Ravnsborg for Attorney General Mailer hits Mailboxes

Jason Ravnsborg had a mail piece hit delegate mailboxes today, noting the list of county Sheriffs supporting his candidacy for Attorney General, as well as Ried Holien, GOP National Committeeman, and Judge (ret.) Art Rusch:

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  1. Anonymous


    Ravnsborg has the majority of sheriffs and some States Attorneys, Legislators and others

    Lance has Stace and a mayor from his hometown where he was terminated for cause

    Fitz has some states attorneys

    –I think this is the order of this race also….

  2. Anonymous

    Good campaign mailer w/ photos but the one that is missing is my favorite photo with Jason w/ aviator glasses and a flight suit in front of an A-10 Warthog. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    This race is still up for grabs.

    But Ravnsborg is organized and working hard. He seems to want it the most.

    My preference is none of the above.

        1. Anonymous

          Yes it will be as Ravnsborg will run circles around them also.

          He is already running circles around a 62 year old, add another 10 years and you get Seiler….

          He already has law enforcement, money, other endorsement, ideas and endless energy and a great military record….

          Ravnsborg is the only one that can win in the fall….Fitz proves yet again today how to run a poor campaign with another bumbled announcement….

          1. Anonymous

            Seiler was a Vietnam vet I believe aside from all those years legal of experience. He will show that young pup Ravnsberg. Age = wisdom.

            1. Anonymous

              From what I have seen people should underestimate Ravnsborg at their own peril….anyone that can juggle his schedule and work as hard as he does….

              He has not accomplished all the things he has by being unwise

    1. Anonymous

      When most delegates I talk to groan and laugh and act uncomfortable about who they support at a lunch it tells me they are hoping for better candidates or someone to stand out from the pack. Maybe that’s Ravnsborg or one of the other two but I don’t think so.

  4. Anonymous

    Some very powerful quotes also about Ravnsborg’s experience as an attorney from a sheriff and a judge that he practiced before him….

  5. Anonymous

    I just had a thought….think about what Fitzgerald is pushing….

    Ravnsborg is not experienced, doesn’t work etc.

    Yet numerous people that have worked with him says he is experienced, is competent and does ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND THINK THIS GUY DOES NOT WORK EXTREMELY HARD AT WHATEVER HE DOES…..

    That just hit me and obviously the answer is he does work hard and he is an experienced attorney as all these endorsements keep saying.

      1. Anonymous

        maybe because he knows what job he is running for AG not states attorney..no one cares….its an administrative position…

        I gave Fitz a look early on but not any more —the expert trial lawyer does not look organized to me …so doing a lot of trials gave me high expectations for Fitzgerald and he crushed them with his poor campaign performance…clearly showing me that the number of trials done has no correlation at all to being a leader…

          1. Anonymous

            actually no he doesn’t he has said publicly…

            Yu have to be able to work with the legislature…which I think favors Ravnsborg the most, Russell second and Fitz not at all

            He second said you have to be a good leader and manager….that also favors Ravnsborg from his military experience and showing us through his campaign his organizational and work ethic; Russell second as he clearly has organized for the convention and Fitz last…running a poor campaign and nothing of inspiration—he talks about himself the entire time…Ravnsborg talks about what he is going to do for us, the people. To his credit so des Russell.

            Then third, Marty has said the person needs t be a decent lawyer…I would say Fitz has the most experience but he is 15 years older than Russell and 20 years older than Ravnsborg….but it is only in prosecuting whereas both of the other 2 have a variety of criminal and civil experience…..plus the other 2 not only have prosecuted but defended and have perspective of talking to clients….Fitz just wants to send everyone to jail and thus build more prisons….too jaded in my opinion… They all have roughly 20 years of practicing law from all accounts….a lot of attorneys I talk to say they are all qualified lawyers.

            So to me, as Marty has explained you have to be well rounded and Fitz is the least well rounded of them all and Ravnsborg and Russell who apparently have been busy practicing law and nt counting their jury trials, court trials, hearings etc like Fitz seem to be the better choices.

