RC Mayor Hanks in the hunt for 3rd term

From the inbox:

Not that there was a big question mark about Hanks intentions…..but this makes it pretty official — with some heavy hitters for supporters and a confident email address….we’re off to the races.

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  1. Thad Wasson

    Having the former state Democrat party chairwoman (Cheryl Chapman) host a fundraiser for you shows the shallow pool of Republican support you have earned the past four years.

    1. Name

      If I was too oppose him it would probably be on the fact that he doesn’t need three terms but I’m sure he’s waiting for an oppurtunity to run for congress or go statewide.

      The guy should just run for PUC.

  2. 20/20

    Help me understand this;

    At the republican womens luncheon Hanks blasted a candidate for city council as being a very liberal democrat, now today I see he has Cheryl Chapman and Doris Marie Strom as hosts of his fund raiser, hahaha, is this a joke ?

    Now I notice Dianne Nelsons name, she is good friends with Eli Schiesow and Elizabeth Krause. The same folks Hanks bashed in the wing nut flier. I’m gonna be sick.

  3. anon

    Well Rapid isn’t in as bad of shape as SF. SF needs a new Mayor. I hear a lot of talk about Costello getting back in.

    I predict Hanks wins unless he’s really upset people.

      1. anon

        I hope the honest one wins. I don’t know either. I’ve met both and personally Hanks is the more impressive but first impressions can be misleading.

        basically is this a Hanks has the potential to run statewide in a few years while Koiker doesn’t race? If westriver wants someone who can run statewide than Hanks is probably their choice.

        1. shell bell

          You hope the honest one wins? Four years ago, Hanks told the Rapid City Journal, “Sam and I are good friends, so I would look for a very clean campaign, talking about the issues. No personal attacks. No attack ads. I want to talk about the issues. It detracts from the issues when we have these attack ads.? Did Hanks make good on his word? No. He sent out a vicious flyer personally attacking Sam and some of his conservative supporters. He reportedly denied any involvement with this flyer but finally owned up to it – after the votes were counted. In one single stroke, Hanks severally damaged his reputation for honesty and his support in the Republican party.

  4. grudznick

    I am still mad at Hanks over his votes to put his campground above the best things for the citizens of our fine state. Mr. Hanks lost my vote forever over his self-serving campground votes. And the very, very young Mr. Koikier is not quite ready yet.

    1. John Johnson

      “very, very young Mr. Koikier”
      Was that a serious comment? I mean really, Alderman Kooiker is now 37 years old. Going by neurological development, Alderman Kooiker is at his peak.

      Experience matters, and at 37 years of age, a Masters in Public Administration, nine years on the council, years as a manager at one of the leading South Dakota telecommunications centers (Golden West Telecom. Co.), Alderman Kooiker is unparalleled in this race.

      Alan Hanks ran a business (that failed might I add), was Mayor over the largest scandal in the state of South Dakota (landfill scandal), was Mayor over one of the most controversial political actions (Censure), and also has repeatedly been called to task over his ethics (look into his conflict of interest tie-breaking vote as Mayor over billboards).

  5. Elais


    Sam has a large chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore and it has Hanks written on it. I dont’ think he’s gonna be the most unbiased source here.

    1. raider

      Elias – LOL. Fair enough. On the subject of whether Hanks has upset many in Rapid City, it’s not just Kooiker who has concerns with the Mayor’s behavior. Check out what the Rapid City Journal had to say about the censure, including Mayor Hanks role it – the Journal sure didn’t pull any punches:


      Or, anyone can watch the censure themselves online – almost all of the speakers (and there were a ton of them) were against the censure – many were very upset – Don Frankenfeld’s comments were especially interesting. Everyone from conservatives to the ACLU and city unions asked Hanks to stop the censure, which was “investigated” at significant taxpayer expense:



  6. larry kurtz

    Helena and Sioux Falls have embraced one-way pairs to quiet traffic and provide parking where bottlenecks like the Gap and the tracks provide opportunities for adaptations going forward.

    If Rapid City really wants to grow up Omaha Street should be one way from West Boulevard to Mountain View. West Main should be one way from Mountain View all the way to St. Joe.

    Mountain View should be one way to Jackson Boulevard, Jackson Boulevard one way from Mountain View to West Main.

    Cross Street should be one way to Omaha St.

    Dedicated left-hand turn lanes would streamline flows.

    Sheridan Lake Rd. should go all the way to West Chicago.

    Hey Sam! Weigh in on this: http://www.rapidcityjournal.com/news/article_f1825d7a-5298-11e0-bad3-001cc4c03286.html

  7. Bonnie Redden

    Half of the city budget is grants and other one time money–including the bus fiasco–which runs out in 2012 by the way.All the infrastructure in town is broken,we don’t even have stripes on the streets.Two of the famous TIF’S have now expired ,leaving the taxpayer to pick up another 400,000 dollars of debt–Rapid City carries 500 million dollars –that is 1/2 of a billion dollars of debt ,folks–all in the name of economic TIF development–never since LaCroix have we had a worse mayor.Follow the money ,people,get his finance statement and see who is running or should I say ruining Rapid City.Start with the people who are hosting this fundraiser and go on to his petitions.Alan has not filed the paperwork for the election and he is raising money?

  8. Name

    Hanks for Congress in 2014!!!

    I’ve met Koiker but I wasn’t impressed. Maybe it was just the day. I’ve met Hanks and wasn’t really sure. I think he comes across as easier to talk with than Koiker.

    Either way it is a good thing when an elected official is challenged running for a 3rd term.

  9. Les

    You met Sam? You’ve met Alan? In a crowded room with a handshake and a hello?

    American Idol? Tell me how beauty and pizzazz reigns in spending and corruption?

    How about the fruit from the tree Name?


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