38 thoughts on “Ravnsborg endorsed for AG by NRA”

    1. I have no problem with him on his positions. If he gets most states attorneys to endorse him I’ll feel better about him as a candidate.

  1. Ravnsborg just continues to rack up endorsements it seems….

    Law enforcement; Right to Life and NRA

    All the groups I support already…

    1. I agree, Ravnsborg is doing everything right in this campaign by building a coalition and support from around the state. You can’t ask for a better candidate: he is well rounded in both law, leadership, and management. We are lucky to have his caliber as a candidate. He talks about issues, listens to individuals and shares ideas.

      I think he will to a great job as AG, he has all the tools in his kit bag to accomplish it.

  2. It’s too bad he doesn’t know swat about being AG, if he wins it will show rather promptly he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And he’ll tag along his crew of part-time wanna be big guy friends. Can’t wait until the sh## hits the fan. He couldn’t even give Wooster a good answer on sex abuse victims in SoDak.

    1. What victims? I read that article and Jacklet and Ravnsborg said they would investigate if a victim came forward…Seiler on the other hand said…I will start a witch hunt to dig into a situation where there’s no proven victims.

      Seiler is 4 years of endless investigations that will produce no results like when he was us attorney

    2. What do YOU know about being AG? How can you judge somebody else’s ability to do a job you know nothing about?

      Either you’re a troll for the far-left Seiler or you are buddies with Fitzgerald or Russell and still have sour grapes. Either way, I know you’ll be eating crow come November.

      Go, Jason!!

    3. Voters have two options.

      Dem or Roundsberg

      Sucks to disagree philosophically with the Dem and be concerned about the competency of the GOP nominee.

      If he laid out a better office agenda and staff vision it would assuage many concerns.

      1. These Anonymous people that keep trying to put Ravnsborg abilities down is laughable. He is a battalion commander, I understand that not many people truly know what that it but that is more than qualification enough to run the AG office.
        Seiler would be lost upon stepping into that office. Fitzgerald would have gone into a corner and cried because he didn’t know what to do and Russell would have probably been fired.

    4. You know, comments like this bug me…so let’s break it down. Friend? Yes, absolutely. Part-time? Yes, and proud of it. The majority of counties in South Dakota cannot afford a full time state’s attorney so we serve with pride. Wanna be? No, after almost 20 years I just AM. Big guy? Let’s leave my weight out of this!

      That is all…

  3. Maryland, New York, and Washington have Democrat AGs who spend all their time filing lawsuits against the White House. They call Trump a threat greater than MS-13. I’m not eager to join that list. South Dakota Sheriffs want Jason. The NRA wants Jason. Antifa wants Seiler. That’s good enough for me.

    1. “Antifa wants Seiler.” Lol. I’m sure the neckbeard New York hipsters are CLOSELY following the AG race in South Dakota. God, the stuff people write on this site just kills me.

    2. ANTIFA wants Seiler? I doubt ANTIFA would even know where South Dakota is and most don’t even have a car. hahaha. Besides there is a big generational gap other than South Dakota being a world away from Minneapolis/NYC/West Cost. Sorry! Vietnam Vet and lifelong South Dakotan Randy Seiler is so far removed from all of that. Flame thrower Cory Heidelberger on the other hand would fit right in

      1. Who do you know to be Antifa?

        Would the people protesting to stop Aynaz Anni Cyrus from speaking at NSU be considered Antifa? Or, the SD colleges rejecting free expression by refusing to allow her to speak on our campuses?

        Who would we rather have handle free speech issues… Ravnsborg or Seiler?

        1. Did you just intimate that a college could be ANTIFA? You made a fair point in your last sentence, but why do you need to trot out ridiculous boogeymen first?

          1. Is it the truth or the search for it part that scares you? Maybe you’re unaware of what’s happening on our campuses, the unknown can be spooky.

            Conversations are being had, since the board of regents are proposing changes to free “expression” policies, that our colleges may be suppressing certain voices. Two guesses for which voices are being censored.

            How about this boogeyman… do you know what college diversity experts do and what their annual salary is?

            1. I know that many colleges are developing illiberal policies where voices are being silenced in the name of not hurting feelings. It is utter nonsense and I do not support it in any way. Trying to tie AN ENTIRE UNIVERSITY to antifa? Also stupid. Can we argue points without hyperbole and bs?

              1. I’m not tying an entire university to antifa. However, I could see how someone unable to conceptualize independently on the questions presented may run into troubles.

                Is this easier…

                Who do you know antifa to be?

                The people who work, in administration, at our SD colleges that are rejecting free expression by refusing to allow Anni Cyrus to speak?

                1. No, I see what you are trying to do, and it is intellectually lazy and stupid. If ANTIFA supports limitations on speech, and South Dakota colleges support limitations on speech and they are both left-leaning, then they MUST support the democrat! You realize this is the same sort of mind-numbingly stupid argumentation that people try to use to tie Trump to nazis, right?

  4. Oh yes the NRA, the lobbying firm that accepted “donations” from Russia to funnel to Trump’s campaign. Good group of guys. Totally only exist to protect the 2nd amendment and not to make tons of money from gun manufacturers and lobby politicians to keep that gravy train rolling. Nevermind those dead kids over there, the libs are tryin’a take yer guns!!

    1. Oh, yes, Planned Parenthood, the lobbying firm that accepted “donations” from taxpayers to funnel to Clinton’s campaign. Good group of guys. Totally only exist to protect women’s reproductive rights and not to make tons of money from dead babies’ body parts and lobby politicians to keep that gravy train rolling. Never mind those dead kids over there, the Reps are tryin’a abolish women’s rights!!

      1. If you hate the National Rifle Association, you’ll vote against Jason. If you love taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, you’ll vote against Jason. If you’re a violent, left wing extremist, you’ll vote against Jason.

        If Jason loses, smug Hillary voters throughout Sioux Falls will remove Rachel Maddow glasses & weep joyful tears. They’ll embrace, sobbing, and celebrate a mighty blue wave –one sweeping out the deplorable “God and Guns” rednecks whom they despise.

        If you’re any kind of conservative, ask yourself “What would Hillary do?” and then do the opposite.

    1. Disagree. All his support are part-time states attorneys. From what I am hearing most of the AG’s office is leaving if Roundsborg wins. How can you respect someone that has no experience.

      1. I call bull crap. I get your guy lost but this poor loser stuff makes you and those you supported look petty.

        There is no more leaving than normal with a change in AG. Put your name behind this false charge.

        1. part time states attorneys don’t count…funny there are 50 of them and like 15 full time ones….that is why there is a divide in the states attorney association with such comments.

          Talk about disrespectful

      2. Anonymous 9:21 pm. Is this Mary still being upset because her husband lost, is Fitzgerald planning to leave? Come on Mary, give it a rest. We all know its you and also know you are on the liberal blog posting as well.

            1. Agree. You always know where you stand with Teupel.

              Someone was trying to masquerade as him a while ago. Contemptible

      3. >>> From what I am hearing most of the AG’s office is leaving if Roundsborg wins.

        And you heard this from whom? Did you poll all the employees in the AG office?

        1. Yeah because Ravnsborg is condescending and only talking about himself in this campaign versus the issues….oh wait that is Seiler….never mind

          GO JASON! The choice is clear… a conservative or a liberal Obama appointee

  5. Looking back it doesn’t look like all his support is part time states attorneys…

    He also has the majority of sheriffs, SD Right to Life and now the NRA….

    BIG MO is with him for sure….plus the ACLU is out promoting Randy that should say it all.

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