            Plus as you have seen Marty has not done a lot of jury trials himself as AG…quite frankly I can’t think of one….the only one that comes to mind is the gear up trials and those are still up coming and from what I have read he is not doing them alone.

  6. "Very Stable Genius"

    I now we are “South” Dakota, but when did we become a real southern state? Because between Jason and Marty, it appears that the sheriffs have all of the power in this state…. (….Talk about “local control”….. 🙂 )

      1. Anonymous

        To me this the most important thing done so far…..

        Jason went out and earned the support of law enforcement and the others were so not engaged in the process that he did all that before they even knew he was doing it. It says a lot about his organization, dedication and work ethic. He will make a fine AG and I am sure have law enforcement’s back!

      2. Anonymous

        The bar is low. Odds are that 3 out of 3 times we will not get someone job ready on day 1.

        Odds are even higher Seiler is the first Dem to win in a long time.

        1. Anonymous

          I agree and Seiler is by fay the most qualified of all candidates and would be the best AG regardless of party labels. Means is very good too but completely disagree with her on one of her policy stances which eliminates her.

          1. Anonymous

            Which one? please elaborate…I am open to some discussion on Dem candidates as we don’t know much beyond Seiler is old and nominated by Obama! Means is native and a woman….

  7. Anonymous

    Fitzgerald is really gaining traction in SF. I was surprised how many conservatives have grown to like him.

    1. Anonymous

      I asked voters at a meeting the other night who they supported and I got a lot of shoulder shrugs and lack of enthusiasm for any of them.

    2. Anonymous

      Maybe among Democrat attorneys, but the Minnehaha County delegates are with Ravnsborg.

      The endorsement from liberal Democrat states attorney Aaron McGowan just killed Fitzgerald with the rank & file. What’s next, a Scott Heidepriem or Brendan Johnson endorsement?

      1. KM

        McGowan is a liberal Democrat? Does he support legalized marijuana, abortion, same-sex marriage, open borders, common core, school choice?

        Are you willing to elaborate?

        1. Anonymous

          He supports expanding government always complaining he doesn’t have enough staff he appears to be a poor manager to me.

          Plus he’s on the sb70 committee…. not exactly tough-on-crime as crime sky rockets in sioux falls

          We can do better and need to find somebody to run against this guy we need a good Republican in there instead

          1. Anonymous

            To be fair and clear km I was not the original poster but I was just trying to add my little bit in there I’m sure whoever the original poster can elaborate

            1. KM

              Thank you. I just don’t think of him as a liberal Democrat. Maybe an old-school Democrat, but far from liberal.

  8. Anonymous

    The only one that can win in the fall is Ravnsborg in my opinion and that matters a lot to me.

    1. Anonymous

      You got it backwards. He’s the only one who can lose. If he gets the nomination it’s a huge gift to the Dems.

      1. Anonymous

        As I see it he’s the only one without ethical issues let’s start from that point of view

      1. Anonymous

        You mean in the primary where you had an ex governor running…. apples and oranges

        If you want to compare let’s go back and talk about Fitzgerald’s first run for attorney general what did he get 10% of the vote so you think that makes him more qualified or more likely to win in the fall please

        Then you got Russell who’s got more baggage than Samsonite.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m beginning to think that Jason won’t answer the question about number of trials because it’s embarrassingly low.

    Yes the AG job is primarily administrative but it’s also the top prosecutor in the state. If you’ve only done a handful of misdemeanor jury trials you are manifestly not qualified for the position.

    Randy Seiler has likely done hundreds of jury trials. If Jason has done 5, the Dems will be laughing all the way to victory in November.

    I think we deserve to know now.

  10. Blue Lives Matter

    Glad to see my fellow colleagues standing strong with Jason clearly the best choice for law enforcement!

  11. Pat Powers Post author

    If the campaigns want to blast their talking points out there, buy an ad. Otherwise, for gosh’s same, keep it on topic.