and probably very fun for students because she’d done a lot of what she is talking about.

    I would have like to see Daschle continue to contribute to SD also as a professor and someday when Thune retires on top of SD politics it would be a lot of fun to take a class from the person I first volunteered for in politics. Thune is a rockstar.

  14. Lee Schoenbeck

    Rave raises a legitimate issue. I wonder if SDSU will someday explain what this is. If it’s a pro bono deal, that’s one thing. I still don’t track the handing out of titles willy-nilly. I lecture at the law school each year – should I ask to be called an Adjunct Professor? I don’t think so. It has to mean something more than just handing out titles to build resumes. Will SDSU explain this at some point – I mean they dropped the issues into the public arena???

    1. anon

      spot on lee, I’m sure you will do three times the “teaching” she does. her position will be tossed in the public sphere time and time again when she runs again, sdsu benefits? no way, shs benefits, abso-flipping-lutely.

  15. Binnewies

    this will be revealed as another case of the liberal bastion SDSU creating a fake job to promote the political career of a liberal politician, surprise, surprise

  16. Thad

    I was at the event and from all appearances Frank’s award was unexpected and unplanned by the folks at SDSU. He approached the moderator while Stephanie was answering a question and the moderator seemed to be caught off guard. The moderator was kind enough to allow Frank on stage with what appeared to be a wood plaque carved in the shape of South Dakota. He said the “we miss you” and thanked her for her service. No mention was ever made of the South Dakota Democratic Party.


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