Received this envelope today from the Federal Election Commission…. but it wasn’t from the FEC

Received this letter from “Lee Goodman – Chairman of the Federal Election Commission,” with a “Notice of information regarding Attorney General candidate Lance Russell.”

But it wasn’t from the FEC. It was a campaign letter from a couple of Washington, DC area attorneys.

Lawyer Letter for Lance Russell by Pat Powers on Scribd

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the endorsement.. but it’s not the kind of thing I’d want to end a mail campaign on myself.

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  1. Troy Jones

    Obama appointed or not, who is really going to be impacted by an endorsement from someone they didn’t know before they got the letter?

    I’d rather know:

    1). Are you going to personally prosecute the most significant crimes and delegate administration or manage the office and delegate prosecutions.

    2). As responsible for providing counsel to the agencies, will you organize your staff by function specialties or by agency/department?

    3). What is your policy and criteria for temporary assistant AG’s procured by the agencies on a case by case basis? Will you strictly select or defer to the wishes of your client?

  2. Anonymous

    If they think this is going to help by boot-strapping President Trump into this I think they are mistaken. I think that the majority of South Dakotans probably don’t give a fig about the opinion of some DC folks; I know I don’t care who they think is the best.

    I think it is probably getting to be a case of delegates getting sick of all the mailers and deciding that whoever sends the least mail is the one to vote for.

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