Rave raising money, Nesselhuf Tweeting???

Well, if you were judging the two major political parties (can I call the Democrats a major party in SD?) in the state based on the number of tweets or press releases they send out, you would assume the Democrats were kicking the GOP’s butt. However it appears the SD GOP is doing more behind the scenes while the democrats continue to put on a social media facade.

Good Afternoon,

With the reporting deadline this week, I wanted to share the South Dakota Republican Party fundraising totals for the 2011 calendar year.
Total Raised: $393,764.18
Obligations: $0
Cash-on-Hand: $145,304.41
Now for the fun part and some context: comparing these numbers with the Democrat Party:
Cash-on-Hand: $49,606.35
Obligations: $50,000
Actual Cash-on-Hand: -$393.65


Chairman Tim Rave

Just when I was wishing Rave and Post would send out a few emails, the Democrats had better start hoping Nesselhuf (or is it NesselFluff?) sends out some fundraising letters.

Good work guys!

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      1. anon

        Nesselhuf ran circles around Post. I will give Nesselhuf the advantage being a South Dakotan and former legislator. Rave needs to start acting like a leader and stop phoning in his chairmanship. Nesselhuf almost raised more money than the SD GOP and yes Nesselhuf is a loon but he is an active one while Rave and the GOP look like people on autopilot as of late.

        Glad to see Lucas Lentsch did such a good job with the SD GOP that we aren’t in debt.

  1. Jeff Barth

    Rick Perry spent the most in this year’s Iowa caucuses, $4.5M. Yet the Texas governor got 10.3% of the vote, 12,557, and came in fifth (Rick Santorum won!). In last election’s Minnehaha County commission race I got 26,420 votes, more than twice Perry’s Iowa total for about $23K spent. So money isn’t everything!

  2. toga

    That’s only 3,000 fewer votes than Santorum Jeff! You should be running for president not Congress!

    Rick Santorum 29,839 24.6%
    Mitt Romney 29,805 24.5%
    Ron Paul 26,036 21.4%
    Newt Gingrich 16,163 13.3%
    Rick Perry 12,557 10.3%
    Michele Bachmann 6,046 5%
    Jon Huntsman 739 0.6%
    Other 316 0.3%

    I hope you can defeat that goof ball Varilek in the primary and you have my support. I tend to be a conservative Dem and vote mostly for GOP in the general. If you can swing to the right of Noem or Strong you’ll get my vote.

    1. Anonymous

      You didn’t support him…he was coronated. If you think you have any say in him becoming chairman…you’re deluding yourself.

  3. troy jones

    Tim Rave is like a train engine moving the train down the tracks to the final destination. We are lucky to have him.

    1. anon

      Agreed! It’s a thankless job and Tim is working hard at it.

      Just think, we could have ended up with someone like Ben N. 🙁

      1. Anonymous

        Who wants the job and is working hard. I don’t doubt that Rave and Post are working but are they the best option for the SD GOP? Nesselhuf wanted the SDDP job and is burning the midnight oil by all accounts. He is the SDDP.

        I get tired of the circle the wagons attitude just because someone is our leader. You can’t tell me Rave is doing all he could and Post doesn’t know 75% of the people he needs to know.

    2. Anonymous

      Just moving the train down the tracks…Well I guess that’s we aim for here in South Dakota.

      Troy – many in the GOP want more than mediocrity…

      But, alas – we will settle for a train on the tracks rather than a trailblazer across the rocks…

  4. Anonymous

    If I hadn’t seen this…I would have thought that Rave and Post were make believe characters from a Disney fairy tale story.

    1. William

      I’m just curious “anonymous”, have you ever spoken personally to John Thune on any issues of importance to you? Have you spoken to his staff? Have I, or anyone else, ever heard YOU speak publicly at any of his public appearances or Town Halls?

      There’s a reason I don’t publish my full name on this site, but it’s not difficult to know who I am, and those that frequent it do. There ARE however so many “anonymous'” around, it’s really hard to tell you apart…

      Are you a “cheap shot” or just a “crap shot”?

      “What’s YOUR BEEF”?

  5. Anonymous

    I think Jeff Barth is deluded, going from a county commissioner of Sioux Falls and running against a candidate that had so much support from out west, I’m not so sure he will even get half the east river vote

    1. Anonymous

      I actually live just outside of Sioux Falls so for you to question my knowledge of how sioux falls works is a little ridiculous. Also people “like” Jeff Barth don’t have a chance because they are ignorant and do not have any motivation to make a real difference. Congresswomen Noem is doing a great job in Washington and will be a nearly impossible candidate to beat in the upcoming election.


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